Guide to 20 states with lowest taxes in 2022

Choosing the right place for you and your family is quite challenging. There are so many things that you must pay attention to. Plus, to add to that, you must search for a place that is affordable and that can make your life a little easier. Nobody wants to spend the whole day at work and still does not have time or money to plan a road trip or a vacation with a family. That is why choosing the states with lowest taxes in 2022 is something you should really focus on. And once you choose the state you want to relocate to, getting help from Master Moving Guide is something that is recommendable. So, let us get started.

Which taxes are you obligated to pay?

Every state has some different rules when it comes to paying taxes. There are even some states that do not have the same taxes at all. There are even some states with no individual income taxes. So, if you are looking for states with lowest taxes in 2022, and cities for your new home, you should start by checking the next ones:

  1. Alaska,
  2. Florida,
  3. Nevada,
  4. South Dacota,
  5. Texas,
  6. Tennessee and
  7. Wyoming.

Alaska is one of the states with lowest taxes in 2022

Alaska is a state that has the lowest taxes in the US. As we have mentioned before, there are no income or sales taxes. The taxes you will have to pay by moving here are some local sales taxes. The total estimated tax burden is around $20,000. This is something that you should definitely think of. However, Alaska may not be a suitable place for children, based on the weather that is common there. Plus, we are all aware of the duration of the day and night in some parts of Alaska. So if you are moving with your family, even though taxes are great, you might want to consider the other state. However, if moving to Alaska is something you just happen to decide, request help from last minute movers and get relocated.

view of Alaska
Alaska is a good place to live – taxwise


As one of the states that have no income taxes, Florida has some catches that you must be aware of. For example, you will not have to pay income taxes on earnings. But you must still be subject to sales tax. The other thing you must know is that Florida has a sales tax rate of around 5 percent. However, you are obligated to pay a local task burden which is around 9 percent. But the best thing is that you can apply for a tax return.

Along with these statistics some the fact that most people who are about to retire decide to move here. With nice weather and the best life opportunities, the aged people who are still filing young can chase their dreams here. If you are artists that are not ready to say goodbye to their passion, moving a piano here along with you might be the best decision ever.

 Move to Nevada, one of the states with lowest taxes in 2022

The state and local tax burden in Nevada is 9.7 percent. There has been some increase in taxes. But it was all in good cause. The taxes that got higher this year are the taxes that are related to the public schools. Nevada is seriously looking for ways to improve the school and educational systems. This is something that is worth thinking of moving here. especially if you are about to start a family or you already have one. If this has convinced you to move to Nevada, look up some tips on hiring movers and packers. So that your relocation will be as easy as possible.

South Dacota

South Dacota is actually better ranked than the state of Nevada. It is in 14th place, while Nevada is in the 22nd. The whole tax burden you will get is 9 percent. Which is 0.7 percent lower than Nevada. The best thing about taxes here is that at the age of 65 or older, you can stop paying all the taxes. It is also the case with disabled people. There is no tax burden for them. Which meant that the state cares about its people. And if you were looking for a place to spend the rest of your life, this might be the one for you. So get the packing tips and get ready for the journey!

Texas is one of the states with lowest taxes in 2022

There are a lot of places and cities that you can choose to be your hometown when you move to Texas. And the best way to move to any of the cities located in Texas is to find a reputable moving company. One of the biggest reasons for moving here is not the attractions and activities you can find. It is a fact that here people do not pay income taxes. And the tax burden is 8 percent.

Cactus on field
Texas is one of the states with lowest taxes


Are you a fan of country music? Do you like Elvis? These are just some of the things Tennessee is famous for. along with the great whisky and some of the best bars and clubs you can find, Tennesse has one more thing that is great. There are no individual income taxes and the state and the local tax burden is 7 percent. Which makes it a perfect place for you to move as a young couple or as a person looking for new opportunities. You can find this place a great state for starting your own business. Based on the statistics, in 2021, Tennessee is the number one state that has been chosen among younger professionals to expand their jobs. Which is one more reason to search for interstate moving tips and come to Tennessee to chase after your dream.

Consider moving to Wyoming, one of the states with lowest taxes in 2022

Famous Yellowstone National Park is ready to welcome you. Do not worry about your valuables and belongings if you cannot wait to visit this diverse wildlife. You can always ask around for some storage tips that will be quite helpful. Placing your stuff in storage while you plan the trip to see Devil’s Tower is the thing you need. You can even spend more money than you have planned. Because of the total state tax burden of 7 percent and no individual income taxes.

woman near the road
Think about your family’s needs.

