How to calculate overall moving costs?

Relocating your home is a time-consuming and costly task. If you have a lot of time and patience, you can cut down on the moving costs by doing some moving tasks on your own. Still, you have to be aware that it will be an overwhelming and stressful process. Before you decide will you hire professional help, you should know how much the overall average moving costs will be. Also, how much time you have and can spend on the moving process. Determining the moving expenses will give you a base to make an informed decision about your relocation.

Since time is a relative term, you will need to make a strict schedule. Of course, in such a big transition, you have to count in many possible delays. Hiring a professional moving service will save you a lot of time and nerves.
On the contrary to time, moving costs are absolute. A number of factors are determining them, but when you have the right parameters so you can easily calculate them. You just need to know how to do it.

Calculating the moving costs will have a great impact on your moving budget.
You can calculate your moving costs if you have the right parameters.

Parameters for the moving costs estimation

When you are moving, you always have to think about your moving budget. That’s why it is crucial to determine your moving costs. How much your relocation is going to cost depending on the following factors:

  • Distance to the final destination – The further your new home is, the moving costs will be higher. The vehicle that is transporting your belongings will need more gas and there will be more road tools. That means that greater distance to your new home means more expenses.  The distance that the moving truck will have to travel in order to deliver your goods is one of the parameters in calculating the overall moving costs.
  • Total weight of your shipment – The equation here is simple: more heavy household items equals more costly move. The heavier your shipment is, the more space, manpower, and fuel for the transportation will require.
  • Time – When moving company estimate your moving expenses, they take the time for loading, transporting and unloading your goods into consideration.
  • A number of movers – More movers that you hire will make moving faster, but it will also cost more.
  • The complexity of the job – If some of your belongings need special attention, or there is some kind of obstacles that makes moving harder, the moving costs will be higher.
  • Additional services – You can get additional services from your movers, like the packaging or the storage service. Of course, extra services mean extra fees.

Estimation of the cost of the local moving

When it comes to local moving, distance is not an important factor. By local moving, it is considering relocation less than 50 miles away from your previous to your new home.
In that case, the time required for loading, transporting and unloading your belongings are the most crucial factors.

The easiest way to calculate the moving cost for a moving short distance is using the simple formula:

You should multiply the hourly rate with the number of movers and number of hours for accomplishing relocation. To the result add the transportation costs and costs of additional services.

Since most moving companies charge by the hour, time is of the essence for a local move. The moving companies calculate the number of the work hours for loading and unloading your stuff, and the time that the moving truck will need to get from your old property to your new one.

Hiring a professional help is always the best recommendation, but when local moving is in case, you can do a lot of the things yourself. Of course, if you don’t have some belongings that require special attention, such as piano, pool table or a hot tub. Don’t ever try to move hot tub on your own – it doesn’t end well. If you have such bulky and delicate item, hiring hot tub movers is the only way to move it without damaging it.

Distance of the move has a great impact on the moving costs.
The distance that the truck has to drive to arrive at your new home is also a big parameter for determining the moving costs.

Estimation of the moving costs for a cross-country relocation

The total weight of your shipment is the main parameter for calculating moving costs. Before you choose the best long distance movers, ask for on-site written binding estimates. Any company that does the estimation over the phone or online is not to be trusted. In order to avoid moving scams, you need to have an in-sight estimation.
It is recommended to invite representatives from the several companies to do the estimation.

In order to get a realistic estimation, give estimators all the relevant information about your relocation. Items that require special requirements, possible obstacles to the moving location, fragile items that need extra care.
The representatives of the moving companies will make an estimation based on the approximate weight of your belongings and the relocation conditions. Written binding estimates will guarantee that the final price won’t exceed the estimate.

You can calculate the cost of your move to another state using this formula:

Multiply the weight of the shipment by distance and rate per pound per mile. Add to the result the optional full value protection of your shipment and the additional services and you will get approximately moving costs for the long distance relocation.

The final cost of your move will be determined based on the actual weight of the moving truck, exact distance, and extra services if you purchased any.

Pay attention to the date of your moving

The date of your moving day can actually make your relocation more expensive. If you are moving on national holidays, on the weekend, at the end of the month or in the peak season, that can increase your moving costs.
Work hour on the weekends or holidays cost more, so take all of that into consideration when you are planning your move.

Date of your move may affect your moving costs.
Pay attention to your calendar when you are booking the moving day.

Hiring a reliable and professional moving company will make your relocation less stressful and much smoother. There are very affordable, but reputable residential movers on the market which services maybe fit your budget.

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