Handle disputes with interstate movers with ease

Relocations are a combination of cleaning, decluttering, gathering, packing, and handling. It is, by no means, an easy task to perform. Lucky for us, we do not have to deal with this on our own. Instead, we can get in touch with a professional moving company that can help us do this the right way and help us through the process. If you lack experience with relocations, following the guidelines provided by Master Moving Guide is certainly going to help you understand the process better. Furthermore, in this article, we are going to help you handle disputes with interstate movers with ease, so you can have a stress-free relocation experience. Moving, as it is, will require high levels of the organization, regardless of if you hire a moving company to help you or not. The movers can only do as much, but the rest is on you alone.

Ways to handle disputes with interstate movers

To start this article properly, we are going to discuss what you can do to avoid having issues when moving. Most importantly, how to ensure that, even if there is an issue, it is dealt with in the most professional manner possible. Well, the best way to do so is to hire a reliable, professional moving company. To hire interstate movers without getting scammed is, logically, something to strive for. So, the things you do and research before hiring a moving company can, by far, tell you all you need to know about that company.

Professional movers are there to make your relocation easier. Any professional, and reliable moving company will strive to be as transparent as possible and be direct. Any company that might hide any public information, or is not clear about the pricing, etc. should not be trusted. When choosing professional movers, you need to do research.

a woman sitting in her office looking at a contract before signing it to avoid having to handle disputes with interstate movers
You can always turn down the contract, especially if you have your doubts about the company

Check and read the contract before signing it

If you signed a contract without reading it, there is little you can do to make things right, in case you fall victim to a scam. However, reading the contract thoroughly and discussing the things in it with the moving company can help you avoid being a victim. Most importantly, it can help you avoid having to dispute with anyone, for that matter.

The contract you sign should contain all of the services the company provides, the fees and rates you have to pay in the form of moving estimates, and any additional information in regards to the process, or the company itself. Moving quotes, or estimates, help you understand the costs better. Therefore, before signing the contract, make sure you fully understand it. Bear in mind that professional movers will never force you or refuse to explain something from the contract.

Write a complaint letter

If there are any issues for the duration of the process, or after it, you should inform the company. Now, bear in mind that the moving crew helping you, and the moving company administration is not aware of every little thing that is happening during the move. So, if you had an unpleasant experience with movers or any of your items are broken or damaged, make sure you read the contract first. After you do, and everything is according to plans, contact the company and complain about the issues.

two women talking, while one is writing something down in her notebook
Because your emotions might get in the way of saying it properly, write down all the things you found wrong

Most importantly, always remain calm and discuss the issue in a peaceful manner. Raising your voice, or even threatening will not make the complaint more efficient, quite the opposite. When you write a complaint letter to the company, the company will gain more insight into the situation. This will later help you handle disputes with interstate movers much more efficiently.

If there is nothing they can do, leave a moving review as a way to handle disputes with interstate movers

Well, this is more of something that you should do in case you want to tell other people about the issues you have had. Moreover, moving reviews are one of the most reliable ways of finding whether or not a company is good at its job, aside from direct recommendations. Anyway, leaving a moving review helps the people that might want to hire the company after you, learn more about them.

a woman sitting in her office while typing on her laptop
A moving review you leave, regardless of experience, will surely help the person wanting to hire the same company after you

Whether good or bad, you should make sure to write down your experience. You can do this on the website directly, as well as on the social media platforms of the company. When writing a moving review, make sure that you:

  • Remain calm and professional
  • Point out all of the negative, as well as positive things
  • Write a concise and direct review that will be helpful to others
  • There is no need to call out people individually

Filling a claim

Every professional moving company will have to have a license. Each of these companies has to be registered in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; and/or, American Moving and Storage Association. Contacting these two institutions can help you resolve the issue you have. You can also file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, which will forward the complaint to the moving company. If you are to handle disputes with interstate movers, you have to see what ways you can do so. Instead of “doing things on your own”, you can simply contact certain institutions that can help you do it easier.

From receiving a binding estimate to not having enough people to move the items; there are plenty of red flags for fraudulent companies. If you are wondering “what is a binding estimate?”, it is an estimate that cannot change its price. But you can learn more about it on your own.

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