How to calculate the cost of moving an office

Costs are one of the first things that will interest you when you decide to move your office. But did you know that not every move always costs the same, and that many factors affect costs? First, we will introduce you to the basic costs of moving your business space or office. In every moving guide, you will find plenty of advice on the organization of moving and budget planning, which is the basis of every move. Budgeting is important in order to keep track of your moving costs. Also, you need to plan your move. So, let’s see what costs you expect and how to calculate the cost of moving an office.

Plan your office moving

As always, planning is essential for any job, project, or even when moving your business. Simply put, a good moving plan is the key to any successful move. Moving an office isn’t as simple as moving your home. Here the matter is more serious and a lot of work awaits you. Which is one of the reasons why planning should not be skipped. So, what is expected of you, as a boss, is to make a detailed plan for your office move. Also, a good and relieving thing for you is if you include your employees in this project.

meeting with employees
A meeting with the employees will help you to see the whole situation more easily.

So, among the first things is the organization of time and your employees. Make a meeting and make a plan. You need to share the responsibilities and the work that awaits you. For example, define groups A, B, and C. Let group A do the preparatory work before the move, group B can do the work during the move, packing, etc. And group C is in charge of the documentation as well as the work after the move. And you, devote yourself to planning the budget and calculating the costs of your moving.

Also, in addition to planning the budget, there is still a lot of work and meetings waiting for you. One of the important jobs is hiring a moving company that will really help you. So, get to work now!

Plan your budget and calculate the cost of moving an office

In order to plan your budget, you first need to calculate all the costs of your move. Don’t think it’s hard work, but it can be tiring. Because numbers can give you a headache. So, here are some simple steps to calculate your moving costs:

  • Make an inventory list of the things you want to move. (Office furniture, office equipment, decoration, documentation, etc.)
  • Request a free moving estimate. The inventory list, date, and distance of the move are the information you will need when you want to request a free moving estimate.
  • Write down all other costs that you expect. (packaging, taxes, fees, data backup, software activation, re-installation of office equipment, etc.)

After you receive the report from your moving company, you will also receive the final price of your move. What is important for you to know is that the price isn’t final if the estimate isn’t binding. After you are informed about all the costs, write them down and calculate them. Also, know that the number you receive isn’t final and may vary. After calculating all the costs, plan the moving budget. We advise you to set aside a certain amount of money on the final figure for some additional costs that may arise suddenly. But if you stick to the plan, the possibility of unexpected costs is excluded.

An inventory list can help you to calculate the cost of moving

An office inventory list will be of help to you in three situations:

  • First, this list will give you insight into the approximate quantity and number of things you will move, which will help you calculate moving costs. Because most moving companies charge for services by the number of items. Especially when long distances are involved.
  • Second, you’ll have insight into all the inventory you’re moving. This gives you the opportunity to see if something is missing at the end of the move, as well as to calculate the price that will compensate for damage, stolen or lost items.
  • Third, it will make your recovery easier. You won’t have to rush around, you’ll only pack what’s on your list. This will save you time and money.
calculate moving costs
The number of things is crucial when you need to calculate the cost of moving an office.

So, when we talk about packaging, you can hire your employees, but then you won’t be entitled to insurance. The best solution will be to hire professional packers who will guarantee the safety of your belongings during the move. And can also compensate for damages or loss. Packing is a hard job, and they will do it. So, think “how much to tip movers“. $10 per mover is quite a satisfactory amount.

Request a free moving quote

We advise you to choose several moving companies and ask for several moving quotes. Also, be sure to find out whether the company offers a binding or non-binding evaluation. Because if the estimate is binding, the price you receive will be final. This will give you easy insight into the costs. and you will know the final figure for the services of the moving company. Compare your received quotes and choose the most favorable one.

Other costs to consider when moving your office

During the move, apart from the costs of the moving company, there are other costs that you must pay attention to. These are mainly moving and packing supplies costs around $46 for 20 medium-sized boxes, software services that can cost anywhere from $50 to $10, fees, charges, and taxes that can total over $1,000, as well as storage costs. which can be around $300 a month. These are some of the essential costs, and in addition to them, you may have several smaller costs that will not exceed $300 in total. That is why it’s important that when you calculate the costs, you must include these.

moving office
The final price of moving your office may depend on the size of your office as well as the number of things you want to move.

So, now that you are familiar with all the costs, as well as the factors that affect them, we will present you with some average office moving prices. This could help you calculate the cost of moving an office. Let’s say for moving 1,500 square meters of business space, your move can cost from $750 to $4,000, depending on the number of things and services. Also, packing and moving services for a 3,000-square-foot space can cost you up to $9,000.

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