How the global shipping crisis is affecting international moving

The global shipping crisis is affecting international moving in a number of ways. It all began with COVID-19, which had severe lockdowns worldwide. China, one of the world’s biggest markets, has been particularly adamant about lockdowns for prolonged periods of time. That has created a lot of problems for the shipping business. On the other hand, local incidents such as the Evergreen cargo ship incident have also contributed to it. All in all, the moving companies have been through quite a bit in a short period of time. With an economic crisis and fallout approaching, it’s important to dissect the whys and hows and see what’s happening. This will allow business owners to make better decisions in the market. Getting international moving back on track is going to be hard, but not impossible.

How has the COVID-19 crisis affected international moving and is it over

COVID-19 was one of the biggest pandemics the world has ever seen. It halted major world economies, which in turn resulted in many industries falling behind. This has especially been the case with the shipment and moving companies. Due to travel restrictions, we have also seen a lower number of international relocations than ever before. Some countries are still forbidding entry because of COVID-19 spread concerns, and others require proof of vaccination and regular testing. However, the pandemic is now largely over and we’re seeing the world slowly recover from its effects. That means that the moving industry is getting back on its feet, and numerous companies are starting to pick up their pre-pandemic moving quotes. That’s great news for all moving companies and for the market itself.

The only potential concern is that some countries might go back into lockdowns and restrictive travel measures. China has recently been introducing lockdowns in major cities, so moving companies should keep an eye out for that. Due to a chance of a new crisis, moving companies need to get back on their feet fast. The moving industry has been stagnant in recent years, so now it is expected to really explode. Many people weren’t able to relocate, but they can now. That means there’s going to be a spike in the number of international moving. This is a great chance for all of the companies looking to make bigger profits and get back on their feet.

A picture of many containers waiting to be shipped somewhere, as they're stuck doe due to a global shipping crisis which is affecting world-wide industries, including international moving.
Long delays have become a common issue due to the way the global shipping crisis is affecting international moving.

What problems are occurring due to the way the global shipping crisis is affecting international moving

The moving industry is experiencing lots of problems, especially international relocations since they highly depend on shipments. This has caused many delays, relocation of containers getting stuck in ports, huge costs for shipping companies, and so on. Moreover, there are also country-specific issues you’re going to need to address if you do business there. Also, keep notice of any problems that are specific to your company for any number of reasons. In any case, generally – be aware of the following problems:

  • Lack of containers for shipment. With so many of them getting stuck and delayed, there’s a shortage of new ones that are used for international moving. You should consider hiring only those shipping services that are going to be able to accommodate all of your customers.
  • A huge increase in shipment rates and costs. This is happening because of high demand but low supply. If you are doing car transport, for example, try seeking out shipping companies that offer reasonable prices. This will also in turn allow you to offer lower prices to people looking to relocate. This will allow you to make more profits by relocating more people, as the higher prices might turn them away.
  • Huge delays. Considering the two things above, it’s easy to see why delays are happening. This is negatively affecting your prospects as a moving company to offer timely services to your customers. Warn the people you’re relocating about these potential problems, and plan ahead to avoid any problems in coordination with your shipment providers.
  • Many other local problems through which the global shipping crisis is affecting international moving. Based on your experience as a moving company, try to devise a plan that’s going to address these issues accordingly.
A port is seen on the picture, a vital point for the global shipping lines, and a crucial problem to the crisis which affects international moving.
Empty or overcrowded ports are both something that the crisis has produced.

What can companies do to recover from the global shipping crisis and what strategies to employ

After a period of stagnation, the companies now need to focus on better marketing and outreach strategies. Many people will want to relocate internationally now that the pandemic measures are no longer active. Use this opportunity to rebrand yourself and directly address those people through your marketing strategy. You want to target all those that are looking to move internationally, by offering them speedy relocations without too much hassle. Do that as soon as possible since this is also a great opportunity to really flourish on the market. Look into establishing services to places that are going to be quite popular. That will depend on the age group you’re targeting, but consider places in Asia, and North and South America.

This is all very important because we might yet experience another crisis very soon. With the rising inflation in the world, there might be yet another shipping crisis that’s going to hit you. Plan your market strategies and decisions accordingly in order to be prepared. Whereas the problems during the pandemic included long waiting hours, port congestion, and so on. Right now, the problem might become a lower number of people looking to relocate. That’s because the prices are going to jump so high that many people won’t be able to afford to hire a mover. And with you trying to make a profit as well, it’s going to be a problematic situation. The only hope that remains is that central banks will be successful in battling inflation.

A laptop with some statistics shown on the screen, as is often used to plan for marketing strategies when battling against a global shipping crisis.
Good marketing is key to your business’ success after the crisis.

