Guide for moving during rainstorms

There are common themes in articles related to moving. These cover many important questions people might ask themselves when they need to move. How to choose good movers or what is a binding estimate? While all these questions matter, sometimes you need to know the specifics of a certain situation and how to prepare for it. For example, while you should always try and move in good weather, what do you do if you find yourself moving during rainstorms? As important the general questions are when you find yourself completely soaked and in the middle of the move, you will only wish someone prepared you for that specific situation. That’s where we step in! So read on, to find out how to conduct your move in the pouring rain!

Best way to be moving during rainstorms is to not move during rainstorms

Funny as this might sound, your best bet would be avoiding moving during rainstorms altogether. Well, hold on, you might say. What if I have to move during the rainy season? Well, even then, there are ways to avoid during the pouring rain. Keep your eye out for the movement of rainstorms. You can easily do this on one of the weather websites that offers satellite imagery. Plan your move accordingly. Especially if you will be moving by yourself. You can wait a day or two for the worst of the storm to pass and then move.

A weatehr satellite
Thanks to the wonders of modern science, you can avoid moving during rainstorms by keeping an eye out of the storm’s movement.

On the other hand, there will be situations when you don’t have this luxury. You might be running on a tight schedule and have to move with the storm clouds above. Still, if you are moving by yourself, you can wait for the rain to pass before loading the moving truck. At least this way your items won’t be soaked while you load them into the truck.

How to deal with moving during rainstorms

Ok, so, avoiding the bad weather would be a great way to deal with moving during rainstorms. But what happens in the situation where you simply can’t avoid the rain? Maybe you booked your move in advance and you simply have to move that day? Well, there are still ways to deal with this that will keep your moving stress levels low. Lower than moving in the full-on rain at least. Let’s look at these

Water-proof your items

First thing you will need to think about when moving during rainstorms is how to protect your items. One of the worst ways bad weather can affect your relocation is water damage. Electronics, works of art and wooden furniture are just some of the items especially susceptible to being ruined by the rain. With that in mind, it would be smart to protect your items well for packing. Professional movers will know to look at a weather forecast and will be ready if you ask them to double wrap your items. Also, professional moving services might also be able to offer you water-proof containers for packing.

Rain droplets on a window.
Water damage is a serious problem when moving during rain, so, make sure you water-proof your items well.

However, if you will be doing the packing yourself, and you plan to be moving during the rainstorms, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, boxes, no matter how sturdy, being cardboard will not be water-proof. However, you can always double-wrap them in a plastic wrap. When it comes to electronics, you should take extra care to wrap the item itself in plastic first, before putting it in a box. The same goes for art pieces and furniture. Even if you use things like glassine paper, use a plastic wrap or bubble-wrap to finish the packing to make sure no water comes through. However, make sure you remove the plastic wrap if you plan to store your furniture for some time before taking it to your new home.

Choose your moving outfit well

Keeping your items dry will be the top priority when moving during rainstorms. No less important, however, is keeping yourself dry. So, if you plan to move in the rain, you should pick your outfit accordingly. This is especially true when you consider that being wet and cold for a longer period of time can leave you sick. Therefore, if you know you will be moving during rainstorms, make sure you dress for the weather and not with fashion in mind. Go with a raincoat and warm clothes. Also, don’t forget just how important keeping your feet dry will be. With that in mind pick out your most water-proof footwear. Even if you lack any of these items having a simple umbrella will do. Just make sure you have it at hand if you notice that there is a chance of a rainstorm when you plan on moving.

An umbrella, an essential item for moving during rainstorms
Make sure your moving outfit is picked according to the weather, not fashion!

Precautions to take when moving during rainstorms

Finally, something that many people overlook when moving during rainstorms is just how dangerous it can be. It doesn’t matter if you choose to drive your car to your new home or drive the moving truck yourself, driving during rainstorms is dangerous. Therefore, you should take every precaution. Don’t drive too fast rushing to complete the move, as you might lose control of the vehicle. Just take it safe and slow. Keep an eye out on large vehicles near you as they might get affected by any high winds. Also, with a slippery surface, breaking may be harder. Therefore, give other vehicles enough space to minimize the risk of crashing.  All these tips go double if you decide on driving a moving truck or van yourself. Especially if it is your first time doing so.

Moving during rainstorms like a pro

There you have it. Reading through our article, you should give you an idea of what to expect when moving during rainstorms. Just approach it cautiously and plan ahead and you should be fine. Soon, you will be out of the rain and in the comfort of your new home. Doesn’t that just sound cozy?

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