Hire specialized senior movers – help your seniors move stress-free

Most of us have the opportunity to help our senior parents relocate. When that happens you have to make sure your parents don’t get stressed during the moving process. On the other hand, organizing the entire relocation process may be quite difficult, especially because it brings so much charge. Follow these few tips to hire reliable senior movers and help your seniors relocate.

How to prepare when moving your seniors

When helping your seniors relocate, consider the unique challenges and emotions that accompany the entire process. Your parents may express deep emotions when it comes to changing their home and saying goodbye to a lifetime of treasured memories. Boxing up memories and embracing the new lifestyle can be especially complex and hard for your loved ones. That is why it is more than recommended that you ask for help, avoid moving scams and hire professional senior movers. In situations like these, someone outside the family can be just the right figure to assist all of you through the transition.

Elderly sitting at the beach
There will be a lot of emotions. Talk to your parents before moving.

Prepare your moving budget before you hire senior movers

To start your parent’s relocation process make sure to calculate your moving budget. Moving is complicated and many factors are determining the price. Here are things to think about when creating your moving budget.

Factors that will be determining your moving price

  • The weight of your inventory. It is one of the main things that moving companies for seniors consider when preparing their estimates.
  • The distance you are moving to. This can be very important, especially if you need to hire international movers when moving overseas.
  • Moving services. They could dramatically affect your moving price. And when moving with seniors you will need all of them.
  • Packing materials are also not cheap. But it depends on the size and contents of your inventory.
  • Storage services. They could easily become a price-determining factor even if you did not plan for it.
  • Insurance is something that can easily be forgotten when creating your moving budget. But it is an important thing, especially when moving with seniors.

If you are moving for the first time, take some time to research your moving process thoroughly. Pay special attention to so-called hidden moving costs. They can unexpectedly bump up your final bill. If you are not informed well. After you know the ballpark figure what you can spend when moving your seniors.

A pile of money
Moving is not cheap. Make sure that you prepare a budget.

How to lower your moving costs when moving with seniors

Luckily there are ways to lower your parents’ move cost. You could opt to pack on your own, use free cardboard boxes, or risk with cheaper insurance. But the first thing you should do is to deal with the moving inventory. Primarily your large and heavy furniture. As mentioned above, the weight of your inventory is the number one thing your movers will consider when preparing the price. The good thing is that you can do something about it.

The best thing you can do to lower your costs is decluttering

Decluttering is the best way to lower your moving costs. Unfortunately, the elderly can sometimes be unwilling to say goodbye to their items. So talk to your parents, inform them about the benefits of decluttering.

Benefits of decluttering before hiring movers

  • Decluttering is simplifying your moving process by having fewer things to pack and carry.
  • The estimate you get from senior movers will be lower
  • You will need to spend less on packing materials
  • You can earn money if you sell them
  • Making someone happy by donating

Hopefully, your parents will understand and you will be able to prepare a list of things to get rid of. Of course, for this, you will need some help. Call your friends or some family members. Just make sure that you have someone around when you start moving heavy furniture.

Pile of chairs
Declutter before moving. It is the best way to lower your costs

Consult with your senior move manager when you start preparing

Professionals that specialize in moving seniors are called senior move managers. They are here to assist older adults and their families during the relocation process. When downsizing and moving to a new residence, your loved ones may need help dealing with the situation. That is why you should hire senior movers that are professional and trustworthy. Before you hire any specialized senior movers, make sure to get more than one moving estimate for your move. The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) offers numerous tips to help you find and qualify senior movers for your relocation.

Make sure that you are working with reliable movers

When looking for assistance when relocating your elderly parents, you have to make sure you get a reliable professional. The most important first step is to make sure your future helper has the expertise, knowledge, and experience to handle any situation that may arise. To find the best help consider conducting the initial interview and ask your movers multiple questions:

Questions to ask your future senior move manager

  • How long have you worked as a senior move manager?
  • Did you have any formal training as a senior move manager?
  • Do you work as a part of the company or as an individual?
  • Do you have full insurance for liability and workers’ compensation?
  • How do you charge your services– by the hour or by the project? Do you provide in writing your detailed fees to the consumer or responsible party before providing services?
  • Can you provide me with the official written contract if I decide to hire your services?
  • Can you provide me with a list of references for your service?
  • Do you have the official certificate that you are a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)?
  • Can you provide organizing, sorting and downsizing services?
  • Do you conduct interviews, scheduling and overseeing movers during the relocation process?
  • Do your services include packing or do you hire the professional senior movers to perform the packing? (If senior mover indicates that he will handle the packing, make sure he has the appropriate insurance to cover any damages.)
  • Does your service include unpacking and setting up the new home? (Ask about the actions that these services may include unpacking everything, hanging pictures and draperies, installing electronics, etc.)

