How to compare moving companies?

When you make a decision to move, you should start making plans on how to do it in a way that will be the most effective. One of the ways to do this is definitely to hire a moving company to assist you. A reliable moving company will move all of your items, predict and prevent any possible issues, offer you insurance, and much more. The trick is to find the right moving company for you, and that is why you should compare moving companies. We have designed this useful guide that will show you how to do this just right. Whether you are moving your home or moving your business, this is the perfect opportunity to let the movers do it without you lifting a finger.

compare moving companies thoroughly. a calculator, a pen and a paper
Compare moving companies thoroughly before hiring them as this is the right way to find the perfect moving company for your move.

Compare moving companies based on their moving cost estimate

In order to choose the right moving company, you should compare at least 3 to 5 moving companies. When you get in touch with them ask them how they perform a moving estimate. If they do not offer an in-house moving estimate, then you should move on to the next moving company. Offering a moving estimate over the phone is never accurate, and is only convenient if you have a small number of things to move. Check out the pros and cons of in-house moving estimates for more information.

On the other hand, when a member of the moving company`s staff comes to your home to do a thorough estimate, you will get a more precise picture. They will estimate the possible issues, the weight of your belongings, whether additional services will be needed, etc.

Compare the prices

When you have had at least three in-house estimates, compare the prices they came up with. If they offer a price that is too low in comparison to other moving companies, there is a risk that a moving company is a fraudulent one. The price should reflect the quality of services, but it should also be reasonable. When you compare moving companies, make sure that you hire the one which offers a perfect balance between the price they require and the services they offer.

Check whether the moving company has everything that you need

Some people move locally, others move internationally. You may want to move your car, piano, a hot tub, or you just want to move your clothes and furniture. No matter where or what you are moving, the moving company that you hire must be able to meet your needs. If they are not specialized in moving cars, then you should look for another moving company. Compare various moving companies in terms of whether they offer all that you need. Ask them if short-term storage or long-term storage is possible. Only after you have compared this aspect, you can move on to the other aspects of comparison.

Are your movers licensed?

If you have a not-licensed moving company that offers a move at a really low price on one hand, and a licensed moving company with a higher price on the other, always opt for the licensed movers. You can easily check whether they are licensed at the U.S. Department of transportation on the FMSCA site.

Ask your movers for a USDOT number, and with it, you will be able to check everything that you need to know about a certain moving company. You can find out how many complaints did they have in the previous year and were they resolved in their favor or not. It is important to know all these things before you place your belongings into a stranger`s hands. There’s a reason why every ultimate moving guide includes this step – it’s a very important one!.

a man in a shirt sitting in an office with headphones on
Ask yourself whether your movers are professional, polite and whether they truly hear your needs.

Are your movers professional?

A great moving company can offer all the best services in the world, and the lowest prices you can possibly imagine. However, it is their attitude towards customers that differentiates them from the rest. Ask yourselves these questions before you choose between several moving companies:

  • Did they offer an in-house estimate?
  • Are they available through phone, e-mail, and chat?
  • Do they answer phones, e-mail, and chat on a regular basis?
  • Are they polite and patient?
  • Do they offer professional moving advice?
  • Did they explain what are the additional services and how much do they cost?

You want your movers to be professional, and to have transparent answers to all of your possible questions. A moving company should care about the outcome of your move even more than you do. You need to feel that you are in the safe hands of professionals. If the answer to the above questions is no, you should move on and search for another moving company.

Compare moving companies based on moving reviews

We do not deny that there really are moving companies at the top of their games and that it can be hard to determine which one is the best. Here you can use the help of moving reviews to compare moving companies. can help you with this. You can search for your movers here and find out how others rated them. Just beware of fake online moving reviews, as they exist on almost every site.

a close up photo of a finger pointing to a five star review
If you still cannot decide which moving company is the best for you, take a look at the moving reviews to get a clearer picture of how the company is working.

We have seen what are the best ways to compare moving companies. The decision is not easy, but with these steps, you will avoid any chance of hiring rogue movers. Whatever choice you make, be absolutely certain that you made the right decision and the move will be a success. Good luck!

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