How can moving companies be misleading?

Millions of people move every day for various reasons. They are either downsizing, getting married, moving for a job, having babies, and so on. Usually, when people are moving, they hire a moving company since organizing everything alone is extremely stressful. However, finding a reliable moving company is also a difficult job. How can moving companies be misleading? Master Moving Guide will list all the situations. It is important to avoid fraudulent movers when relocating. 

Searching for moving companies online 

Most people will search for interstate movers online. It is the most convenient way to find movers after friends and family’s recommendations. However, this is the most common way to mislead potential customers. As you might know, you can post anything you want online. It does not have to be true. For this reason, be careful. The moving company’s official website should be easy to navigate and you should find all the necessary information without any problems.  

In addition to this, when you contact senior movers, ask for an in-house estimate. This is the best way to get the estimate. Most movers will first offer an online estimate. This is a good start. However, it is not reliable and movers can easily change the price. They can also add some extra fees that you did not know about. For this reason, make sure to let your movers know that you request an in-house estimate. This is extremely important when moving valuable or fragile items 

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You should call movers to schedule an in-house estimate

How can moving companies be misleading – their level of professionalism 

When you arrange an in-house estimate or go to see them in person, pay attention to everything. One moving company can look amazing on the Internet, but in real life, the situation is different. All reliable movers should wear uniforms with the name and logo of the company. Then, they should have all their moving equipment, which also includes the moving truck. In addition to this, the moving truck also should have the logo and the name of the company clearly written on it.  

In addition to this, pay attention to phantom movers. These movers do not have any of the things mentioned above. However, sometimes, smaller companies still cannot afford to have all the equipment so they rent. This might be the reason for their plain uniforms and truck. How to check their credibility 

  • Ask for any official documents where the name, address, and contact information are clearly written 
  • Check if they a license issued by the FMSCA 
  • See if they are members of the AMSA 
  • Check their track record at the BBB official website 
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Read moving reviews before booking moving services

More ways to be misleading 

Pay attention to moving reviews. Moving companies can and they will write positive moving reviews about their services. If a moving review seems too positive or too general, it is probably fake. Lastly, do not give money, especially in cash, in advance. So, how can moving companies be misleading? Here are your answers.  

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