Hiring packers vs. DIY packing

The packing process can be extremely time-consuming and energy-demanding. That is why many people choose to go the route of hiring packers for their relocation. These professionals allow you to optimize your time and effort by taking all of the packing work upon their shoulders. However, hiring packing assistance is not always the best solution. You will need to consider several other options in which to invest your relocating budget, such as purchasing the best moving insurance, perhaps. If money is tight, this is a consideration that you need to approach very carefully. This article will help you reach the best decision by providing you with all the information you might need. We will cover the benefits and drawbacks of hiring professional packers, as well as how to find the best company for the job.

The benefits of hiring packers

Without further ado, here are the benefits:

  • The job gets done faster
  • Professionals have the necessary skills and equipment
  • Maximized safety for your belongings

As you can see, hiring packing professionals is quite advantageous. You will be able to invest your time and energy into more important matters, leaving the packing process to a moving company. They will get the job done in the shortest amount of time, as well as maximize the safety of your items. If you have “specialty” items to relocate, you will also need to consider hiring movers that are specialized in them. For example, if you want to move your fitness equipment, you will search for fitness equipment movers. This will provide you with the best relocation experience possible. But there are some disadvantages to hiring professionals to do your packing for you. Let’s take a look at them.

a man packing a box instead of hiring packers
Professional packers will have the job done in a fraction of time.

Disadvantages of hiring packers

There aren’t many disadvantages, but they can be quite impactful. You can expect:

  • Increased moving costs
  • Less degree of control

On average, you can expect a person to relocate around 11.7 times in their lifetime. That means that you can save a lot of money if you choose to do your packing yourself. The average cost of moving is about $1000 for an in-state move and around $4,100 for an interstate relocation. And that does not include packing for the most part. Therefore, you need to consider that you may be relocating multiple times and that getting to know how to pack, or following the professional moving guidelines might be in your best interest. The top items you need to learn how to pack are household goods, as they account for 73% of items that are moved. Computers/electronics take the 2nd spot, with 20%. The rest goes into exhibits and trade shows (6%) and office supplies (1%).

How to choose the right moving company for the job?

When choosing your packers, you will want to do the following:

  • Verify your movers’ credentials
  • Read as many of their customer reviews as you can
  • Get some recommendations

This process can take quite a bit of your time, to be perfectly honest. Therefore, it is advisable that you start as early as possible. That way, you will all but guarantee to find the best mover for the job. But let’s go into a bit more detail, so you know what to expect.

three people working in an office
There are specialized teams that can help you find the right moving company.

Verifying the credentials

There are around 50,000 moving trucks in the US alone. Many of those trucks are owned by legitimate moving companies, but some are owned by “opportunists”. You might want to save on your moving costs by hiring the cheapest moving company you can find. But that is a mistake. If you do that, you are opening yourself and your items to a moving scam. One of our most important moving tips is to always verify the credentials of a mover before you hire them. Visit the industry sites such as FMCSA and BBB and search if your movers have a presence there. You may also want to verify if the moving company in question is fully insured and bonded. You can never be too safe, after all, and a savvy customer always verifies the company’s claims.

Reading the reviews

You will also need to check what the other people are saying about the company. For this, you will want to visit some of the review websites, such as Yelp. You can, of course, visit the company’s own review section. But you know that you will only find good things there. Moving companies regulate their own web space and you will seldom find anything that is criticizing the company there. That is why you need to vary your search to as many places as you can.

What you are looking for, actually, are not positive reviews. You can find those by the dozens, usually. No, you are looking for negative reviews and the ways that the company responded to the situation. Everyone gets negative reviews, it is the nature of the business. There is no way around it. But it is the manner that a moving company deals with them that interests you the most. If they offer reparations or even admit that they could have done something better, that shows the willingness to improve.

person writing something in a notebook
You might want to write down your findings, for easy reference.

Obtaining recommendations when hiring packers

Lastly, you may want to notify your social circle that you are relocating and ask for recommendations. Even in this day and age, personal recommendations are still king. They need to come from a reliable source, of course, and not from someone who simply “knows about a mover”. So, get your “feelers” out, get them to as many people as you can, and then work through their recommendations. You never want to act blindly upon them, of course, but they will provide you valuable information.


Almost 22% of people who are relocating choose to go the DIY route each year. Is this the best route for you? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The fact of the matter is that hiring packers largely comes down to how much you are willing to invest in your relocation. As with almost everything else in life, the more money you spend, the easier it is.

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