How much should you tip movers

Moving is a hard and demanding task. If you’ve hired a moving service to make it easier, it is the best decision that you’ve made. Still, among the many questions, you may wonder should you and how much to tip movers. That is a tricky subject and the one that you should be prepared in advance. When you are preparing the moving budget, you should also remember to calculate the tip for the movers. Follow this guide and find out how much to tip your movers based on your specific relocation.

Why should you tip your movers?

Tipping in the moving business isn’t necessary, but it’s always a welcome gesture. Lifting heavy furniture and boxes is really hard work. If your movers do it with the friendly smile and trying to accommodate your every request then you should show them that you appreciate that in the form of the tip.

The moving crew that is doing the heavy lifting is not making a lot of money, to begin with. It is a demanding and very physical job that usually doesn’t play well in most of the moving companies. Still, movers don’t expect a tip, so it is always a nice surprise and is generally considered to be proper etiquette.

Of course, you should only tip the movers if you are satisfied with their service. If the moving crew is unfriendly or rude, then tipping them shouldn’t be an option. If you are satisfied with their work and the manner that they are treating you and your belongings, you should tip them.

Naturally, hiring reliable residential movers will make sure that your moving crew will conduct themselves professionally during the moving day. Reliable and reputable companies take better care of their employees, which means that there is a much bigger chance that your relocation goes without problems.

The level of your satisfaction will determine how much to tip movers
Only tip the movers if you are satisfied with their services.

How much to tip movers?

The percent tipping that is a custom for other services is not the best way to calculate how much to tip movers. That way, if your moving is expensive, you will need to set aside a small fortune for the mover’s tip.
The best way to calculate how much to tip movers is how much time they spend on the job:

  • For 4 hours move, then $10 tip per person is appropriate.
  • With an 8 hours move, the tip should be $20 per person.
  • When the moving crew works for 12 hours, then a tip of $40 is in order.

If you have a lot of heavy belongings or things that require special attention, that you should consider tipping the movers more. In that case, consider tipping them $4-$5/hour per mover if you are happy with the job that they have done.

Important tip: Always tip every mover individually. If you give all the tip to one mover to divide it between the crew, you don’t know if everybody will get an equal share. When you tip every member of the moving crew yourself, you will know that everybody has got its tip.

The amount of time will determine how much to tip movers
Take into consideration how much time will movers spend on the job.

Factors to keep in mind when deciding how much to tip movers

Every relocation is different and has its own difficulties. It’s a very complex process, and there are many fraudulent companies on the market. Finding and hiring a reliable moving company will help you avoid moving scams and it will make your move so much easier.

When you find the movers that you like,  it should be a good thing to set aside a tip for the moving crew. That you will give them if they provide good service, of course. Besides the work hours, there are other considerations that might influence how much to tip movers:

  • The complexity of relocation – Ask yourself how difficult the moving process will be. How many stairs or levels your home has, how much heavy and bulky items there are, how much does your household weights? Are there any complications that may slow the movers? All of those things should be taken into consideration when deciding how much to tip movers.
  • Quality of service – This is the main thing to consider when you deciding do you need to tip your movers and how much. Did the movers show up on time? Were they considerate and professional? Did they talk to you with respect or they were rude? Did they handle your items with care? Those are all the questions that you have to ask yourself.
  • Final moving cost – if there were some unforeseen expenses, that will have an impact on how much to tip movers. If they didn’t manage to fit your possessions into one truck, and you have to pay additional costs for another one then you should really reconsider if you want to tip them.

How to treat your movers

As said before, moving is a hard and physical job that requires a lot of energy. Be a good host and prepare refreshments for the moving crew. That doesn’t have to be anything special. Bottled water and coffee or tea will suffice. If the moving process is longer than 4 hours, you should provide some food for your movers. Sandwiches or pizza is always the best move. It’s a cheap and delicious snack that will show your movers that you appreciate their work.

Prepare refreshments for your movers.
Providing beverages and snacks to your movers is a sign of good manners.

In addition to tipping your movers, there is also another way to show your movers that you are happy with their work. That is to compliment workers to their employers. Report a job well done to the supervisor or moving company, naming specific people who took extra care in helping to make your move go smoothly.

