How International Moving Companies Calculate Moving Cost

International relocation is one of the most complex ones to execute. It takes plenty of time and a solid strategy so everything can go smoothly. As expected, international moving costs more than a typical long-distance relocation. Before you start looking for an adequate company, it’s important to know how international moving companies calculate moving cost. There are many factors to include, so keep reading this ultimate guide for more information! Also, feel free to contact us at Master Moving Guide for additional questions. Our company is committed to delivering the best moving and packing guidelines so you can have a blissful move.

Many factors are considered when international moving companies calculate moving cost

Moving overseers is demanding and time-consuming, which is why thorough preparations are much-needed. Picking the right mover isn’t enough. The costs of international relocation may vary, depending on the company and where are you moving to. Nevertheless, you must curate a moving budget in order to have control over your moving expenses. It takes time to do it, which is why knowing how moving companies calculate a total moving cost comes in handy. It’s also worth researching the approximate prices of relocation services. However, keep in mind that prices often vary from company to company.

young woman thinking how international moving companies calculate moving cost
How do international moving companies calculate moving cost? By taking all the necessary factors into account.

Here’s what amounts to total moving expenses for an international move:

  • Packing
  • Moving supplies
  • Car shipment
  • Insurance
  • Storage rental 
  • Duties and taxes

Packing and labor work

Packing all items the right way is worth the coin, especially when it comes to an international move. Otherwise, you might lose more time and money by trying to pack all of your items yourself. However, have in mind that packing and labor work per hour is one of the major contributors to the final moving cost. That’s why paying for professional packing services is actually much more cost-effective than you think. All you have to do is research the companies that provide top-rated packing services. Not all of them have the same price range, so do your research on time and choose the best option for yourself!

Moving supplies

The price of packing supplies should be according to their quality. While the market is full of low-cost (or almost cheap) moving boxes and containers, the quality should come first. This doesn’t mean that the final price of supplies doesn’t matter. High-quality packing supplies don’t necessarily have to cost a bunch. That’s why the best options are durable boxes and other moving necessities at reasonable prices. Fortunately, there are many full-service movers that offer excellent packing supplies that will keep your items in one place during the moving or storage period.

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Packing services and moving supplies are one of the major costs of an international move.

Shipping private vehicles and other goods

Another cost that you should consider is shipping private vehicles and heavy items. If you own a car, then this is something you have to pay attention to. You can choose either a ro-ro ship or an overseas container – one of the most popular ways to ship cars and other private vehicles. Further, inquire about traffic rules in the country you’re moving to. The sooner you get familiar with regulations, the better. Plus, you won’t have to deal with unpleasant scenarios just because you didn’t take time to learn what you should about your new place of residence.

Storage rental

International relocations aren’t complete without proper storage units. Relocation journeys like these can last for quite some time, and that’s why you will need to store your belongings in storage. The rental period will last until you completely unpack your new home. Just be sure the unit you want to rent is worth the investment:

  • Decide what size of an indoor temperature-controlled storage unit you need.
  • Contact a few storage providers and request to see their units.
  • Make sure the storage is clean and secured.

Don’t forget to ask the company about all-day access to your belongings. Some companies determine specific hours during which you can check your belongings. However, it’s best to choose the one that allows you to access your stored items whenever you want.

Insurance coverage

One of the things you definitely mustn’t skip when preparing for an international move is moving insurance. Losing your goods is one of the most stressful and unpleasant situations that can happen during a move. In order to have peace of mind, get the best moving insurance on time.

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Be sure to get moving insurance

Many international moving companies include the cost of taxes and duties

Most international movers include taxes and duties in their list of services, so you don’t have to worry about them. However, it’s still necessary to inform about tax regulations on imported items. For instance, in some countries, you don’t have to pay taxes for imported household items. On the other hand, there are countries that charge a certain fee for heavier electronic equipment and appliances.

Keep in mind other costs of your international relocation

Your international moving journey doesn’t end until you activate utility services and unpack your entire home. That’s one of the things people who move internationally tend to ignore. Moving to a different country and culture is a stressful and time-consuming period. Therefore, do your best to learn the most important facts about your future home.

Housing situation

When you know about the housing market in your new place of residence, it’s easier to make a decision. Do the residents rent their homes? Is buying a house/apartment in a new country worth the effort? It all depends on your further plans and how long you plan to live there.

The best way to get a decent home – whether buying or renting – is to hire a professional real estate agent. That way, you will get first-hand information about the current housing situation. However, prepare for the fact that finding a decent home in another country doesn’t happen overnight.

