How much does it cost to move 500 miles?

Relocating from one place to another can be really costly, and that is why you need to know all about the moving prices. If you are moving over a long distance, you will be happy to know that there are many different options for you to choose from. You just have to make sure that you get a great moving company to help you relocate, and you can find yours at Master Moving Guide in no time. So, moving over a long distance is going to be easier if you know how much does it cost to move 500 miles. Luckily, we have all the needed answers, so you can make sure that you are ready to handle your move the right way, and without stress and issues.

What are your options if you need to move over 500 miles?

Moving over 500 miles is not a small thing at all. It’s simply a huge distance to cover, and it’s harder if you need to move half of your home with you as well. All you need to do is make the right decision and everything will be more than fine. So, start by looking into your options before you move on to the planning part of the move. You can:

  • Move by yourself
  • Get your friends and family to help you relocate
  • Hire a moving company to do it for you
  • Get a moving company to pack you and move you as well

All of these solutions cost different amounts of money, but they also need different amounts of your time. So, you can look into them and decide what is the option that suits your needs the most.

a calculator
You can make sure that you find the best option for your move first, and then start preparing for it

How much will the move over 500 miles cost if you move alone?

If you decided to do this entirely by yourself, you can probably control the expenses the most as well. But, there are still some things that you just have to pay for. This includes things like renting a moving truck, getting packing supplies, gas, and all the time that you will lose while handling the relocation over 500 miles. That is why you can be sure that getting professional movers can be a great solution. This way, you can also prevent injuries by hiring professional movers, or furniture movers.

So, when you combine all the expenses that you can’t avoid and calculate how much will it cost to move over 500 miles by yourself compare it to other moving solutions. But, you can be sure that moves of over 500 miles are cheaper with professional movers by your side. Especially if you wanted to get more than just a moving service.

Moving with the help of your friends and family

Another fine idea is moving your home with the help of your friends and family. This way, you can be sure that everything will be handled without any issues and worries. So, what you need to do is simply ask them to help you pack and relocate your belongings with you.

But, when it comes to moving over 500 miles, it’s not likely that your friends and family can help with the actual relocation since it’s simply too far away. They can help you with packing hacks for moving, so you can get packed quickly and without stress. It will be cheaper to relocate this way, surely. But, you also have to make sure that all the people that are helping you have enough food and drinks while they are moving you, and that is what can get the move price up for you.

moving your home
You can get a moving truck and get your friends and family to help you relocate

How much can it cost to move 500 miles with the help of professional movers?

If you want to make your relocation over 500 miles more affordable, hiring moving professionals is a great choice. Even with the last minute relocation, you should make sure that you have professionals by your side since they can make it all much faster and more secure for you. This kind of relocation is not at all easy to handle. You have to pack everything first. And then you have to make sure that you can move it. Without wasting too much time on the entire thing. So, you should definitely remember to ask yourself- how much can it cost to move 500 miles with the help of moving professionals.

Moving with professionals and getting other services

Another great option, other than just getting a moving service. And hiring professional movers to relocate your belongings is simply getting a moving company with all the other services that you might need for a fast relocation. First of all, you are likely to get a discount on your services. If you need a cheap storage solution, you are most likely to get that with the other services. So, make sure that you find the right moving company. And you will surely do great on your moving day. Another great thing about this kind of move is all the time that you can save since movers and packers will handle everything for you.

a packer packing items
You can get a packing service as well, or a storage service if needed

Don’t forget to get a moving estimate before you choose what suits you the most

Before you choose what is the option, you should make sure that you get to know all about each one of them. So, you should make sure to get moving estimates and get to know what kinds of moving estimates are there in the first place. Once you know how much it will cost to move 500 miles with professional movers, calculate how much would it cost to relocate by yourself. At that point, you can choose the way that suits your needs the best and relocates without any issues.

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