Helping your movers – Is it necessary?

As the moving day approaches, people tend to get stressed and sometimes fail to organize their relocation according to the original plan. Therefore, having the help of professional and reliable movers can seem a lifesaver. Trained and skilled packing and moving experts can not only ensure your move goes safely and damage free but also save you much valuable time. Professional relocation companies usually have their own system and routine of packing and move an office or a home. Therefore, helping your movers might not be necessary. However, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process and make sure the moving day goes smoothly.

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Helping the movers isn’t necessarily carrying heavy boxes

All you have to know about the moving day preparations

Whether you are moving to a nearby neighborhood or to the opposite coast you need to prepare properly for the moving day. In order to avoid any common moving mistakes, you should start planning as in advance as possible. With enough time to plan and organize your relocation, you will avoid overlooking any important steps or tasks of a moving process. The moving day may seem far away but preparing ahead will allow you to move stress-free.

In order to stay organized and ensure the move goes according to the plan here are a few things you can do when it comes to helping your movers:

  • Remove any tripping or injury hazards.
  • Evaluate whether you need to pack any items yourself.
  • Prepare your household appliances.
  • Take all decoration and paintings off the walls.
  • Break down the shelves and furniture.
  • Separate the items you don’t want to relocate.
  • Make a spot to put the items you need during the moving day.
  • Create an unloading and furniture placement plan well in advance.
  • Ask your movers whether they need any additional help.

Keep everyone safe during the moving day

Moving days are busy. There will be moving equipment, heavy boxes and sharp corners all around you. In order to ensure you are helping your movers stay safe and, also, keep your family safe, you need to remove any obstacle from the loading path. Therefore both you and your movers won’t have to watch your every step and can focus on keeping your belongings safely carried to the moving truck.

Do you have a packing plan

When moving on a budget many people decide to do the packing themselves and search for free packing supplies. Therefore they are able to cut cost on packing expenses. This may seem like a money-saving idea. However, hiring professional packers can help you keep your belongings safe and save time.

Whether you decide to hire expert local movers to help you pack or decide to do it yourself, there will be some items you will have to pack on the day of the move. Therefore, make sure you make a list of items you want to pack last.

Prepare your belongings for the move

The best way to make sure you are helping your movers is to prepare your house appliances in advance. Unplug all the electronics and make sure you defrost and empty your fridge. If you have a lawn mower that you want to relocate to your new home, make sure you drain its gas tank. Your movers will most likely refuse to move any flammable fluids. Therefore, make sure you safely dispose of any dangerous and hazardous materials. This way you will ensure not to pollute the environment and keep your move safe.

Helping your movers by preparing appliances
Prepare your appliances for the move

Take everything off the walls

If you have any paintings, decorations or posters on your wall, taking them down will be helpful for your movers. If you plan on packing on your own it would be a good idea to pack these items first. As you probably won’t need any of them until after the move, you can start you packing a few weeks in advance.

Consider helping your movers by taking down the shelves and furniture

If you own any shelves that can be taken down, you can do it on your own prior to the moving day. Bookshelves or plastic and metal shelf constructions in your garage or a storage room won’t be too difficult to disassemble on your own. This way you will be able to save your movers some time and speed up the loading of your moving truck.

However, if you plan on relocating some valuable items like a pool table or a piano, waiting for the help of the pros might be the best idea. Consult with your piano movers on the best way to prepare valuable and bulky items for the move. Therefore you will ensure you avoid any damages.

Are there any items you don’t want to move?

If there are any items you want to leave behind, gather them in one corner or a room. Your movers will appreciate the help and will avoid relocating any items you don’t want in your future home.

Have a spot for your essentials

Use a kitchen counter or a corner of your living room to keep all of the items you will need during a moving day. A great idea would be to pack an essential moving box. Make sure it is the proper size and that you can take it with you in your vehicle. Therefore, you will have all of your documents, some spare clothes and other essentials easily reachable.

two travel bags
Keep all of your essentials in the same spot

Plan the furniture placement in advance

Use the floor plan of your new house or apartment to create a furniture layout. Therefore, your movers will know where to exactly unload your belongings. This way, besides helping your movers, you will make the unpacking process much easier for yourself.

Ask your movers whether they need a hand during the move

There may be some things you can do to make the relocation process much easier for your movers. Whether you will be helping your movers by serving some refreshments like water or soda, make sure you ask them whether they need any help. Being polite. Also, helpful. All of which might speed up the move. It’s a win-win!

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Some refreshments will be of great help to your movers

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