States with lowest taxes with additional individual income taxes according to statistics

Since we have written you the states that have no individual income taxes, you are well aware of the fact that there are states that have this type of income. But lucky for you, those states are also quite affordable when it comes to paying taxes.


With an individual income tax rate of 4.55 percent and a local and state tax burden of 9.4 percent, Colorado is one of the states that has lowest taxes in 2022. Among these low taxes, the state of Colorado is perfect for families and people who like to have an adventure. there are so many outdoor activities you can all enjoy together that you will spend minimum time in your new home.

One of the states with lowest taxes is Georgia

When it comes to taxes in Georgia, you should know that the average individual income taxes are a little higher than in Colorado. They are around 5 percent. But wait for it. Even though the individual income taxes are higher, the total local and state tax burden is around 8.7 percent. Which makes it lower than in Colorado.

the view of the mountains in one of the states with lowest taxes in 2022
Nature in Georgia is breathtaking


The home of 80 percent of farm fields, Illinois, has so much to offer. With amazing history, Illinois is a great place for you to settle down. some of the things we are sure you did not know about Illinois is that the first McDonald’s was built here. And that Illinois produces more nuclear energy than any other state. The facts that you actually want to know are the taxes. The local and state tax burden is around 11 percent. The individual income tax is a little higher than usual, it is around 4.95 percent.

Louisiana, one of the states with lowest taxes in 2022 you should move to

To go straight to the statistic, Lousiana is a blast for young people. With the lowest individual income taxes and the tax burden of 9 percent, Louisiana is a chance for you to build your home from zero. The market, even though the pandemic has made the prices go higher, is quite affordable. So if you are looking to buy a home, this state might be perfect for you.


As one of the places that have the best nightlife in the whole of America, Maryland has become more and more popular among young people. With so many attractions, activities, clubs, bars, and pet-friendly zones, you will be enjoying it here. Having an entire day free from work and spending it in the warm sun is priceless. Speaking of the prices, the total tax burden is around 11 percent. If we speak about state and local individual income tax collections per capita, it is about $2632. Which is not expensive compared to what you will get moving here.

Mississippi, another state with low taxes in 2022 worth choosing

One of the states that have voted o have the best communities and neighborhoods is actually Mississippi. If you look through the statistics, the population that has the most sense of community is right here in Mississippi. Looking for the best place for our kids to grow up, you must have bumped into some towns in Mississippi. And it is really not so much when it comes to taxes. Your kids will be growing up in a city that has a total tax burden of 9 percent.

river and buildings
Mississippi is a state that is not yet been discovered.


Montana is a state that has property taxes the lowest in the whole of America. So buying a home here is a really good idea. The total tax burden is around 11 percent. But besides that, you can enjoy some of the speechless nature and views. Being in the fresh air in Montana is something everyone is nowadays wishing for. Since the pandemic has been around ous, people were obligated to stay in their homes. Living in neighborhoods and cities in Montana you will realize that almost every home has a yard. So, even though people could not go out and take a walk, they could still catch some u in their own homes.


The safest place in America. And if you ask everyone around where do the most polite people live, they would say Nebraska. Living here means that you will be living in a decent state with a tax burden of 10.3 percent.

The other one of the states with low taxes is Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state that has been one of the favorites when it comes to military retired people. With so many beautiful attractions and really low costs of living, Oklahoma is just a perfect place for you. The top individual income tax rate is around 4.75 percent. State and local individual income tax for collections per capita is $901 and the total tax burden you will have here is around 8.2 percent. This brings Oklaghom on the same level if you are comparing the taxes you have to pay in states where there are no individual income taxes.


There are numerous things that are worth living in Washington. From mountains, coastline, rainforests, deserts, apples, national parks, whale-watching, etc. There are things that are so great about this site that listing it would be impossible. The other great thing about taxes in Washington is next. Until 2021 the individual income taxes were around 3 percent. But lucky for you, in 2022, Washington has no more this type of tax.

Think of Kentucky as one of the states with lowest taxes in 2022

Known for so many museums and cultural centers, Kentucky is a great place for artists and art lovers. that is why you will be pleased to hear that the total local and state tax burden is around 9.9 percent.


We are finishing this list of states with lowest taxes with the state called Iowa. Although it is known as a place that has so many beautiful buildings, Iowa is actually a place that is perfect for someone who loves to stay in the city but still be close to nature. The tax burden you will have to pay is around 10.8 percent.

building in the sun in one of the states with lowest taxes in 2022
Iowa is a great combination of city and nature

Moving to states with lowest taxes in 2022 will not only make you save more money. But it will also make you question how can you save more money than you have already been saving. Sit down, talk to your partner and make the best decision ever by moving to some of these listed states.

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