Hacks to ensure an easy move

People who have experienced relocation know how stressful and overwhelmed they can be. That is why we have been searching for perfect ways to get through the relocation with minimum anxiety. Going through some statistics and interviews with people with both bad and good moving experiences, we have gathered some hacks to ensure an easy move. This Master Moving Guide will give you tips and tricks in order to help you relocate in the most fluent and easy way. Let us get started.

Hacks to ensure an easy move

As we have said, making relocation easy is a process and you need the be patient and understanding. Be sure that there will be some disruptions and obstacles on your way. What you do to prevent them and how you react when something goes in the way you have not planned is also very important. So let us focus on them.

woman making checklist as one of the hacks to ensure an easy move
Start with creating a moving checklist

Be organized

As much as it sounds difficult, it is not. Even people who do not have an organized life and go through the day without some plan will be able to say organized once they start preparing for the relocation. The key to getting everything ready on time is to create a moving checklist, knowns as the ultimate moving guide. And here is why.

This checklist will be your guide and your best friend during the process of relocation. You should write everything done. From a number of the moving company you hire to the smile tasks like “remember to relax”. It is important that this list is somewhere visible. This way you will have a contact look at t and you will be focused and prepared for the next task on the last. Plus, the studies have shown that if the person has visible goals, it is most likely that they will accomplish everything, even before the due date.

Another type of checklist you should have is the moving cost checklist. Here you will write the prices of the service you want to hire and the ultimate cost of the relocation. It will help you determine how much money you will spend and how much money you will have after the relocation is over. It is possible that you will save some money from that list if you think of other solutions for the tasks you need to do.

Pack everything on time

Well, not everything. Make sure that the items you can’t lift, like furniture or some bulky items, you do not do by yourself. You will cause some damage to these items. Plus, you might be in danger of hurting yourself. You would like to avoid this by hiring professionals to do it for you. These services will not be expensive, compared to everything that might occur.

If you have been thinking about some hacks for an easy move when packing, you have come to the right place, because packing hacks for moving are quite easy. This is also the time when your organizational skills will come in handy. Every box must be labeled in different colors or should have written the name of the room where the items were. This will help you when unpacking. But also, you will be organized and you will pack room by room. Packing like this is proven to be the most efficient way of packing.

Starting with the rooms that you do not use very often will give you two benefits:

  1. You will create some extra space for other boxes,
  2. you will learn and find the best ways how to pack in the proper way.

Make sure that the items that are valuable are also marked and that they are labeled as fragile ones. The other hack is to keep away from the boxes all the important stuff. These are documents, passports, and other paperwork you need during the period of the relocation. Plus, these items will come n handy after the relocation. So knowing where they exactly are is going to make your move easier.

kid outside
Kids running around while you pack is the biggest obstacle

Another one of the best hacks to ensure an easy relocation is to get some assistance

Meaning, that you will need someone to help you with monitoring the kids and the pets. This is one of the biggest obstacles people bum into. Having kids that are running around will make some crown and unnecessary stress when packing. And even on a moving day. Having someone dealing with them is crucial if you want to have an easy and fluent relocation. Call some friends or relatives over. Let them be with the kids and spend time with kids. You can always give them some ideas where they can take kids and have fun with them while you are finishing your task.

It is not ideal, but having someone around your legs while you or your moves load the moving truck can be really hard. That is why getting them out of the way is the best option for you. Do not think of this as avoiding spending time with your kids. It is the opposite. You will not be so tired on a moving day and you will have the will and energy to spend the first day after the relocation with your loved ones.

Pack the vacuum cleaner the last

This is important because you need to clean your home after you get everything out. Plus, you will need to clean our new home before you organize a new living room or bedroom. That is why vacuum cleaners should be packed among the last items. It will be unpacked first and you will be able to clean it without searching for it among the boxes and belongings.

persons hiding behind boxes
All of these hacks to ensure an easy move are easy to follow

All of these hacks to ensure an easy move are here to help you out and have an easy and fluent relocation. Follow them and we are sure that you will gain some of the best moving experiences ever. Good luck!

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