Guide to packing your kitchen efficiently

A life-changing and the most complicated event is just around the corner. Yes, home relocation is upon you. There are several important steps you must take if you want to organize and prepare before the moving day. We must dedicate the right budget, search for furniture movers near me, and pack. Packing the bathroom, kitchen, living room, attic, and garage is not easy at all. But with proper logistics and a bit of patience, you’ll do it just fine. Although, we will help with the most complex packing part. How to cover packing your kitchen efficiently. Let’s dive right in.

Packing your kitchen efficiently will require a proper packing plan

A kitchen is a place with random, oddly shaped, and fragile items. And differently sized ones as well. So, you must obtain various packing materials to pack appropriately. From the beginning, you’ll need carton boxes of all sizes. Then, you must obtain some packing paper and adhesive tape. Moreover, you will need a lot of cushions for each box you intend on packing. For some of them, you can use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and Styrofoam. For others, use old clothing, rags, blankets, etc. Most of it, you already possess in your household. But if you still need any of them, you can purchase them at the nearest Home Depot store. Or check online for cheap moving supplies and you’ll supply yourself in a matter of seconds. Lastly, you can purchase everything you need from the moving company you hired.

a woman creating a packing plan
Inspect your kitchen items, list down the packing supplies you need, and create your packing plan.

One more thing. If you want to exclude yourself from the entire packing process and have someone else pack you instead, remember the packing service. Moving companies will send professional packers who can pack, transport, and unpack efficiently and cheaply. Remember this lucrative service in case you need it along the way.

Handle larger pieces first

It does not matter which packing order you take. One thing is certain. You must pack the entire kitchen safely. Some pack small items and leave bigger ones for later. Others do the other way around. It depends on your preferences and the kitchen setup. Although, packing smaller items and removing breakables first, would be the safest way to go. But you mustn’t forget about the bigger pieces as well. Firstly, figure out how many large items your kitchen has, and how you’ll transport everything safely without mishaps. Those can be appliances, kitchen tables, chairs, a fridge, cupboards, and more. You must create a detailed plan and disassemble kitchen furniture if needed. Make them ready for safe transport.

Moreover, this is the best moment to declutter and downsize. You will be packing your kitchen efficiently and easily if you do so. Hence, while inspecting your kitchen items, you should set aside all the items you are not using anymore. Think about it for a second. Some items can be recycled, donated, gifted, or sold. Do whatever you think is best. And if you want to keep them, rent a storage unit. Keep your excess and unusable items there and use them whenever you want to. To do so, simply contact your local movers and they will gladly assist.

Move onto the appliances

There are procedures, techniques, and packing hacks for moving you must follow when packing appliances. Firstly, you must remove the power source. Unplug everything before you start handling appliances. Remove batteries and liquids as well. If there are any. Detach utility cords and secure them by taping them on the body of the appliance in question. Or even better, place them inside the unit or the box you are packing the unit in. This way you won’t lose it for sure. The next step is to clean the appliance.  Use the original box for transport if you still have it. If not, have it anymore, use any appropriately sized cardboard box. Mind the weight of the appliance as well when choosing a box to cover this task.

kitchen with appliances and dishes
Clean and prepare your appliance for the relocation. Take special care of your fridge.

And the same procedure goes for all other smaller or bigger parts. Clean and remove all detachable parts, clean them before packing. Individually wrap each piece to avoid having them colliding against each other. Lastly, seize the opportunity to thoroughly clean your appliances. This way you won’t bring any dirt into your new home.

Packing your kitchen efficiently deserves the right set of packing materials

There are good quality but cheap moving boxes you should use for packing. Although, they must be of a higher quality and double-layered if possible. Plastic bins will come in handy for delicate and fragile content. But those can be expensive at times so think about it twice. Use them at least for the most valuable fragile pieces. Medium-size boxes are great for plates glasses, and cups. And larger boxes should cradle your pans and pots. Smaller boxes are perfectly designed for cutlery and smaller pieces we all have around the kitchen.

As for the packing process, you should begin with a thorough box inspection. Assemble it, check if there are any weaknesses, and secure each corner of the box you are using. Corner pads and foam protectors are perfect for this occasion. You can also use Styrofoam and packing peanuts. Simply cradle the content with it and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Once your box is good to go, tape it down and add a label with a detailed description of the content inside. This should keep your items safe and movers aware of the situation.

When ready, pack away!

Now, let us quickly cover the packing process for all item categories in your kitchen. Now when you have all the supplies required, we can do it right. Consider the following if you want to engage in packing your kitchen efficiently:

  • Start with the cutlerySome people say you should pack them first or leave for last. Whatever is better for you. But it is certainly the easiest part. Simply wrap your cutlery in a kitchen cloth, bubble wrap, or a blanket. Or you can wrap them in bubble wrap and fill the gaps inside your boxes. Do it as you like just remember that sharp objects and knives should be packed separately.
  • Move to glasswork – This one is much harder. You’ll need layers of packing paper, bubble wrap, and all other cushions you can think of. Also, it would be wise to purchase customized boxes to carry glasses, vases, and bottles of expensive wine. All in all, these boxes should be handled with extreme care.
  • Potter and ceramics – Again, more fragile content for you to pack. Luckily, pottery is more durable than glasswork. So, you can even use a larger piece as a carrier by filling them up with wrapped glasses and other breakables. Just remember, larger items should go on the bottom and smaller ones on the top of the box.


packing your kitchen efficiently requires the right packing supplies
This shouldn’t happen with your fragile items. Label each box adequately and avoid it.

We are sure you’ll manage and pack everything safely. Just pay attention to the weight of the box. Once it is packed, it shouldn’t weigh more than 50lbs. For obvious reasons.

Be mindful of all the fragile content in your kitchen

If you have extremely valuable and old potter or grandma’s chine sets, think about taking extra measures. Consider hiring competent movers to relocate you safely. They have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to make it happen. There is no better way to move than to place your grandma’s china in the hands of competent moving professionals. Moreover, consider purchasing moving insurance as well. It will add another layer of protection to your moving project. At least you’ll be reimbursed if something bad happens.

We reached the end of our moving guide. Packing your kitchen efficiently before moving is not so easy. Although, with the right knowledge and patience, it can be much easier. Hopefully, we have contributed and made your efforts worthwhile. Think about hiring a reliable moving company to help you make it even easier. Use their onsite estimates and figure out your moving price on time. Moving with a reliable moving company is cheaper than you think. Give them a call and you’ll be amazed at their offers. Good luck.

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