Guide for moving with minimal physical effort

Moving is considered one of the most complicated processes for an average man to face. One of the things that make moving so hard is the fact that it involves a lot of physical activity. Now, for someone who is in shape that should hardly be a challenge, but for a lot of people, this is not something that they are used to. So, finding a way to make the move a simpler task in any way is a very welcome achievement. That is why hiring a good moving company is always a good idea, because moving is not just a complicated task, but it can also be dangerous. One wrong step and you can drop a box with some valuable items, or worse, sprain or even break a leg. That is why we have prepared a guide for moving with minimal physical effort.

Good preparation is key

Leaving your home and moving to a new one is not a simple process. For the majority of people, moving is not something that they do for more than two or three times during their lives. First of all, you have to take care of a lot of paperwork. For instance, you have to inform the authorities of the fact that you are changing your address. Then, you have to move your medical records from your old medical center to the new one. If you have kids and a spouse, you have to take care of their records also. And let’s not forget that you have to move the children’s school records also. Add to that that you have to plan the whole moving process itself, count on the moving costs, and it is clear how complicated it all can be.

We have prepared a guide for moving with minimal physical effort
Making a good plan is half of the job

So, planning the move properly is very important, as it can also enable moving with minimal physical effort. First of all, you should make a master to-do list. Write everything there that you have to do throughout the move. Leave some space for adding new things on the list. Next, make an inventory list. This is going to make life a lot easier for you. Making a detailed moving list can help you pack a lot more efficiently. Once you have all of your belongings you can plan what goes with what in which box. This means that the weight will be distributed more effectively, thus allowing moving with minimal physical effort.

Enlist your friends and family’s help

This is one of the simplest and most efficient ways of moving with minimal physical effort. Friends and family can play a major role in moving. There are many ways in which they can help you from physical assistance to giving advice. If you are in need of packing supplies, they can even help you out with that as they likely have some at their homes. The best way to utilize them is to divide tasks effectively. So, what you may do is this. As you go through your home room by room and write down your items in your inventory list, have the rest of them, pack behind you while you are inventorying.

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Your friends and family can be very helpful

You can even team up with your spouse and have them make the list of essentials for each of the rooms. Once you are done with your list, you can personally pack the essentials for each room. This will help you with moving with minimal physical effort as you will surely need some crucial things in the first days after the move, which you will this way have packed on the side. The best way to go about this is to create a separate essentials box for each of the rooms in your home. Also, each of your family members (who are moving with you) should have their own boxes. Another way your friends or family members can be helpful is by babysitting your children if they are too small to be left unattended.

A part of moving with minimal physical effort is remaining calm

Do not underestimate the importance of staying calm. This is not directly concerned with physical activity, but it can be. If you feel stressed out, you will get tired more quickly. Not to mention that it will impede your ability to think clearly. So, it is important to take a step back once in a while and relax. No matter how hard the task ahead may look like, you are going to be alright. Things may get chaotic for a couple of days, but the move will wrap up eventually.

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Remember to stay calm at all times

If you have kids or a partner, or both it is really important that you make sure that they have the same approach as you. Having them break down in the middle of the move is not something you want. That is why you have to make sure that they know that they can be honest with you, no matter what. This will enable you all to work more effectively as a team and thus to deal with the move in a better way.

Hire a moving company!

One of the most obvious ways to make your moving with minimal physical effort a reality is to hire a moving company. As you consider local movers, bear in mind that you have to be careful not to hire the wrong ones. Hiring a moving company can really make or break your move. This is why you have to on the lookout for the potential moving scams

One of the ways to recognize a potential scam is if the moving company does not want to send someone on the field to see your apartment and give you an estimated moving quote. However, once you hire the movers, you won’t have to do all the work. They will also be able to help you out with dealing with packing if you decide to hire them for that too. 


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