Guide to handle junk removal before relocating

When you need to move, packing your entire household might be the biggest and most difficult task. You probably have accumulated a large number of items. Some of them you used once or twice but never got around to throw them away. Now that you have to move, those items might be a problem. There is no point in moving them as well since you will just waste packing supplies and money. For this reason, you should find ways to dispose of them. You can even earn some additional money that you can use for your moving budget. Without further ado, here is a guide to handle junk removal before relocating. 

do the junk removal before relocating so you can throw away all the hats
Declutter your home before relocation

Hire a junk removal company 

If you are really in a hurry and need some good last-minute moving tips, then this one is for you. You can hire a junk removal company to do the task instead of you. The company will send professionals and trucks to remove unnecessary items. Usually, if you have a smaller number of items, then this option is cheaper than renting a dumpster. However, if the number of items is pretty high, then it will cost you more. In addition to this, you have to be careful when you are looking for one such company. Since those people will come into your home and touch your items, you need to make sure you find a reliable company. Either ask for a recommendation from your friends and family or pay attention to reviews on companies’ webpages. 

Request price estimate when you hire a company for junk removal before relocating 

Moving is expensive since you have to pay for moving the company’s services and packing materials. If you plan to hire a junk removal company, then you have to see how much money you will spend on their services as well. For this reason, you can request a free price estimate. The company representatives will come to your house, see the items you wish to remove and tell you the price. You can request the same thing from your moving company as well. This is a good way to organize your moving budget since you will know in advance their prices. In addition to this, make sure to let your junk removal company know if you have some special items. This will influence the price so in order not be surprised when you receive the bill, be honest. 

Sell your unwanted items 

A guide to handling junk removal before relocating cannot be complete without the sale. You can organize a garage sale. Gather all the items that are in good condition and decide on the price. Then, you should advertise your garage sale a week in advance so people will know when to come. This way, you can earn some money that you can use for your packing expenses. In addition to this, if you have some valuable items that you do not plan to bring with you, then you can choose an estate sale. The estate sale company will organize the whole thing so you can dedicate your time to packing. However, the company will take a portion of the revenue so see if it is profitable for you. 

two girls at the garage sale
Organize a garage sale

Modern ways of selling your items 

Apart from a traditional garage sale, you can sell your items online as well. There are numerous pages where you can sell your items, but these following two are the most common. 

eBay – eBay is good for selling smaller shippable items. However, you should give yourself enough time to take photos of your items and to write down descriptions for them as well. In addition to this, since making a business out of the sale is not your primary goal but junk removal before relocating, you should aim to sell the items quickly. You can achieve this by lowering the price. 

Craigslist – if you have a couple of pieces of furniture to sell, then use Craigslist. Just like with eBay, make sure your furniture is in good condition before making an advertisement about them. However, you have to more careful when working with Craigslist since it is no supervised. 

The best way to handle junk removal before relocating is to donate your items 

You can donate your items as well. Here is the list of possible recipients.  

  • Salvation Army – they will send a truck to your house to pick up your items. However, you will have to schedule your appointment. Another downside is they are quite picky when it comes to accepting donations. For this reason, do not rely completely on them, but have a backup plan just in case.  
  • Local churches and community centers – usually a local church or a community center have a program where you can donate your old furniture and clothing. Just make sure they are in good condition. 
  • Friends and family– the last option would be to ask your friends and family to take something that they like. Again, this will not solve your problem completely but at least they will take a couple of items.  
windows on the church
Donate your items to your local church

The last two ways to handle junk removal before relocating 

You have two more options when it comes to junk removal before relocating. The first one is to take your items to your local junk disposal. However, you will have to get permission first from your municipality. In addition to this, you can rent a dumpster. The good thing is that you can keep it as long as you want so you can slowly declutter your home. However, pay attention to the size of a dumpster. If you rent a big one and you do not end up using half of its capacity, then you will pay more for wasted space. On the other hand, if it is too small, then you will have to order another one, which will be expensive. 

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