Helping parents move – what can you do?

Moving is difficult, no matter who you are. Whether you’re an adult or a child, a parent or a kid, this life transition can be quite challenging. Remember what it was like moving out of your parents’ home? Well, now they’re moving out of that same home and they could probably use some help. And is there a better feeling than helping a family member in need? If you’re interested in helping parents move, but you’re not sure what you can do for them, read our short guide and find out.

How to help your parents move? Help them find a moving company!

Helping parents move is just like helping them with the simplest of tasks. The most important thing is that you’re there for them and that they have your support. Communication is always very important and sharing advice is a great way to help someone. So, if you’ve got any experience with moving, you can help them a lot just by talking with them. Recommend moving companies to them and share your experiences.

People doing research together - helping parents move is all about being there for them and being included in the process
You can your parents can find the right movers together, it’s all about teamwork.

If your parents are much older, it might be difficult for them to execute a self-move, so hiring movers is the best thing to do. Also, if they’re pretty old, you might want to consider looking for senior movers. Do the research with them and help them find the perfect moving company for them.

Help your parents declutter, pack and clean

Once you’ve found the movers and scheduled a moving date, it’s time for the more difficult part. Now it’s time to actually pack everything and prepare for the move. Here are a few ways to help your parents move.

  1. Start by doing a big declutter of the house. Not only will that mean your parents have less stuff to pack, but this will also lower their moving costs. Moving companies charge by the weight of the shipment, so the less you bring – the less you pack. You can check this by asking for moving estimates. If you find the right movers, you’ll be able to ask them what is a binding estimate and get all the info you need.
  2. After you and your parents have gotten rid of all the things they don’t want to bring to their new home, it’s time to start packing. This is the most laborious part of the entire move. Helping your parents move includes finding moving boxes and helping them wrap and pack their belongings.
  3. Moving involves cleaning both the old and the new home. If you want to help your parents when they’re moving, you’ll give them a hand with cleaning.

    One of the ways to help parents when moving is by helping them clean.

Help your parents settle in

Once they’re in their new house, there are still things you can help with. Their new house might need some redecorating and painting the walls, for example.

A brush for painting the walls
Help your parents turn their house to a home by painting the walls or at least setting up the utilities.

Other than that, you can even help your folks set up their utilities, unpack and make their new house a home. If they’ve moved long-distance, make sure to stay in touch and visit as often as possible. Helping parents move and settle in is a very noble gesture and they will definitely appreciate your effort.

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