Senior movers offer many different services

Usually, senior movers will come to your home to do an estimate. They will assess the situation and ask about the services you need. After that, they will give you the official quote for the move. The quote is the estimate of the complete moving costs. When they do make sure they explain in detail the relocation process and give you all the information you may need in advance. When they do, consider asking about the additional service your senior movers offer. In most cases, you may need to choose climate controlled storage units to store your parent’s belongings. If that is the case, ask your movers about the options available. They will help you find the perfect storage unit for your antiques.

Additional services that senior movers provide

The list of senior citizen moving services is long and you should think very well when you are deciding what you can do on your own and what the help you may need. Here are the moving services to consider.

  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Furniture disassembling and reassembling
  • Handling valuable objects
  • Moving bulky items like a piano, pool table or hot tub
  • Storage services

    Pile of boxes
    Hire packing services. They will also help with unpacking.

Hiring packing and unpacking service will greatly ease your moving process

Packing is undoubtedly the most difficult part of the moving process. If you are helping your parents move, it can be hard to pack their items on your own. Of course, this depends on the number of items and people involved. But most of the time hiring packing and unpacking services is the best option.  They will prepare packing materials, pack your items quickly and securely, unpack you after the move, and even clean and take out the unboxing rubbish.  This is the best and most popular senior citizen moving service moving companies provide.

Moving companies for seniors also offer furniture disassembling and reassembling services

Disassembling and later reassembling furniture can be a big problem when moving with seniors.  Not only that it is hard, but it can also be dangerous. If you do not have anyone to help you, or you do not want to bother with heavy closets and tables, hire furniture movers. They are professionals who know how to properly dismantle every piece of furniture and protect it so it can arrive at its destination undamaged.  The best thing is that they will reassemble everything after the move.

Senior movers can handle your valuables

If your elderly have any valuable and sensitive objects you should also hire professional help. Those could be pieces of art or jewelry. Moving companies for seniors have specially trained staff to pack and handle objects of great value. Of course, in this situation make sure that your movers are trustworthy and reliable professionals.

You could need help with your bulky items – your senior movers will handle that as well

Senior movers could help you with your bulky items as well. A lot of people these days have a piano, pool table, or even a hot tub in their home. Of course, when the time for a move comes they need professional help to disassemble protect and move those items. If you have such large and awkward objects, do not try to move them on your own. You could easily damage your item or get hurt if you do know exactly what you are doing.  Hire professionals to do this for you.

Senior movers could help you with storage services

If you are planning to do some remodeling after the move you could make use of storage services. Leave your stuff in a storage locker and you will have a much easier task with remodeling. On the other hand, if you are moving to a smaller home, you could leave your excess items in a storage unit while figuring out what to do with them.

Hire experienced moving assistance to ease your move

Your senior movers may collaborate with your senior movers’ manager to make your experience as stress-free as possible. Senior movers’ managers can also help you organize the entire relocation process. He can do all of the necessary transfers like the utilities, mailing address, medical records, and additional important traveling documentation like passports, etc.

Keep in mind that those services may require additional costs. It is important to know in advance what you need and discuss in detail all of the services included in the relocation price. Your senior mover’s manager can arrange the house cleaning service and waste removal. He can go shopping for your parents and also be an escort during the relocation process. Also, he should have the required knowledge and assist you when searching for a great realtor for your parents’ future home.

A woman working for senior movers
Work only with reliable movers.

Get insurance

The most important step when hiring senior movers is to secure your belongings during the move. Prepare your moving budget and consider understanding the basic moving quotes. Make sure to get the best insurance policy to secure your parent’s belongings. It is best to choose the insurance policy that covers the full value of your items in case of damage.

Pack an essentials bag or box

To be safe your parents don’t lose their valuables consider packing the box with essentials. Most movers won’t relocate items that are irreplaceable and that hold great value to clients. That is why they recommend that you pack important items and carry them with you while you travel. That is why you should pack your valuables like your family photographs and the most important items in the box that you will take with you while you help your parents move.

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