Guide for packing dishes for moving

Organizing a move is never an easy task. Sometimes it may seem that there are simply too many things to think about, that it may feel really overwhelming. One of the most important things when planning a move is to find a good moving company. This is something that can really make or break your entire move and cause you a lot of potential problems. Add to this the fact that you have to take care of a lot of papers such as transferring medical records, school records, and others to your new neighborhood, and it becomes a lot clearer why moving is one of the most stressful things you will ever have to do. Packing your belongings properly is another important thing to do when preparing for a move, which is why we have prepared a guide for packing dishes for moving.

Packing dishes for moving properly is very important
Packing is one of the most important things when it comes to moving

Proper planning is the key to the entire move, not just properly packing dishes for moving

Making a proper plan before you start doing anything else is really important. Going about packing dishes for moving or to find cheap storage without having at least the most essential elements of the move planned can lead to a lot of problems. So, what is the most efficient way to do this? Well, putting things on paper is the old, but really efficient way of achieving this.

Create a to-do list first

Take a piece of paper and write down everything you can think of that you will have to do during the course of the move. It is highly unlikely that you will write down everything in the first try. Make sure that everyone who will, in the coming days be going through your home, know that that piece of paper should not be thrown away to garbage. Also, make sure that the other members of the family know that they should add items on the moving checklist when they think of something. There will be many things that you will have to add at a later time, so make sure there is enough room.

Create an inventory list

When it comes to packing dishes for moving the right way, is hard to think of something more useful than this. By creating a quality moving list, your move is going to be a lot smoother one. An inventory list is really useful in three different ways if you use it in the right way.

  • It will help you pack more efficiently – Having all of your belongings on a detailed list can really help you with packing dishes for moving as well as all the other objects. By dividing the list according to the rooms in your home, you can pack your belongings in a more organized way.
  • Which helps with the unpacking – When you start the unpacking process, make sure that you mark each of the boxes with signs showing in which room they belong. Also, make sure that you mark each of the boxes where more fragile items are packed, as well as those that you may need right away, such as dishes, towels, etc.
  • You will need it for making an insurance claim – If something happens and you need to make an insurance claim, you will need this piece of document. So, make sure that at least any valuable items have their estimated prices on the list. And make sure that that list is approved by the company’s representative.

    nice dishes
    In order to pack everything properly, you should first make an inventory list

Prepare the packing supplies

First things first. Ideally, you should make sure that you have enough of the packing supplies before you start packing. The best way to do this is to get more of the amount you think you are going to need. If you have a friend or a family member who has experience in moving, they may be able to help you estimate the needed amount correctly. Having enough of the boxes is, for example, one of the crucial things. There are ways to get free moving boxes, so think about your budget also. Looking at an inventory list may be very helpful here.

First steps

When packing dishes for moving, it is best to start with the heaviest objects. This will make things easier because of two reasons. The first one is that it is usually best to start with the toughest task. Once you are done with that, you move to the next toughest task, and so on. That means that you will always have an easier task next. The second reason is that starting with the heaviest objects, at least when it comes to packing dishes for moving, it is best to place the sturdiest ones in the bottom. For instance, glass serving trays should be placed at the bottom of the box.

two piles of dishes
Putting the heaviest items on the bottom is the best way of sorting dishes in a box

Before you place the items in the box, there is one thing that you should definitely do. Some types of dishes are sturdy and rather resistant to damage, but you still have to protect them. So, take the packing paper and crunch it into little balls and cover the bottom of the box completely. By doing this, you create some breathing room that acts as a cushion between the bottom and the item, protecting it from possible damage. You should also do this on the top side when you are done placing the items in the box. You should do this because you will probably put something else on top of the first box.

Wrapping up

Besides boxes, probably the most important element of packing supplies is the packing paper. You will use it in all sorts of ways. One of the most important ones, especially when packing dishes for moving is for wrapping up the items. Put the dish on the stack of the packing paper. Insert a part of the packing paper into the opened part of the dish. Next, fold and tuck the other sides of it up and over the paper. You should wrap every piece of dishware and glassware separately. Some of them, that are more sensitive, should be wrapped with double or even triple layers of protection. The inventory list can be very useful for planning what goes with what.

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