Guide to moving out of a rental home

Are you tired of living in a rental home? Then, it is time to move. You need to get ready for this move, see how many movers are needed, packing supplies needed, and so on. However, the bigger problem is moving out of a rental home. Everyone wants to have a stress-free move without any conflicts and problems. In order to achieve this, you have to complete your tenants’ responsibilities. For this reason, here is a guide to moving out of a rental home. If you follow this guide, you can get your deposit back and part ways with your landlord on good terms. 

Review your lease agreement 

You can find out how to end the lease by review your rental agreement. Rules and regulations will depend on whether you have a fixed-term lease or a month-to-month rental agreement. In addition to this, every property manager or rental agency has different policies, so see which are yours. Apart from this, when you are planning to move out, you need to give your landlord a vacate notice. Usually, it is about a month before moving out of a rental home. However, it is best to check since your landlord needs time to find new tenants. Once you gather all the information, make a checklist and mark important dates in your calendar. This way you can be organized.  You can even start looking for movers, or even search for last-minute movers if you are not sure about your moving date. 

two women talking about papers
Read about your tenant’s responsibilities in your lease agreement

Give your landlord a move out a notice when moving out of a rental home 

In most cases, you have to give written notice to your landlord at least a month before you move out. Your notice should state that you are leaving the rental property in good condition, your moving date, new address, and request to have your deposit returned. In addition to this, if you are moving out before your lease expires, you have to state the reasons for leaving. Otherwise, your landlord might not cancel your lease. If your landlord does not find anyone to replace you, you will have to pay the rent until your lease is over. Lastly, keep your landlord updated. Then, they can arrange meetings with the other potential tenants. They can also say when the apartment will be available for moving in again. 

Inspect the property and fix any damages 

You need to leave the rental property in the same condition as it was when you first moved in. For this reason, you should inspect your home before you move out. In order to know what to look for, check the property condition report you received when you moved in. You will find there all the things you are responsible for. In addition to this, here are the most common parts of your home that you should check. 

  • Holes in the walls from pictures 
  • Scratches and dents on the floor and the walls 
  • Repaint walls to their original color 
  • Check light fixtures 
  • Make sure all household appliances are working properly 
  • Check your electric and plumbing system 

In addition to this, if you made some permanent improvements to the rental property, show the bill to your landlord. You can ask for a deduction from your last rent. 

person holding gray curved faucet
Fix all the broken things in your rental home

Clean before moving out of a rental home 

You cannot move out of a rental home before giving it a good scrub. A rental home should be clean and tidy so the new tenants can move in right away. Also, you will not get your deposit back if you leave the place dirty. For this reason, here are all the tasks you need to do. 

  • Clean the windows 
  • Wash curtains 
  • Steam clean the mattress and upholsteries 
  • Dust everything 
  • Clean and disinfect the bathroom 
  • Vacuum and sweep the floor 
  • Throw out the garbage 
  • Clean and declutter the garage 
  • Mow the lawn 

However, before you start, make sure you have all the necessary cleaning supplies. You can always hire professional cleaning services if you are short on time. Organizing a move is a demanding task, so if you do not have enough time, get help. 

Sort your items 

If you lived in a rental home for a long time, then you must have gathered a large number of items. For this reason, now it is time to declutter your home. You should make three piles – one to move, one to donate/sell, and one to throw away. For your items that will stay, get all the necessary packing supplies, so you can safely transport them to your new home. In addition to this, you can organize a garage sale, or try selling your items at Amazon, Craigslist, and so on. If you want to donate your items, find local charities, contact Goodwill, or any other similar organization. Most of these charities will come to pick up your items. For this reason, make sure to schedule an appointment. Lastly, once you packed everything, take a last look around the home so you will not forget anything. 

yard sale
You can organize a yard sale

The last set of important things to do before moving out of a rental home 

Here are the last things to do before moving out of a rental home. 

  • Pay off your bills – pay any taxes and fees such as utility bills for gas, electricity, and water, waste management fees, and service fees for Internet, cable TV, and phone. Then, contact your service providers and tell them you are moving out. You can either cancel your contract with them or pass it over to new tenants. 
  • Document the condition of the rental property – take pictures and keep the receipts. This can help you to claim your deposit back if your landlord refuses. 
  • Arrange a move out inspection – your landlord needs to come for an inspection. For this reason, do not forget to give them a call. 

The ultimate guide for moving out 

As you can see, this would be the ultimate guide for moving out of a rental home. 

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