How to choose the right moving boxes?

When you have a moving day ahead of you there are a lot of things you should think about. Should you hire some movers? What should you wear on your moving day? What about my moving budget, how much will everything cost? And how about moving boxes? What should you pack in which box? A lot of questions. But all those questions have answers. So, there is no need to worry about anything. A move doesn’t have to be something annoying and stressful. It can be fast and maybe even a bit of fun.

 A man carrying moving boxes
Moving boxes are easy to find

How important are the moving boxes?

Once you decide to move first thing that comes to your mind are in fact probably the boxes. You are thinking about packing your things and therefore you need to find the right suited boxes. For example, a mirror cannot be packed in just any kind of a box. So, boxes are very important part of any move if not the most important part. Finding the right boxes for packing up your stuff is a big part of your moving day.

Moving boxes are really easy to find. Some of the boxes you can get for free if you go to the right place. Some large stores do not need them anymore after they remove the goods from those boxes. They usually just throw them away, and if you come to them in the right moment they will be happy to help you out and provide you with a couple of large boxes.

moving box
You can find some boxes at any store

You need to know the types of the boxes

There are types of boxes that you should find. Those types are actually just sizes of the moving boxes you will need for different items. There are:

In small boxes, you can pack smaller items that can fit nicely. In those type of boxes, you can pack books, toys, hygienic items, etc. And in general, in small boxes, you can pack whatever it can fit. Medium boxes are for everything that you cannot put in a small box. Large boxes are great for a lot of things. In the large boxes, you can pack your dishes for example but you must be extremely careful and pack them in the right way. Great way to do so is to put a lot of paper around the dishes so it doesn’t break while moving. Extra-large boxes are great for packing blankets, sheets and larger items that are not necessarily heavy just big. So those boxes look huge but do not be scared they usually serve for light but big items.

Be careful, fragile!

One of the very important things to do when moving is to know how to pack all those fragile items that we all have around the house. In this case, choosing the right moving boxes is a matter of a huge importance. So, giving some extra time to find good moving boxes for your mirror or a lamp is a good thing. Even if you pay some extra money not a lot but if you do, do not hesitate.

Because it is cheaper to buy good boxes than to buy a new mirror, lamp, antique furniture or something else that is expensive or very breakable. Vase for example or similar. Once you find the right boxes always ask for a help from a friend to pack those fragile things in those boxes. Once you pack them everything is up the movers to move those boxes carefully and the reason for that is that they will be aware that is extremely fragile because you will write it down in a black marker with some huge letters over the box.

Labeled moving box
Label the boxes with fragile items

Be careful how you pack

Now that you know what goes in what type of the box. You have to know when to stop packing. At first, the point when you feel that the box is full do not push any more stuff in it. Even though you think that in that way you will use all the space there is in a box that is not correct.

The box cannot be completely full. It can break while you are moving it and then you will end up with your stuff in the middle of the street. Nobody wants that. So be careful and do not fill the boxes to the top. Not to mention boxes with fragile items. One mirror in one box, one lamp in one box. That would be great. But if it happens that you are short of boxes and there is no way you can find or buy more still do not overfill the box. It is safer if you take that extra stuff and just put in a bag or something similar.

What about your clothes?

When you are traveling somewhere you are usually packing your things in a suitcase. When you are moving you can do the same. But there is a huge difference. When you are moving you are bringing the whole closet with you not only some of the things. Therefore, since you probably don’t own ten suitcases and there is no logic to borrow them, it is best to pack the clothes in the boxes as well as the other items. It can fit more than in a box and it can be easier to carry. But, of course, you should use the suitcases you have as well. Since you are moving them with you why not fill them in.

In conclusion, boxes are extremely important in any move. Wherever you are moving you will pack and boxes seem just so easy to pack things in them. And it gets even better when you see how many types of boxes there is. For absolutely any item in your home, there is a perfect box in which you can safely everything you need and love.

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