Five apps to boost your business leads and conversions

Looking for ways to improve your moving company and boost your business is an integral part of the relocation industry. Worrying that your business is at a standstill, not getting many customers? No one likes that. That’s where Master Moving Guide comes in. Our mission is to help new moving companies get clients and build a name for themselves in the moving industry. Starting your own moving business is never easy. You have to register your company, find employees and make a good reputation in order to run a successful business. With the help of a moving broker, your company could bloom, too. In addition to that, we have compiled a list of five apps to boost your business leads and conversions.

Here are the five best apps to boost your business leads and conversions

If you feel your moving business needs a little pick-me-up, there are great apps that can help you. Not only do they help with improving your business, which in turn results in satisfied clients, but they also make the job easier for your employees. Combine these apps with a good moving broker and your business will sky-rocket. Customers are always looking for reliable movers, which is exactly what you are. So, consider implementing these five apps into your business:

  • Price Point
  • Move Easy
  • Updater
  • Permit Puller
  • Yembo
two women discussing which are the best apps to boost your business leads and conversions
Try these apps to boost your business leads and conversions.

Price point

Price Point is an app that uses your clients moving information to offer them the best moving price. Such apps are useful since your primary goal is to offer a tempting price to your potential clients and increase your business conversions. With a good price and great service, your customers are more than likely to refer you to their friends and acquaintances. And you know what that means for your company- more business! Most established and well-known companies have worked hard on making a name for themselves and gaining their customers’ trust. This is why, as a small business, will have to offer lower prices. Interstate movers have an even harder job in providing the best price for their potential clients. Working with this app will help you significantly since it will calculate the moving estimate for your clients instead of you doing it manually.

Move Easy

Move Easy is another quoting tool that can help your business get more leads and conversions. Similar to the previous app, your moving company can benefit from having a fast, simple, and precise quoting system. Most customers will opt for your company if they get a good estimate which fits their budget. Even more importantly, if the estimate doesn’t differ drastically from the actual price of the move. What’s important for moving companies to remember is that clients are looking to hire movers without getting scammed. Your job is to determine your pricing so it’s tempting for potential customers, but not so low that you might seem like a fraudulent mover. Also, with moving prices too low, you would be out of business in no time. So, it’s not a good idea however you look at it.

woman working on a laptop
Using apps that will give your clients accurate moving estimates quickly is crucial.


Updater is an extremely useful app for moving companies. If you are looking to provide a premium moving service and do everything for your client when it comes to their relocation, you will find this tool to be a priceless help. It gives you the possibility to transfer utilities and change address information, forward mail, and everything else that comes with relocating to another place. Your clients are too busy with moving, so they tend to forget to update their account information, for example. That’s where your moving company steps in. By offering to do all of the above for your clients, you will quickly build a rich base of satisfied customers who are more than happy to recommend your business to anyone they know.

Permit Puller

Permit Puller is a great tool for all moving companies. It provides temporary moving permits and parking spots for the move you have scheduled. When you do a long-distance move it is especially difficult to always get a parking spot near your job site, so this app will reserve a suitable one for you. This will spare you paying for unnecessary parking tickets. It’s hard enough for a young company to find clients and stay successful. You don’t need to pay fines on top of your many expenses. Not to mention getting temporary moving permits for every long-distance or interstate move you do. Try using Permit Puller when you do your next relocation and see the difference it makes.


Yembo is an artificial intelligence app used to create inventory lists for the relocations you do. Since the times have changed and it’s not always possible to go to your client’s home to make an inventory of their belongings before packing, this tool does it for you! All you need is for your client to make a video of their possessions and send it to you. The app will then scan the video and make an inventory of the items. This will save you and your employees a significant amounts of time.

woman working on a laptop
Apps that make inventory lists instead of your employees are a time-saver.

Why it’s useful to work with a moving broker combined with apps to boost your business leads and conversions

Who doesn’t want to see their moving business thriving? Working with a moving broker can aid that process! Moving brokers, such as Master Moving Guide, have already built a name for themselves. They only recommend reliable moving companies to their clients, so the possibility of increasing business conversions with the help of a moving broker is imminent. If you need apps to boost your business leads and conversions, combining them with working with a moving broker is the recipe for success. Try out our tips and watch as your company flourishes!

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