Living costs

Some countries are more affordable than others. Nevertheless, it’s good to know the average grocery prices, and overall expenses in the country you’re moving to. Besides a moving budget, you also must have a starting budget for the first month of your life in a new home.

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Learn how international moving companies calculate moving cost in order to prepare your moving budget the right way.

Tips on reducing the international moving cost

When you reduce the number of items you need to pack, your movers automatically have less to work with. Therefore, schedule a few days to declutter your entire home and get rid of items that serve no purpose anymore. By decluttering, you are also freeing yourself from the excess burden. Relocations, especially international ones, are chances for a fresh start. There’s no need to clutter your new home with too many items that would collect dust and nothing more. Plus, your new home deserves a new look, which is why too bulky furniture often doesn’t work. It’s good to think about whether to buy new furniture or move the existing one. The first option often comes as more cost-effective.

Pack what you can

Even though your chosen movers are there to do the work for you, you can reduce the labor for them by packing some items yourself. That’s yet another way to save some money you can use for better packing supplies, for example. However, avoid rushing when packing for the move. Instead, carefully secure each item, and pack it in a padded box. Seal all the boxes with strong packing tape, and place as close to the exit routes as possible. Don’t forget to toss the garbage and remove the items from the floor so you don’t trip over them when moving.

Choose only from experienced international moving companies

An international moving company with years of successful experience behind is the one to go with when moving overseas. However, bear in mind that finding a decent company takes time, which is why you must plan your move ahead. A solid organization is your best asset in order for your international move to go smoothly. Therefore, free your schedule and dedicate that time to researching international movers. Rest assured that hiring movers who are masters of their craft and treat customers with respect will handle the entire endeavor stress-free. As a result, you will worry much less and start to actually enjoy your moving journey.

man in a moving van talking about how international moving companies calculate moving cost
Choose international movers who work in your best interest.

The first thing to consider when looking for international movers is their experience. Head over to the review section on their website, and other online platforms. Read testimonials about the company’s capability to execute the international move. Also, don’t forget to contact the company that seems promising and get additional information. After you make sure the company is legit, check their USDOT number and licenses. Every professional moving company that holds up to the highest standards fulfills all the basic requirements. That way, the customers know they can trust the company. Also, reviews are helpful in case you are wondering how much to tip movers that do their work fantastically.

List international moving companies that qualify as reliable

Once you find a few reputable international moving companies, make a sheet and enter the names of chosen companies and their services. That way, you will easily compare their services and price range. Keep in mind that only full-service companies can fully execute an international move the right way. That’s why it’s necessary to inspect each company you come across and make sure their services are worth the coin.  Furthermore, the company you choose should be the one that respects its customers. An international move is a time-consuming, and often stressful period, thus it’s important to have a friendly and capable moving team at your side. You’ll relaxed and motivated when you know that your move is in the right hands.

a man thinking how international moving companies calculate moving cost and writing on a paper
Besides knowing how international moving companies calculate moving cost, you should also learn what makes a moving company trustworthy.

The company that checks everything from the following list is most likely the one you should contact right away:

  • The company offers a free moving quote, without undisclosed extra fees. That being said, do your best to avoid movers who insist on paying for a quote that is possible to get for free, and conducted by top-level moving professionals.
  • As already mentioned, any credible company has all the licenses, as well as a unique USDOT number.
  • A professional moving company takes honest customer feedback into consideration.
  • Its moving crew is capable to work even in unexpected circumstances like extreme weather conditions and sudden changes in your personal schedule.
  • Various customer testimonials speak highly of the company’s efficiency when it comes to international moving services.
  • Top-quality services at affordable prices.
  • Excellent customer support is available to you 24/7.
  • Their personnel will gladly explain to you how international moving companies calculate moving cost.

Knowing your moving rights will save you headaches

As a customer, you have the right to be protected and respected by a company you decide to hire. Furthermore, you should take the time to learn all about your moving rights on time. By doing so, you will feel much more relaxed while finding the moving company that will do the work for you. However, don’t rush to sign any deal, but rather read all the points before you put your signature. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your movers to clarify anything that seems confusing, let alone suspicious.

Let two or more international moving companies calculate moving cost

Not all international moving companies calculate moving cost the same way. Therefore, it’s a good idea to book at least a few of them. A free moving estimate will show you the approximate cost of your upcoming international move. That way, you can compare different moving quotes, and decide which one is the best for you. Besides the price point, take service quality, ratings, and years of experience into consideration when choosing the moving company for you. When you have the right moving team at your disposal, an international move becomes an experience worth remembering.

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