Five items professional movers won’t move for you

Moving was always a complicated task to complete. It is costly, time-consuming, and hard. It is understandable that you need professional moving guidelines to cover all moving tasks and relocate safely. After all, there is simply too much to do for one person to handle alone. One must pack, search for movers, sort out personal documents, dedicate a budget, and more. But today, we will focus on the packing process and the items professional movers won’t move. You must know all about it before you make a mistake and pack something you shouldn’t. Such a mistake can endanger the entire moving project. Therefore, let us cover this topic together and ensure your relocation is a safe one.

Robust items professional movers won’t move

Movers are professionals when robust items are the target. But some robust items are blacklisted or moved into a special item category and require a specialized moving team. It is not that movers won’t move them, but you must report you to have those items so your movers can appoint the right moving specialists to relocate such items. If they do not have such a team, you should seek a different moving company. For example, if you are moving to a home gym you should seek fitness equipment movers. Check out the other items that require a specialized moving team:

  • A piano.
  • Pool table.
  • Home safe.
  • King-sized bed.
  • Aquarium.
a piano in the lobby
Movers won’t move a piano unless they have a piano moving team. Be sure to double-check if they have one.

Of course, it all depends on the size and the weight of the item. If you have a small aquarium, you can move it yourself. But if you have a huge one with hundreds of fish, then you’ll need six people to move it. And those movers must have all the skills, expertise, and knowledge on how to do it right. Therefore, keep this in mind when obtaining quotes and report any robust items you possess.


Valuables are the items professional movers won’t move. It is obvious why they do not want to do it. The risk is simply too high. Although, some companies do have high-risk items moving teams. But those are rare and specifically designed for the occasion. Usually, they move valuable jewelry, big amounts of cash, extremely valuable art, and more. Aside from those moving companies, all other which is around 99% of them will never transport your money, jewelry, documents, or family photos. Basically, all private things you possess you should transport yourself.

Simply dedicate a bag or a small box for all those items and relocate it with your car. It is the easiest and the safest way to do it. And of course, for extra safety, you should purchase the best moving insurance in case you have valuable items with you. Seek insurance from your movers or from the insurance company. Whatever you prefer is better.

Hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are the items professional movers won’t move as well. Those are usually construction materials containing chemical substances. Or anything corroded, old, and visibly dangerous to both movers and the moving truck. Those can be items made of wood, metal, plastic, or synthetic materials. Or any combination of raw materials. Also, in this category, we have several peculiar items we can’t sort anywhere else. Those are charcoal, explosive, nail polish, paint thinner, and any sort of battery. Car batteries and acid batteries are a big no in this story. So, if you have any of the items we mentioned, you should get rid of them in advance. Most of them are easily recyclable. You should do it at the nearest recycling center.

nail polish bottles
Who would imagine? Even nail polish is prohibited.

Chemicals are among the items professional movers won’t move

Even if we did not mention you could assume chemicals fall into this category. Yes, movers won’t ever move any volatile liquids, chemicals, or flammable fluids. This includes home-friendly chemicals you use to clean your bathroom, clothing, dishes, or anything like that. Also, they won’t move bleach, solvents, paint, and of course, gas, petroleum, or gasoline.

Although, if you are moving a business and you have a permit to move such items, you will find a moving company with a license to relocate such items. But for small everyday residential relocations, this won’t happen. Keep this in mind if you pack a spray can inside one of your boxes. Don’t let your movers find it or you can end up with a lawsuit on your hands. Even a nail polish we mentioned earlier is prohibited. Basically, all liquids and chemicals. But to be sure, you should ask your movers if you are uncertain about a specific item.


Now, it might sound silly but people have all sorts of ideas on how they are going to move their entire fridge along with all the food inside. Bad news everyone. Even if you empty your fridge completely, you still can’t bring your food into the moving truck. But what to do with it? How to get rid of the food? And why movers won’t move it? It’s just food! The answer is simple, perishables like food can make a huge mess inside a moving truck and ruin your belongings. Also, they can get into places and without noticing eventually attract ants, mice, and all kinds of rodents.

perishables are the items professional movers won't move
Movers won’t move any kind of perishables. Get rid of it all before moving.

It is simply unsanitary and prohibited by the moving industry. So, we are sure after learning this, you will stop purchasing in bulks at least two weeks in advance and donate what is left in the days before the move. In the end, bring a bag or a box with leftovers in your car and that is it.

Find the right moving team to relocate you

In the end, you must know that all the items we mentioned are blacklisted and all licensed moving companies will reject moving them. But this does not mean you shouldn’t compare moving quotes, services, read reviews, and such. Sure, you won’t find what you are looking for, but you will surely find a better deal. And if you are looking for a company that will transport hazardous materials or something similar, then you’ll be working with a shady moving company. Do it on your own accord and be mindful of the situation.

Now you know more about the items professional movers won’t move. Just make a list and shuffle through your belongings before packing. Remove everything and you won’t have any problems along the way. Good luck and stay safe!

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