How much does it cost to move hot tub?

If you own a hot tub you certainly know that moving it will be hard work. It weighs hundreds of pounds and it will be hard to move it with few people. Add to that it is very dangerous for people who have no experience in relocating hot tubs. It will not make damage on got tub only. People are risking hurting themselves. That is why you should hire a professional to do this hard task for you. If you are not sure how does it cost to move hot tub and you do not know how to choose the right moving company to help you out, check with this Master Moving Guide and find out everything you need to know.

The average cost to move hot tub

Before you make a call and hire hot tub movers, you need to know everything that is included in the prices. The price of moving a hot tub can vary due to the difficulty of the relocation.

The average cost of moving a hot tub in less than 35 miles is between $200 and $400. But this is not the case with every moving company. It, as we have said, depends on a few things. For example, the one thing that is really important is the final destination where the hot tub will be relocated. That is why, in order to avoid some unpleasant situations, you should ask for the moving quotes. This is the piece of information that will be of great value once you decide that it is time to move. The moving quote will be a huge help when hiring a moving company. It will also determine the exact cost of relocating a hot tub.

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How much will cost to move hot tub depends on additional costs

Pay attention to extra costs

There is also one more thing you should consider when calculating the moving budget. As we said, hot tubs are heavy objects that need to be lifted by several people and some special machines. If you are not sure and you ask yourself how many movers do I need, you should call the company and find out. This means that the company must get complete information about the size and the type of your hot tub.

One thing you will have to think about is the moving crane. This machine will help professionals move the hot tub from your place. In some companies, cranes can cost an additional $350 to $2,000. The price will depend on the size. To find out the exact and final cost of moving a hot tub, you should know what is a binding estimate and how can it help you.

How to prepare for moving a hot tub?When you want to move a hot tub, there are some things that need to be done before moving. The professionals will empty the drains and any access water. There are some companies that will request you to do it. So, when choosing the moving company pay attention to these details. If the movers will do this job instead of you, you should definitely tip them. And how much to tip movers is all up to you.

When you empty the hot tub, you need to unplug it and make sure that it stays dry. After doing all of this, movers will be in a position to install the dollies and prepare your hot tub for the relocation.  Every moving hot tub will be able to be done with these dollies and placed directly in a moving truck. However, there are cases where you will need a moving crane.

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Prepare the hot tub for the relocation.

Information you need to know besides the cost to move hot tub

  • Make sure you know all the details related to your hot tub, such as the size, the model, and for some companies the reasons for the relocation.
  • Carefully choose the moving company. Search for movers with experience and some of the best references you can find. Hot tubs are fragile items that can easily be damaged if they are not relocated by professionals.
  • You can try to find a high-pressure vacuum. This will be useful when drinking the water from the hot tub. Especially if you are about to move from one climate to another. The hot tub might be empty, but the water can still be inside the pipes and connections.
  • Check about if the company is giving you insurance. If something bad happens while the movers are relocating your hot tub, you should know who will pay for the damage.

What happens if you do not have insurance?

Hot tub being damaged during the relocation is the biggest fear when it comes to moving it. And it is possible for this to happen. That is why you should definitely think fo hiring a company that has insurance. When the company has insurance, it is obligated by the law to cover the full price of the damage.

To prevent any misunderstandings and bad situations, the best thing you can do is to take pictures. Other than having insurance, this is also a great solution for preventing you from paying for the damage. If you take a picture of your hot tub before the move, you will have a valid document of the shape of your hot tub minutes before being picked up by the professionals. This might take some time that you have not planned before. But repairing the broken hot tub can be more expensive than buying a new one.

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Think about getting insurance.

Hot tubs are something that can give us peaceful and quiet moments after work hours or a bad day at work. That is why if you are thinking about relocating it, the cost to move the hot tub should not represent ou a problem. Think about who you will trust to relocate it without any damage. Do whatever you can to avoid anything bad happening to it. And in o time, you will be sitting in your old hot tub in a new place.

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