Guide for packing your wine collection?

Packing your wine collection can be the most difficult part of a move. It is time-consuming, difficult and can have serious consequences. If you break some of your pieces, you’ll not only lose money, but wine is usually very difficult to get out of your clothes and furniture. So, you’ll need to pay special attention to your wines when you’re relocating.

Get help!

The easiest way for safely packing your wine collection is to hire the pros to do it! If you hire a moving company to pack your wines is not only a smart move, but it can also save you money. Professional movers are experienced in packing and they’ll ensure your precious wine collection survives in one piece. In addition to this, they have all the good equipment for relocation which will further guarantee the safety of your collection.

Apart from this, you might need to store your pieces somewhere before you can fully move into your new home. This can last for a few days, and a wine collection is usually not the priority. So, in order to keep your wines safe before you can place them in your new basement, you can rent a cheap storage unit and keep them there. This way you can keep your wine secure and out of the way when you’re moving into your new home. Hiring professional movers with storage services is a good idea when relocating a big home.

Appraise your wines

Get your collection checked out before packing. If you determine its value, you can get an insurance for all your wines. This will ensure you get something back even if the worst happens and your wines get damaged. More importantly, you’ll sleep easier knowing your collection is protected. Apart from this, you should also take pictures of your wine bottles. This will help you sort them out when you arrive at your new home. In addition to this, the pictures will help you determine whether your bottles arrived in the same condition as they left your home.

SOme wine bottles ready to be appraised.
You should have your wines appraised before you get the insurance.

What to use when packing your wine collection?

You’ll need to use a lot of protective materials when you’re moving your wines. It’s the only way you’ll be able to ensure that your bottles don’t break. So, when packing your collection for relocation don’t skimp on the materials. Of course, there are certain areas you can save some money on. You can save a lot of money if you find free moving boxes, but make sure you reinforce them. They’ll need to hold the weight of all that glass and wine.

protective materials for packing your wine collection.
Use protective materials to secure your wines.

Apart from these, there are certain materials you won’t be able to save money on. You’ll need to make sure the wines don’t move around in the moving boxes. So, fill the boxes with soft materials and invest in some protective wrap. Using your spare socks and towels to reinforce your wines is not always a good idea. They don’t provide enough protection and their protection isn’t even on all sides. Both of these things will bring your collection at risk.

How to pack your wines

There are a few steps in packing your wine collection. You should follow them all if you want successfully pack all your wines. Packing glass bottles is not so different than packing your other items, apart from the fact that they can break when mistreated. And no one likes to clean glass on a moving day. So, make sure you’re following these steps when you pack your wine.

  • clean the bottles – wipe your bottles of wine before you put them in the box. Not only will it save you a lot of time unpacking, but it will also reduce the dust you’ll bring into your new home.
  • don’t overburden the box – don’t’ pack more bottles than the box can handle. This usually means a maximum of six bottles per box. However, it can differ depending on the quality and age of your boxes. Anyway, you can reinforce your boxes with tape and give them that extra strength.
  • fill in the empty space – when packing your wine collection in boxes, make sure there’s no empty space between bottles. You should separate the bottles to prevent them from breaking. However, you should putt some soft materials between them. You can use cloth, old clothes, crumpled newspaper or protective wraps.
  • choose the best location for them – don’t place your wine bottles on top of other boxes in your moving truck. Since they can fall and break, you’ll need to keep them low – preferably on the floor of the moving truck.

Better safe than sorry

Packing your wine collection can be a dangerous task and you should be careful. Bottles are heavy and if they fall on you they can cause serious injury. Apart from this, if you break any of them while trying to pack them you’ll need a lot of clean up to do. Glass on the floor can slow down your move by a lot, and that’s something you’ll definitely want to avoid!

Apart from being very careful, you’ll also need to have a first aid kit around. With all that glass around you’d better prepare well. Hopefully, no one will get hurt and none of the bottles will be damaged, but you should still keep your kids away when you’re packing. In addition to this, you should check the alcohol laws for the state you’re moving to. Never hurts to be safe on the legal side as well, and you don’t want to risk anything when you’re relocating.

A first aid you should have when packing your wine collection.
Always have a first aid kit around on a moving day.

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