How many packing supplies do you need

Packing is the part of the moving process people hate the most. There’s just something about putting your entire life in boxes that rubs the wrong way. Apart from this, it’s tedious and hard work. Finally, it is the part of the relocation when we tend to damage some of our belongings. So, naturally, we tend to postpone this as long as possible and avoid thinking about it. Thus, we end up with not enough equipment for the job! Luckily, we’ve made a guide about how many packing supplies you really need to have a safe relocation.

What you’re packing

So, the first factor which will determine how many packing materials you’ll need is the type of items you’re planning to pack. If you’re looking to move your home gym, you won’t need a lot of protective packing supplies. On the other hand, if you’re transporting some fragile items, you’ll want a lot of protection. So, basically, you’ll want to protect all your breakable items with protective materials when you’re packing them. Thus, make sure you check out the best tips for packing glassware and fine china safely and keep your sensitive items safe during your relocation!

a tea set you'll need a lot of packing supplies to pack successfully.
Offer your items as much protection as they need.

Where you’re moving to

Another thing which will affect how many packing materials you’ll need is the destination of your move. Keep in mind that you’re not interested where you’re moving, but where your things will end up. In most cases, this is the same location. However, in some situations, this will differ. Most common cases are when:

  • you’re shipping your items – in some cases, your things might take a longer or a shorter route than you will. Make sure you use enough packing supplies to protect them while they’re on their way.
  • you’re returning your items – most common when returning from college, people tend to send their items back to their hometown while not going with them.
  • moving internationally – it’s always good to offer your belongings some extra protection when you’re moving far away.

In the usual situations, when you’re moving to the same destination as your items, you should use more packing equipment for longer moves. It only makes sense – the longer your things travel, the more chance that something will happen to them. So, make sure you protect them well. Finally, your items might be going into storage, and this will require you to use some additional packing materials. You can check out the best tips for packing your items for storage and you’ll be prepared if this happens.

When you are moving

The time and the weather conditions of your move will also affect how much you’ll need to protect your things. If you’re moving in the winter, you’ll need to offer your items a bit more protection, so get more packing supplies for the job. In addition to this, your things will need extra protection during rainy or damp days.

A forest in winter
Moving in the winter might require you to use more packing supplies.

Generally, people avoid moving in these conditions since your boxes could get ruined and your items soggy. But, sometimes a relocation can’t wait. So, don’t forget to get some plastic wrapping in the case you have to move on a rainy day. Or, you can find cheap storage until the bad weather passes. This way you won’t risk damaging any of your precious belongings.

Packing supplies on your moving budget

People usually have a problem with spending money on protective materials. Even though this is a bad area to stint on, we still understand the need to move on a budget. So, you can get free moving boxes to improve your packing arsenal. Keep in mind that these aren’t as good as new boxes most of the time, but they will help you have a safer move for a smaller cost. However, how much are we really ready to risk the safety of our items just to cut our moving costs? If your TV doesn’t arrive in one piece and you have to replace it, you’ll find that getting more packing equipment is much cheaper than buying a new TV. Thus, in most cases, you’ll either have to pay right away or later. But pay, you’ll have to!

Alternatively, you can get a free moving estimate when you’re planning your moving budget. This will allow you to plan how much money you can spend on packing supplies. Also, it will greatly improve the quality of your packing equipment and it will give you enough time to prepare alternatives.

An old moving box doesn't count as packing supplies.
Free packing boxes are usually used, so there’s no guarantee they’ll hold. Be careful!

Packing right saves items

Even though packing supplies will make your relocation much safer, the way you pack your items can also help. You can use some of your household items to provide protection. Many people combine these methods with packing materials to get a cheap and safe relocation. However, plastic wraps, boxes, cardboard and packing peanuts are essentials for every move and should be on top of every checklist for planning your move.

When can you go without packing supplies

There are only a couple of situations where you won’t need any packing equipment. One of them is when you hire professional packers. If you find reliable movers to assist you with your packing, you won’t need to spend a dime on packing items. Since the pros have all the equipment you might need to have a successful relocation, you’ll be good to go! Just leave everything to them and relax and enjoy your relocation!

awesome packing peanuts.
Professional movers have the best equipment which can guarantee the safety of your things.

Finally, it’s up to you to decide how many packing supplies you really need. If you’re an experienced nomad who’s traveling light and used to moving around, it could be that you won’t need any packing materials whatsoever. But, if you’re planning a family relocation, you’ll need to consider getting more packaging equipment to protect your items.

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