How much does it cost to hire a residential mover

It is very important to have a good and well-planned moving budget when you are moving. When you know this, you will know just how much money to prepare for your move. Well, sometimes, people find it hard to plan their budget. In today’s article, you will learn how much does it cost to hire a residential mover for your upcoming relocation. Master Moving Guide is here to help you out, so you won’t stress over anything. Here is what you need to pay attention to when planning your budget.

Factors to include when you want to know how much does it cost to hire a residential mover

The moving process is not that simple to organize. Because there are a lot of factors that you need to have in mind if you want to plan everything properly. Especially when it comes to the moving budget. This is something that you need to take care of in the beginning before you even begin your moving preparation. Now, there are a lot of factors that will influence the price of your move. So, you need to have these factors in mind:

  • The season of your move – if you are moving during winter or summer, you will pay more for your move since the conditions can be harsh
  • How far in advance did you hire your movers – if you hire them several months in advance, you will probably have a better deal since they have more time to organize their other jobs
  • If you have to move some fragile and expensive items – Moving fragile items that require special handling can be tricky, and movers will charge them more
  • Do you need packing supplies or do you have your own
  • How far are you moving – the distance traveled
  • Do you have an access to a parking lot and an elevator
  • Are you on a deadline
image of available parking space as a part of the cost to hire a residential mover guide
One of the factors that influence the cost to hire a residential mover is having an available parking space

These are some of the most important factors you need to have in mind if you want to move properly. Not to mention that it will help you organize your moving budget because then you will know how much money you can save. Did you know that you can save money if you hire professional movers? If you try to do it by yourself, you can make a mistake that can lead to many mistakes and damage. That is why it could be a good idea to hire residential movers to help you out. They know how to handle any type of relocation so you don’t have to lose your mind over it.

What is the common price range?

Now that you know what are the most important factors you need to have in mind when calculating the cost of the move, we will get further to the point. If you are moving on a moving budget, then you would want to know what is the starting point of it. That being said, you would want to know the price range of the move. In the following part of the article, we will get more details about it so you don’t have to look aimlessly for the answer.

The price range for a full-service move with a moving truck ranges from $300 to $1400

When you want to move your home you will have to think about all the things we said before. They are the key factors that will define the price of your move. Now, the following information is very important so make sure to remember it:

  • Moving your studio apartment can cost you from $300 to $590
  • One bedroom place goes for $650
  • A two-bedroom apartment can go for up to $850
  • Three and more bedrooms are usually between $600 and $1400
an image of a professional mover
Full-service movers include moving truck

These are the prices of the full-service moving companies. And they are willing to negotiate a better deal if you are hiring them months in advance. As we said, timing is everything and if you don’t rush them, you will have more than enough time to think about everything. Now, if you are moving on short notice, then the best solution for this would be to get last minute relocation movers to help you out. They will be able to relocate you with ease and without any stress.

Hiring labor-only movers

This is something different because you are not renting a moving truck. Just the professional help with the packing process. The price of the move can go from $150 per studio. And up to $800 for 4+ bedrooms you have to move. This is something that can help you calculates your move and see if you want full service or just labor-only movers. It will mean a lot before you begin planning your moving budget. Now sometimes this can be good to know because people do tend to organize a long distance relocation as well. That is why knowing the process and which long distance movers to call can mean a lot. Because the best thing to do is to hire professionals to help you out.

Make sure to properly organize your budget

The thing is, people often forget to plan their finances when moving. This can lead to a lot of problems that you might not be ready to solve when moving. Also, if you make a small mistake, you can end up overpaying everything. That is why you need to learn how to properly manage your money first before you begin writing your moving budget. It is a skill that will help you out with your move and with some plans for sure.

a calculator, money, notepad and a pen on the table
Learn how you can plan your budget before you call your movers

Now that you know how much does it cost to hire a residential mover, you will be able to calculate your moving expenses. Furthermore, you can easily visit our blog and read more moving tips and tricks you can use when moving. We are sure that you will find a lot of them very useful.

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