How do you pack an upright piano for moving?

Everyone who has a musical instrument knows how valuable this item is. That is why when you have to relocate or to transport it from one place to another, you must be very careful. Sometimes it will cost you more to repair the old one than to buy a new one. That is why you need to pay attention to how to move it and prepare it for the move. And if you get stuck and do not know what to do next, you can always consult Master Moving Guide and check for some guidelines that will help you. That is exactly what we are doing here. Helping you pack an upright piano for moving.

Why is packing an upright piano a delicate job?

For those who are not sure what is the difference between upright and grand piano, the answers are simple. An upright piano has strings placed vertically, perpendicular to the keyboard. This means that it takes less floor space than the normal piano. There are different sizes of upright pianos but the most important difference is that this piano is not meant to be on concerts and big stages. It is usually used at home or in schools. As a result of that, it might seem easier to get it relocated. But do not let it fool you. You must pay a lot of attention and consult professional piano movers if you do not want to damage your musical instrument.

close look to piano
You should know the difference between upright and grand piano before packing it for the relocation

When you want to pack an upright piano for moving start by gathering the packing materials

Whether you are looking for help from a professional to you are packing piano by yourself, you need to get some packing materials. However, it is really important to get the right one. To start, you will need a lot of nice cloth or moving blankets that will protect the piano. This is in order to avoid scratching the piano. You can always use your own blankets or towels to help you out. After covering the piano, you will need something to tape the material next to the instrument. For the action, you will need a packing tape and a lot of it.

However, if you are not sure how many of these supplies you are in need of, ask for some advice. Talk to the people who had the same experience and get all the information you need. You must also want to get bubble wrap, to be sure that you have enough materials. Do not bother if you have packed your piano in too many layers. It is better for it to be protected than to be damaged through this relocation.

The last but the most important thing you will need is to get a dolly capable of moving your piano. This instrument cannot be lifted and carried around the house. It can be really heavy and you might get injured.

If you have been thinking about hiring professionals for this job, you should be aware of how you choose the company that will help you. So before you hire a moving company, search for the tips and tricks to identify and avoid cheap movers

notes and piano
Make sure that everything is clean before you pack an upright piano for moving

Get all the help you can

When you have gathered all your moving supplies, it is time to get a strong team of helpers. But be careful. You must tell anyone who is going to help you and is not a professional that they must be in a good shape. Most of the injuries that happen during moving are the ones that people hurt their back when trying to lift something heavy. Besides, your helper must be dressed carefully and planned. Nothing that will come his way. Prepare some refreshments and see if anyone needs a little guide on what you will be doing. If you however spot some friend that is not going to be capable of doing this, give him a different task. The one that will make him feel helpful but will not be injured.

But the best advice you can get is to hire professionals. If you are afraid that you will not have enough saving for this task, make sure you search how much it cost to move a piano. Once you know the prices and the moving cost, you will be able to determine whether you can hire professionals or not. But we must mention once again that sometimes it will cost you more to buy a new piano than to repair the one that you might damage during the unprofessional relocation.

Steps in moving an upright piano

  1. Once you have covered the piano and the pedals, make sure you have placed some bubble wrap to protect it more.
  2. Make sure that you have closed the piano lid.
  3. Once again check if the blankets cover all the sides of the piano.
  4. Everyone in the moving team should know their position. There need to be two people on every side of the piano. And someone should be able and have enough room to place a dolly under the instrument.
  5. Pay attention to how you will bend your knees and how will you lift the piano.
  6. Measure the doorways and walls before you start gliding the piano through the house. You do not want to scratch walls too.
notes for playing a piano after you pack an upright piano for moving
Follow the step for packing just like you follow the notes for playing

It is quite easy to pack an upright piano for moving. The trickiest part is to get it safely to the moving truck. But if you have followed the rules of packing and you have done everything there is in your power, then you should relax and wait for the moving day. As soon as you know you will play this piano in your new classroom or your new home.

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