Guide for packing your home in a day

Very often, the packing process happens to be the longest and most exhausting part of moving. Seems that we have no idea how many things we actually own until we start packing them. You need to get your possession out of closets and shelves, sort them and then starting packing them to boxes. But no worries, good organization and plan can speed up the process drastically. Most noteworthy, last minute movers can help you out with quick and smooth relocation. Check our little guide for packing your home in a day.

A man packing your home in a day.
Don’t panic, you will make it.

Panic is your enemy

First of all, remember to breathe. Some of you reading this just want not to waste too much time packing. But others need to pack and move in a very short notice and that is ok. You will survive, I promise. Others have done it already, so it is possible. You can pack your home in a day. Everything is in your hands. Therefore, you can make it work. The key is to stay calm and go step by step. If you are moving locally, even better. Check out some short distance moving tips. But even if you are moving long distance, it’s possible. You will just need a bigger cup of coffee.

Make a Checklist

A good checklist is the biggest help while packing. Write down everything. The things you need to get done, and the packing supplies you need to purchase. Sort your belongings to three groups: things to pack, things to donate or recycle and things you don’t have to pack.  A good checklist will help you keep track of your priority packing goals. And don’t forget dates! Write down when certain tasks need to be completed, and where things need to go. Therefore, it will also serve as a reminder in case you forget something. It’s up to you to determine how detailed you want it to be. Also, your checklist can be an essential part of staying motivated and getting everything done on time, especially if you are packing your home in a day.

The organization is the key

Before you start filling up the boxes randomly and popping the bubble wrap, you should organize everything you are packing. Don’t skip anything or leave it for later, all need to go somewhere. Remember the three groups I mentioned earlier? Well now is the time to make those three piles. And once you are done, you should make several piles form the one that you are not packing. Sort out the items you will recycle, the ones for donating and the ones you will throw away. Put every item in the corresponding pile.


Notebook, watch and pencil for packing your home in a day.
A good checklist will be your best friend.

Be ruthless in decluttering

A short notice move can actually be a blessing in disguise. The clock thicking means that you need to be more decisive about what stays and what goes. This is the time to be ruthless and to make decisions fast. When you pick something up, the best way is to follow your gut. Deep down you know which things you won’t use again. If the thing is still in good condition, find a place to donate it. Otherwise, throw it away, and don’t question your decisions. My advice is to bag the items you are getting rid of as you go. Therefore, you won’t be tempted to try and take something back.

Packing supplies

Before you start packing, you need to determine which and how many packing supplies you need. Then, you should purchase them or use what you can get for free. All materials should be ready before the packing day. This way you won’t lose time while packing your home in a day.

  • Cardboard boxes in several sizes
  • Plastic bins, if you plan to reuse them for storage later
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Box cutters
  • Sticker labels
  • Permanent markers for labeling
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper or newsprint
  • Rope or twine
  • Felt pads for protecting floors while moving large furniture
  • Basic cleaning supplies

Guide for packing your home in a day

The key to efficient packing is actually the same thing that applies for any other job. Get rid of everything that distracts you. First of all, set the time to start packing. TIt would be great to start early in the morning when you are fresh and concentrated. Make sure you get enough sleep and to have a big breakfast. And remember, no dilly-dallying while boxing the stuff. Turn off the TV while and put the phone away. Music can help you stay motivated and focused.

Pieces of paper.
Use newsprint without print or packing paper, to avoid black hands.

Loading the boxes

Once you get to this stage, you should already have piles of sorted items in each room. Now, start loading the boxes. Use the smaller ones for heavy items and larger ones for light items. Also, don’t leave the room until everything is packed. For a treat, take a nice break between each room. Remember to drink a lot of water and have a snack. You need energy for packing your home in a day.

Packing paper

Make sure you get a lot of newsprints but without the print on it. Hence, you will avoid black hands during wrapping. Use the packing paper to create air pockets between the items. Here are a couple of examples. When packing plates, use one sheet for 4-5 plates depending on size. You can use one sheet for 2-4 glasses depending on size and shape. Start with rolling up the middle glass, then stuck a glass to each end and roll up the rest.  Packing will be faster and you will use less paper.

Professional packing services

As you can already imagine, hiring professionals is the easiest solution, maybe even the cheapest. People often tend to spend more money while trying to save them. If you are packing and moving for the first time, you probably don’t have experience regarding packing supplies nor where and how to purchase the cheapest ones. When you hire packers, you are not just buying the best packing supplies, you are also buying your time and peace. Also, packing your home in a day will be someone else’s responsibility.

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