Guide to setting up offices in other cities

Do you plan to expand your business? If the answer is yes, then you have to find a good place to start. You can expand your business at another location in your city. The other option is to find another city. This is a great opportunity to introduce your company to another market and to attract more customers than usual. Interstate movers benefit from expansion to another city the most since the job is to relocate people to another state. This way you can work at two different locations and make a bigger profit. If you plan to do the same, here is a guide to setting up offices in other cities. 

Setting up offices in other cities by getting to know the local government 

It is important to conduct proper research about the potential city where you want to set up your new office. You should search for information about the said city. Contact a real estate agent to find an appropriate location for your new office. In addition to this, you should pay a visit to the potential location in order to assess its condition. Apart from this, it would be wise to introduce yourself to local government officials and offices. This means you should present your business to the local government. Explain how your business is going to positively impact their city or neighborhood. The local government can help your company to grow and even provide financial assistance. Therefore, you should start here by making valuable connections and preparing your moving budget. 

people talking about setting up offices in other cities
Get to know the local government and introduce your business

Research possible economic resources 

Since your company offers moving services, you know how to organize a move. One of the major aspects of a move is to prepare a moving budget. You will also need to prepare a budget when you are setting up offices in other cities. One option is to ask the local government for financial aid. You can also ask around your new community to see if there are some economic development resources available. Not only will you set up your business much faster, but you will also gain new business relationships. In addition to this, most cities have either a regional economic development center or some organization supported by the local government that helps other people to start their business. Lastly, you can visit the official website of Small Business Development Centers to see if they can provide some financial assistance. 

Embrace your new family 

When you are setting up offices in other cities, you will have to find new workers. Maybe you want to add a couple of international movers to your team or movers for specialized moving services. For this reason, it is important to welcome them into the family. People will show better performance if they feel comfortable and welcomed at their company. That is why you should organize a dinner or a party for all of your employees. Additionally, it is important to offer support for members of your team who will move to the new city in order to work in a new office. This includes finding new schools for their children, helping them to find new houses, recommend some restaurants, parks, clubs where they can go to meet new people. You can also find one activity that all your employees can go to have fun together. 

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Welcome your new team members by planning an event together

Setting up offices in other cities by reaching out to other business 

You should find several other companies and ask them for a partnership. This is especially important for moving business. Your clients might ask you for recommendations for a cleaning company for example. Usually, people rent storage when they are moving, so if you are not offering storage units, you should be able to recommend a good storage facility. In addition to this, real estate agents and moving companies work together since their jobs overlap. For example, when a real estate agent sells a house, they can recommend your company to the family. You can also return the favor if your customers ask for a real estate agent. It is quite convenient to form a partnership with another business that works in a similar field. 

Furnishing your new office  

Start with basics. Your new office should have at least one standard desk, chairs, shelves, electronics. You can later add more furniture. In addition to this, you should think about the office layout. See if you need a room just for customers, maybe for a meeting, and so on. Later you can add some small decorative items, such as pictures, plants, flowers, candles, and similar. Apart from furniture, you should think about setting up your communication channel. For this reason, set up a business line, create an email address, make business cards, and so on. It is important to advertise your company in the new city. You can contact the local newspaper to make an ad for your company. The same thing applies if the city has a local TV station. You can also make interesting and attention-grabbing flyers to hand them around the city.

an open space office
Make sure to furnish your office space 


Setting up offices in other cities by getting office equipment 

Apart from the already mentioned furniture, here are more items to purchase. 

  • Computers 
  • Quality hardware and the right software to improve productivity and accuracy 
  • A photocopier – you can either buy one or lease it 
  • Buy a set of postal scales 
  • A scanner is also useful  

In addition to this, every business and office needs stationery. For this reason, make sure to get the paper for printing documents, business cards, and so on. It would be smart to make a logo for your company and print it on every paper. Apart from this, you will need dozens of pens, pencils, folders, binders, staplers, seal, notebooks, and anything else you find necessary.  

As you can see, these would be all the tips for setting up offices in new cities. If you follow this guide, you should not have any problems expanding your business to another location. 

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