How far did people move in 2021?

Every year comes with some interesting facts when it comes to the moving industry. And 2021. is no different when it comes to that. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic still had a big impact on this year too. However, how far did people move in 2021, and in what way? Thankfully, we at Master Moving Guide always have the right information and stats. Here are just some of the things that will be worthwhile to look at as they can truly become trends for years to come.

How far did people move in 2021 in comparison to the years before?

Even if 2021. was a year that was deeply impacted by the pandemic, it still had people moving all over the US. In comparison with last year, more people have moved to another state this year. However, the fact that there was more interstate moving was going on, doesn’t mean people were moving further. This was also the year of long distance movers as there were more people moving to states near them than across the US for example. According to certain websites and agencies, 4 of 5 people moved less than 1,000 miles. That means that people in 2021. didn’t really make huge moves that require you to relocate several states beyond.

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How far did people really relocate in 2021?

Where was the majority of the moving done last year?

Another important fact that has a big impact on relocation is the locations from and where people have been moving. Of course, the major states in the US were still in the highest ranks around. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the most popular states usually get the most moved to and out of. Of course, if you’re planning such big moves, it will be important to use packing hacks for moving to make the whole process easier to do. But what are those states that are mentioned the most in those statistics? Here are just some of them:

  • California
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Colorado
  • Washington

How far did people relocate in 2021 when it comes to the mileage that they’ve covered?

We already mentioned that there weren’t as many cross-country moves as usual. However, when you erase all the definitions of local, long-distance, and interstate moves, how far did people really move? Especially when we’re talking about mileage. Be it that it’s a last minute relocation or something that people planned for in 2021. When it comes to miles the statistics really show really interesting results all over. According to analytics, around 48% of people didn’t move further than 100 miles in the last year. When it comes to moves that are between the 100 and 1000 mile mark, you had around 27% moving this distance. In the end, only around 25% of people moved over 1000+ miles in the last year which is less than in the previous years.

What were the primary reasons for the people that moved in 2021?

Of course, every year is different when it comes to the moving industry. Especially if you consider that there can be many reasons why people want to relocate from one place to another. The pandemic has truly changed the way and the reasons why people are relocating from one place to another. Of course, it’s not important if they’ve done it using free moving boxes or with the help of professional movers. Above all, the number one priority for many people was family. The second was the career opportunities, and close behind them is the cost of living and overall lifestyle you’ll get in a place.

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What were the main reasons for moving in 2021?

Who won in the battle between moving to smaller places vs bigger metropolitan areas?

In the last few decades, there’s surely been a constant change of where people want to live. At one point the big cities and metropolitan areas had a big advantage. However, with the rising costs of living, things changed up a little bit. They started using cheap movers, but also moved to places that cost less to live in. and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the smaller areas have become more and more popular. Nothing really changed from that point in time as 2021. was also a year where these areas came up on top.

Where people moved in 2021 businesses followed

Residential moving is very important, but it’s not the only thing to keep metrics on. For that reason, we also have some info on the way businesses moved around in different areas. However, as people moved to areas outside of the big cities, so did the companies. Of course, the pandemic made working from home easier and having a true headquarters less important. If this continues over the years, you’ll surely see that there will be more and more business opportunities in the suburbs of towns or even the rural areas of certain states. This statistic will be interesting to watch during the following years.

How far did people move in 2021 and how did they move depending on the distance?

We already mentioned the fact that people really didn’t cross too much of a distance. However, as affordability is one of the key reasons to move in the last couple of years, the way people move did also change. But, people still opted for a BBB-approved moving company rather than to do it on their own. Especially with the shortages of moving trucks, using a professional moving company was the way to go. Above all, the larger the distance the harder it was to do the job on your own.

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In what way did people move in 2021?

The moving industry is surely one of the biggest in the US. With over 21 million people moving last year, it just shows you that there’s always demand for quality movers. However, it’s sometimes interesting to look at some facts to find out why and how people moved. That’s why we’re sure that how far did people move in 2021. can truly be helpful for you as it’s no surprise that certain trends stick for years. We hope some of this information can truly give you more insight into the process of moving and can impact your relocation needs in some way.

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