How to choose your moving date?

Now that you’ve decided to relocate, we are here to share some excitement with you. Because it must be that you feel it. And that is awesome, but just after the first wave pass, you will face the great number of tasks you have to do. One of the first things we suggest you do is to look through some moving and storage companies and find moving professionals that could help you. Because, in a time like this, you should take every help possible. And you should choose your moving date. So we are here to help you with that.

Choosing the right movers

If you have a friend who moved recently, they can give you a recommendation. But since this is not always the case, you will maybe want to find the company on your own. And there are many decisions you will have to make. If you have never done it before, you may wonder how many movers I need. Experienced movers will be able to answer that and many other questions for you. Don’t rush to sign the contract, but rather take some time to find movers that fit you well.

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Choose the right movers.

Also, we can advise you to get as much information as you can. Learn what is a binding estimate before you decide on your movers. Have in mind that asking for an estimate is free. So you should ask for quotes from at least three different moving companies before you decide which one you are about to give your trust.

How to choose your moving date?

So once you decide on your movers, we guess that you are content with the moving quotes they offered you. Don’t forget to ask which services you have to pay extra for. That way you can decide if you want to do those by yourself or you will release them. And you can then choose your moving date. And we will give you some tips on this subject.

Be as much flexible as you can

Flexibility is a virtue that always comes in handy and it is no different during the moving period. That can give you a more affordable move. Like, if you’re shipping some things and you can handle a delivery window rather than a guaranteed delivery window, you will have to spend less money. If you don’t have to move on the weekend, but during the workdays, that will also save you some money and maybe even give you more different moving terms to choose from.

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Be flexible when you are about to choose your moving date.


If you have kids, you know that moving can shake them and their world. So it is quite logical that you would prefer to fir your moving date with the school schedule. This is just the reason why so many families decide to move during the summer. But this also come with some disadvantages. You will have to book your movers well in advance because many of them won’t have high availability during the summer months. Even more, this is considered to be the top of the season for relocation. And since this is true, you will maybe even have to pay more if you want to relocate just then.

The same applies on holiday weekends or it can be even more challenging to move then. Some things you have to consider, like local road closings for events and parades. And it can make it all harder. One of the best moving tips is to understand that there is no perfect time to move with kids. That will leave you free to choose dates. Base your decision on factors like price and convenience for every member of your family.

Ask your friends for help

Moving is the perfect season to take every help possible. So ask your friends and family if they are willing to help and when are they available to jump in. Having their help will also be a great advantage of moving with a family, so you should include their schedule into deciding on the moving date or moving period. And you can use their help during the moving preparations. Ask them to take your kids for an afternoon so you can have the time to do something of the moving tasks. Or release some of the tasks to them, if they are able and willing to do it.

Ask your friends for help.

Job cycles

Every business has a period when it’s busier than others. There are also periods when people tend to look for new employees and some slower periods when they aren’t open to new offers. Consider this for sure because the last thing you want is to add more stress to your relocation. You want to avoid moving without a steady paycheck. So you can first find a new job and move after that. Or if you are confident in your CV and experience as well as that you are moving in the season when there are a lot of openings in the area where you want to work – jump and then look for the job. Whatever you decide, have this in mind.

Did we help you choose your moving date?

Whenever you are about to relocate to the United States, you have many different parameters that will help you decide how to choose your moving date. Master Moving Guide lined up some of the most important things you should take into consideration. Have this all in mind but also know that every situation is quite unique. So take time to look at your life and have an open talk with every member of your family. It is best, to be honest with them and to understand the needs that everyone has. Respecting their wishes can bring you all even closer. So this can be a great advantage of your relocation. And just imagine how great this experience can be and what else wonderful can it be.

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