How do long distance movers calculate costs

Moving long distances means that you need to be very well prepared. There are tons of things that need to be done. And somehow you always lack time. But one of the crucial questions people moving distance ask the companies and themselves is how do long distance movers calculate costs. This simple information will actually answer all of your questions and help you with all the doubts you have while preparing for the relocation. Follow this Master Moving Guide and find out how much your relocation will cost.

Why is this important?

To start with, let’s define long-distance relocation. Moving long distance means that you will be relocating more than 100 miles from your home or out of the state. The main reason this is so stressful is that you never know the place until you live there. That is the factor of the unknowns. A lot of people struggle with this. What keeps them sane is the fact that having everything under control will make everything easier. Especially if they have everything related to the relocation under control. The moving costs will definitely make your plan and organization much more manageable. You will be more relaxed. That is why the first thing you must do is to make a moving cost checklist. This list will have everything you need to pay for the relocation to go smoothly and without additional obstacles.

The moment you find out how much will it be and how long-distance movers calculate costs, you will be one step closer to the perfect relocation.

person writing down how do long distance movers calculate costs
Make a moving checklist that will help you in the organization of the move

How do long distance movers calculate costs?

To be able to determine your moving budget, you need to know how movers calculate costs. And how much will it all be charged at the end? Usually, local movers are charging by the hour. However, when it comes to long-distance movers, there are a few things that must be calculated:

  1. They could charge you by the load. This does not mean that you will be only charged for the number of items you have. It is also important how heavy they are.
  2. The other way movers calculate the costs is by using linear feet. This means they will calculate how much your cargo takes up in the truck. For those who do not know, linear feet you can measure easily. You can measure the length in inches and then divide that number by 12. This way you will determine the linear feet.

If your long distance movers are charging you by the load, the moving can be from $2000 to $5000 per load. But of course, it will depend on the number and how heavy those items are, as said.

Be careful!

You should always keep in your mind that there are fraudulent moving companies. These companies have all kinds of ways to fraud people. One of the most famous these days is that they will want you to pay for everything in advance. Do not, under any circumstances give all the money. Moving a long distance will cost you a lot of money, over 2 thousand dollars. You do not want to give everything away. Before you even decide to give some money in advance, make sure that the contract you have signed is understandable.

There are a few ways to find cross country movers. One of the ways is to check for their references. If they are written by different people and have good and bad sides of the company, they are most likely the reputable and reliable moving company. Do not hesitate to contact the moving company and ask everything you want to know before you hire them for the relocation.

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Do not pay everything in advance

How many movers will be necessary is another way that long distance movers calculate costs

The number of movers will actually depend on two things. Number one is how many items you have and will it be able to be loaded in the moving truck by a standard team of two movers. Or will you need more of them? The other thing company would like to know is the size of your home and how many rooms are there. If the house is bigger than a two-bedroom one, you will most likely need more than 2 movers. Logically, the more movers you need, the price will be higher. However, do not underestimate the value of a moving company. the services that a reliable and reputable moving company has will be a huge help to keep your stuff safe and relocated without damage.

The distance of your relocation is important because companies also calculate the costs of truck and gas

It is important to check with the moving company how much will they charge you for the gas. Nowadays, when the gas prices are pretty high, you can expect that the costs of relocation will also be higher than in the last two years.

When it comes to the costs of the truck, it will depend on the size of the truck. That is why giving your movers the exact number of items and boxes you are relocating is crucial. Based on this information, the truck that will be sent to your home will be the proper size.

Special items are charged differently

What happens when you have some items that are specialized shaped and cannot fit in the rural moving truck? For these items, you will have to pay some additional fees. Check if the company can offer you packing those items. Find out how much will it costs and add this to your moving costs checklist.

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Think about additional fees when you think about how do long distance movers calculate costs.

As we have said before, planning a long distance relocation is not easy. We hope that this guide on how do long distance movers calculate costs has been really helpful. Do not hesitate to contact the moving company and ask for any information that you need or you do not understand. If you calculate everything right and prepare your moving budget on time, you will most likely have a great experience related to long-distance relocation.

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