Guide to handling issues with movers

Moving companies come in various shapes and sizes. From very professional down to very unprofessional. Depending on what kind of moving company you’re dealing with you might have to consider ways of handling issues with movers. To help you out with this, we’ve compiled this article. By the end of it, you will be well prepared to resolve any problem that you might have with your moving company. So, read on, and relax, when we are done, you will be an issue solving pro.

The preventive way of handling issues with movers

One way to handle issues with movers is to avoid them completely. Choosing a professional moving company that will conduct your move without any problems is obviously something to strive for. After all, the best way to deal with bad movers is to avoid them. Therefore, doing your research becomes very important when it comes to choosing a moving company.

Laptop showing google. Good research is a preventive way of handling issues with movers
Chose a good moving company to avoid having any issues at all

Not only will finding competent movers help you avoid having any issues with them, but it will also do wonders for your moving stress. After all, the moving company will be the people handling your whole relocation. Therefore, in order for you to have to cope with as little moving stress as possible, you want to find good movers. Having someone you can rely on conduct your move will automatically let you relax. You will feel safe knowing your possessions are in good hands.

Active ways of handling issues with movers

Doing your research and avoiding bad movers is obviously very important. However, relocation is a complicated process. There are many complications and issues that may arise, no matter how well you’ve researched your moving company. Therefore it is very important that you know your way around handling issues with movers. Even if you are satisfied with your choice of a moving company. Here are some ways you could deal with problems with movers actively.

Clear communication

Clear communication will be important for both avoiding and handling issues with movers. Clearly communicating your needs and complaints will let the moving company adjust before things get out of hand. This goes double for moves where you have specific items that not every moving company is equipped to handle. If you are unsure if the moving company of your choice could handle some of your items, be sure to mention these.  For example, to move your hot tub, you might not need professional hot tub movers. However, not mentioning a specific item such as this might result in your moving company coming unprepared.

A hot tub
Clear communication will make sure all parties know what they are getting themselves into.

In these cases, a professional moving company will let you know if they can’t handle the move.  Clear communication, however, works both ways. Just as you should communicate your needs clearly, a good moving company should communicate all the conditions of the move to you clearly. If they avoid certain topics, like giving you a precise moving rate, you should avoid having business with them.

Knowing who to turn to

Another way of handling issues with the movers on the go is knowing who to turn to. If you are having problems with how your move is going, you could take it up with your movers’ superiors. People that are actually conducting your move might be more focused on completing the job. On the other hand, their superiors will probably be focused on customer satisfaction. After all, having good word of mouth or positive reviews is very important for the continued business of moving companies. Therefore knowing who the superior of your actual movers is and getting their contact might help you with any issues that might arise on the go.

A man using his phone
Knowing who to talk to is very important for handling issues with movers

If this doesn’t help resolve your issue, you can always file a complaint with the  American Moving and Storage Association or the Better Business Bureau. Just mentioning these might help resolve any problems you might have with your movers, considering that the former has a section of their site dedicated to previous complaints. If based on reality these can be very damaging to a moving companies reputation, so mentioning it to the superiors of your movers, might just help you in handling issues with movers you might have.

Taking your business elsewhere

One of the more extreme ways of handling issues with movers is breaking the cooperation completely. If the issues you have with your moving company are too great, and you don’t feel secure during your relocation, you can always take your business elsewhere. For this way of handling issues with movers, you must first do a little research. Especially if you decide to break cooperation during the relocation. That’s why looking up various moving companies and taking time to compare moving quotes is so important. You should prepare a list of moving companies you like, just in case you need to change yours on the go. In doing that you will avoid the situation of frantically looking up moving companies at the last minute, and potentially making a bad choice.

Legal action

The final and most radical way of handling issues with movers is taking legal action. However, consider the time and money you will have to invest in this too. In some cases it might be easier just to break off cooperation with a moving company you feel is doing a bad job. However, if you feel that your moving company is behaving in a fraudulent way, if they breach your contract or damage your items and refuse to pay, a legal action might be the only way of dealing with these issues. Just for such an eventuality, you should always check what are you signing and take pictures of your belongings before handing them off to a moving company.

Appropriate ways of handling issues with movers

In this article, we have gone through many ways of handling issues with movers. Starting off with the lightest and moving to the harshest ones, we aimed to give you a wide variety of choice. It is now up to you to decide which one of these is the most appropriate way of handling issues with movers in your case. We would only recommend one thing, though. Finding quality movers, as a way to avoid these issues altogether.

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