A guide to in-house storage solutions

Our home is our favorite place. A place where we retire after a long, hard day, and seek some refuge. However, those same homes sometimes make it hard to enjoy ourselves due to all the mess and clutter that is surrounding us. Since no one expects that you will stop shopping any time soon, it is high time that you look into some in-house storage solutions. These solutions are creative and cheap, and they present an easy way to create more storage space in any room. Of course, if you can imagine parting ways with your items, you can always rent a cheap storage unit. Self-storage units seem to be awfully popular with Americans, which did not happen without a reason.

You can introduce in-house storage solutions practically anywhere

The limit does not exist when it comes to the rooms in your home. Whether you need extra kitchen, bathroom or bedroom space, you can always rely on Master Moving Guide to provide you with the best storage solutions. Besides, our ideas are versatile, which means that they will be able to suit any taste and every budget. And even if you have unlimited funds, wouldn`t it be nice to save some money that you can later spend on more important things? Without further ado, here are some quick and easy solutions for your home.

Dollar bills on a laptop.
Our in-house storage solutions will not break the bank.

Use your bed as a storage solution

With all the clothes, personal items and furniture pieces, our bedrooms are usually the most cluttered-up rooms in the house. And, besides a few drawers here and there, and that overstuffed closet, there really isn`t much space for storing items. Have you ever looked under your bed, perhaps searching for your socks or some other item you dropped? If you have, you must have noticed that there is a vast and unused space under the bed. Why would you let it go to waste when you can use it for storage? Whether you decide to buy a bed that is already designed this way and has wooden drawers for disposing of your items, or you simply stuff a few boxes and put them under your bed, it is up to you. By using this type of storage solution to help you declutter your home, you are being smart and frugal all at the same time.

Introduce a storage chest in a room of your choice

Is there a fancier, simpler and more useful in-house storage solution than a storage chest? We think not! The best thing about a storage chest is that it can be put in virtually any room in the house and look like it fits right in. Of course, most places for this item are the bedroom and the living room. All you have to do is pick a chest that will match the rest of the decor in your home. Whether you choose an antique, rustic or contemporary storage chest, make sure you use it wisely.

A storage chest.
Big or small, antique or modern – you choose your in-house storage solutions!

Storage solutions for your kitchen

Everyone wants to have that pristine and perfect kitchen you only see in the magazines. The truth is that with all those pots, plates and cutlery, the more realistic version is the one where you have too many kitchen utensils and not enough space for storing them. Remember how much trouble you had transporting them when you were moving? Even your residential movers had to stop and think for a while what the best approach is. That all changes today. There are a few ways that can help you keep all of your kitchen items and store them in an organized manner that will actually be pleasing to the eyes.

  • Build a pot rack. You can use any wall in your kitchen, be it over the stove or next to the window, and any material you see fit. Walls are usually a good foundation for building different in-house storage solutions.
  • Buy some hanging wall cabinets. This may be a bit more expensive solution unless you do it in the old-fashioned DIY style. Roll up your sleeves, call in a few good-willed neighbors and get to work.
  • Simply use up the space you got at your disposal the best way you can. For example, the corners of your countertops can be used for storing small kitchen appliances. This way, they are not disruptive to other activities, such as cooking and chopping.
A sink.
Use the space you have wisely.

Build a tool rack

Our houses are not the only ones that are messy. Have you ever looked into your neighbor’s garage or yard and saw all of those tools scattered all over the place? Perhaps, you are having trouble with the same thing as we speak. Why would you trouble yourself (and your family), when you can build a tool rack and create some additional space for your tools? You can find outdoor spigot handles and spring clips for as little as one dollar! All you need are a few dollars, some time on your hands and voila – you get a nice-looking and useful place for the disposal of your tools.

There is not a shortage of options

Simply put, there are too many in-house storage solutions for us to be able to list all of them. Sit down and think – what could I do to create additional space in my home? Whatever alternative storage idea crosses your mind, know that it is not a wrong one. From using your kid`s toy chest to building shelves and everything in between, you cannot go wrong. Whatever you do is guaranteed to improve the overall look and functionality of your home. Therefore, let your imagination go wild and help you come with something your entire family could use. You can even brainstorm with the rest of your household members – no one is to be left out!

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