How long does it take to move interstate?

No matter what type of moving you are about to experience, it will require some time to get everything ready. There are numerous factors that will affect your moving plans and the time for your move. From the size of your home to the packing processes. From setting the perfect day for the relocation to the weather conditions. Do you want to know how long does it take to move interstate? You have come to the right place. The Master Moving Guide will help you with this information. All that is left for you to do is to get ready and make your moving experience the best possible one.

Where to start when determining how long does it take to move interstate

Moving, written on a piece of paper is a very easy process. All you have to do is to hire the moving company and pack and load the truck. But in the reality, it is not so easy. There are numerous small tasks in every single one of these steps you need to take. And there is no more important task than finding the right moving company.

Finding the company that suits you and your need can take up to several days. That is why when you plan an interstate love, make sure you have separated a few days just to deal with finding the right help. It is not easy to hire interstate movers without getting scammed. That is why you have to search for some of the best references from some companies. You can also talk to the people who had similar experiences and combine them all. Finding the moving company can take days so make sure you have enough patience.

However, if you do not want to hire a moving company, you need to make sure that everything is prepared for your DIY move. Keep in your mind that moving by yourself could take more time than hiring help. You will need a day or two o find a rental truck and make it available for the moving day you have chosen. But, as long as it can take more time, it will give you more space to invite and inform people who are going to help you out with the move. Remember that even though it might be cheaper, it does not mean that this solution is better.

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How long does it take to move interstate depends on finding the right moving company?

Things you have to do before the moving day comes

There are a few things that need to be done before the moving day. These things cannot be done by anybody else. So, make sure that you have enough time and days left to deal with them. These things are:

  • changing the address,
  • notify insurance,
  • dealing with the utilities, transferring them, canceling or setting up,
  • cleaning the entire home,
  • preparing all important documents.

These tasks require 4 to 5 days to be done. There are, of course, some tasks that can be done the last one, like cleaning. So, it will not be so bad if you leave it for the last and hire cleaning services to help you out before the interstate movers come. When it comes to the other things, they should get ready before you leave your old home.

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Expect some obstacles

How long does it take to move interstate and pack for the relocation?

Professionals are will calculate your moving cost by the hour. So, if you are not sure which moving company t hir and from which company to get help, you can always ask for moving quotes and compare them. This way you will be able to choose the one that suits you the most. The packing process depends on how many staff there is to be packed. If you are thinking logically, smaller houses or one-bedroom apartments need less time. Therefore, the bigger home is the longer it will take. However, the average hours of packing even the 5 bedroom home are about 8 hours. So you can finish your packing process in one day.

But, if you have decided to pack by yourself, it will take several days or sometimes weeks. The reason for this is that you can not be too objective with your items. You will be attached emotionally to some items. Plus, if you are an amateur in packing, the protection of some fragile items can take a lot of time.

Transportation of your stuff

This is something you should pay extra attention to. When moving interstate, you need to be aware of the fact that it might take longer for your stuff to get to the destinations. There are tons of reasons why the transfer might take longer than you have thought in the first place. One of the main factors that may affect this is actually the weather. If there is some storm or snow, the truck will take longer to get to the destination. To avoid any additional costs when this happens, you should read and find out what is a binding estimate and find out why it matters.

Keep in your mind that sometimes it takes 10 to 15 days to transport your items from one state to another. Make sure you know how much time you have left before the moving truck comes and prepare everything in your new home for the items that will arrive.

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Use some time off to relax

To sum up. Knowing every factor that might surprise you and being aware of your possibilities to pack and prepare for an interstate move, you will be able to figure out how long will it take to move interstate. The average moving across the country and to another state is around 4 to 6 weeks. Of course, when something is very well organized, you might be able to relocate in less than 2 weeks. But, if you want to be without some additional stress, make sure you gave yourself enough time to prepare for everything. even if it means that you have done everything in less than 2 weeks, use the extra time to relax and maybe say goodbye to your town, neighborhood, and friends.

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