How you, as a mover, can prepare for the incoming global shipping crisis that is affecting international moving

You should be already preparing for the next crisis. Prepare your company’s budget accordingly, and set aside more money than you’ve usually done. Use those funds to go through the crisis once it happens. Inflation is going to kick up the prices quite a bit, and everything will become more expensive. By having a larger sum of money, you’ll be able to afford those market changes. It’s also a good time to improve outreach, to become a more recognizable name on the market. If it’s within your ability, try to offer better quotes to your potential customers. That should help you beat the competition.

Keep in mind the costs your customers are going to face and offer them different services to accommodate that. That means you could offer relocation packages that don’t contain some not-so-important services. This should allow people to be able to afford them. Keeping a moving costs checklist is a good idea in this manner since you’re going to be able to better understand your customers’ needs. By doing so, you will be able to stay ahead of your competition. Keep in mind that getting more people to hire your company is likely going to provide more profit, than just charging a smaller number of customers a higher price.

A group of people on a meeting regarding the company's future on the market in the light of the global shipping crisis and how it affects international moving.
Creating strategies for your business’ revival is also important.

Can we actually predict the next global shipping crisis that could potentially affect international moving?

You can monitor multiple factors to make sure you are well-prepared for a potential new global shipping crisis that will be affecting international moving. That includes things such as monitoring a country’s GDP. If it declines for 2 consecutive quarters, the country will likely enter a recession. You should aim to be well prepared since it can be hard when a new crisis will happen and how long it will last. Another thing you can monitor is the stock markets, a spike in loans being distributed, and so on. If you’re having a lower input of customers looking for international moving, it can mean the industry is facing trouble. Because the moving industry is heavily dependent on a number of other industries, you will want to monitor those, as well.

That means that you will want to closely follow any happenings regarding global shipment companies and systems. The best example of this was the Evergreen ship incident which caused worldwide delays and falls in revenue for companies. The modern globalized economy is so interconnected that it’s hard to know what problem is going to spill onto which industries. That’s why you must keep an eye out for all those changes, even in national policies. For example, if your primary country for relocation services is South Korea you – should follow their national policies. This is going to allow you to plan your activities more accurately. On the other hand, if you’re doing business in Europe – you will need to follow European Union’s policies, as well. This might be tricky because of the sheer size of their bureaucracy. So, look for moving tips, and research other economic unions and how their policies influence the moving industry.

A photo of an article in The New York time which discusses the pandemic which is an important to the way how the global shipping crisis is affecting international moving.
There are lots of good economic analyses you can read to gain better insight into the dangers of a recession.

Problems your potential clients can face

As a moving company, you should be aware of the potential issues your clients are going to face. It’s important to not you should explain to them that these aren’t things that you can influence. Much of what happens is probably a spillover from the global shipping crisis and the ways it affects global moving. On the other hand, people looking to hire international movers will have an easier time deciding what’s best for them. Moreover, there are companies such as Master Moving Guide, which provides assistance to people looking for a moving company. They are going to need this kind of info to make their decision. The things they might encounter:

  • A huge waiting times for booking their relocations. As we’re leaving the pandemic behind more and more people are looking to hire international movers to relocate. That means that booking a moving day can be hard, especially last minute movers, so advise them to book well in advance.
  • Longer shipment delays. This is something that still happens, but do advise your customers about ways to avoid this.
  • Higher prices. Higher prices are happening because of the pandemic and crisis, but because of the high inflation, as well.
  • Delays in your services. This one highly depends on you, but do advise your clients in what ways is the crisis affecting your individual services. For example, shipping to some parts of the world might be harder than to others.
A number of containers in a commercial dock.
Letting your customers know upfront about the problems they might face is an important part of the process of building trust.

Conclusion – how the global shipping crisis is affecting international moving and what can be done

The global shipping crisis is impacting international mobility in a variety of ways. It all started with COVID-19, which prompted significant lockdowns across the globe. This has caused a great deal of issues for the shipping industry. The moving firms have experienced a lot overall in a short amount of time. International movers now need to concentrate on improving marketing and outreach methods following a period of stagnation. Since the pandemic measures are no longer in effect, many people will seek to relocate abroad. Take advantage of the chance to rename yourself and target those customers specifically with your marketing plan. That is a fantastic strategy to get ready for a possible recession or a new crisis in the future.

Expand your marketing outreach, and make strategies for how you’ll weather the next downturn. Set aside some cash so you can withstand the storm more readily. Use the time before a new crisis to improve your standing in the market.  With a spike in relocations, you should do well in a new post-pandemic market. Naturally, not all problems are gone and the global shipping crisis is affecting international moving even today. In the coming months, it should go away more and more which is your chance. It might seem stressful to operate in today’s world, with so many open questions. We do not know if we are going to enter a new crisis, nor how long is it going to be. But it’s best to prepare anyways.

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