In the end, when deciding on how much to tip movers, try to put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself how big of a tip will you expect for that specific job and the necessary effort that requires. Seeing things from the perspective of the movers is the best way to determine how much to tip movers.

If in doubt whether you should tip the movers or how much to tip  movers ask yourself these questions

There is no right or wrong answer here. If you decide not to tip the movers, that is perfectly okay. They receive their salaries and will be paid for the service no matter what. On the other hand, if you decide to tip your movers, the big question remains: how much to tip movers. But, when in doubt if you should tip your movers or not, ask yourself these questions and the answer will impose itself. We know that tipping your movers is only one small part of the entire moving process, so we have created the ultimate moving guide to assist you with the move.

Did the movers arrive on time?

It is 9 o’clock and your movers should’ve been there at 8 o’clock sharp. You are eagerly waiting for them, but for some reason, you have not received even a phone call. Or, if your movers arrived right on time and started with their business, it is a great way to earn the tip. Precision and perfect timing are very important when you hired professional movers, especially if you are moving your business. So, you should naturally expect nothing less than that.

how much to tip movers - a black clock showing 8 o`clock
If you are in doubt about how much to tip movers, ask yourself if they showed up on time, acted professional, and you will find your answer.

Were they friendly or cold?

You do not have to make friends with the movers, of course. But, there is a difference in the way that movers behave. Cold, rude or disrespecting movers are not welcomed in your house or in anyone`s house for that matter. When you hire professionals to relocate your items, you expect to have friendly and sociable movers. This question can also go a long way in helping you make a decision about whether or not to tip your movers, or how much to tip movers.

How did they treat your belongings?

The only reason why you hired movers is that they know how to properly handle your belongings, and how to pack fragile items properly. Be it a large couch, or a moving box with fragile items in it, your belongings should be handled with care and attention. And even our untrained eye can spot if the movers are not doing this. Carelessly tossing the moving boxes and packing items really fast just to finish the job are not the types of behavior that you want. Here the question is not how much to tip movers, but should you tip them at all.

If, on the other hand, you see that the movers are careful not to break anything, and are professional, you should consider tipping them. Treating your items as if they were their own means a lot to us as customers, so we have the desire to tip our movers at the end of the day.

a cup filled with coffee and a tea spoon on a table
Unprofessional moving companies will send movers who take long, unnecessary breaks every half an hour, so beware of them.

Did they make frequent, unnecessary breaks?

Every person on Earth who is employed knows that there are people who will simply dodge the work, and make yet another break. We are not going to lie to you, such people exist even in the movers’ branch. This is also one of the common causes of moving delays. If you see that your movers tend to take frequent breaks, smoke a lot and disappear every now and then, they certainly do not qualify for tipping. Tipping movers is something that you should do if it seems right, and in this case, it can hardly ever seem like the right thing to do.

How to avoid unprofessional movers?

For a perfect, professional service most of us would be happy to tip the movers. When we are at a restaurant, and the waiter does not bring us a glass of water for the third time, the damage is not big. On the other hand, if we have an unprofessional mover at our house moving our glassware, the damage can be quite big. This is why it very important to have only reliable movers. Here are the tips on how to find a professional moving company.

  • Recommendations – If you have a friend or a family member who has recently moved, ask them about their moving experience. Were they satisfied with the movers and the provided service? How did the movers behave and handled items? It is really important to know this information first hand, as you do not want to risk anything. You will also be able to ask your friends how much to tip movers based on their experience.
  • Moving reviews – These are another excellent way to see if a moving company has reputable employees. People will express their dissatisfaction more than their satisfaction with the service. This can be beneficial, as you will be able to see the exact opinion of other customers on-site. Of course, there may a couple of fake reviews, but you should look at the overall satisfaction rate. The importance of positive movers` reviews is huge which you will be able to see for yourself.
a hand pointing to a five star review on a blue surface
Before hiring a moving company, always check out the moving reviews, as you will be able to get a sense of their employees.

What both you and your reliable moving company want is that your move goes well. With no broken items, no delays, no accidents and if possible bad weather. If your movers help a great way in relocating your belongings in the best possible way, ask yourself how much to tip movers. They will definitely be grateful to you for any amount given. This is stimulation that will show them how much you appreciate their hard work. Good luck!

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