Fastest growing cities in the US

When individuals or families decide to settle in a new place or relocate, they usually do research to see which countries are flourishing. Some areas are more popular than others, according to Master Moving Guide. People are flocking to the South and West in search of rapid growth. These areas are known to have a good climate and are appealing to both families and retirees. Therefore, considering these locations is a good idea, if you have recently moved from your previous home. Furthermore, the fastest-growing cities attract a lot of buyers each year. This is due to the job market, low housing costs, and low living expenses. There are many reasons why people decide to relocate to another place. But one thing is sure. Everyone will choose one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Read on to see the compiled list of popular American cities.

#1 Frisco, Texas, is gradually gaining popularity

If you are a fan of big metropolitan cities, you are likely to change your preference now. Frisco is located in Collin County, Texas. Although less famous than other large cities, the residents of this place take pride in their suburban area. As a result, much of the city’s development is due to suburban beauty and short commuting time to Dallas. Frisco is becoming one of the top US cities for singles who move there to start a family, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you are a fan of baseball, you can watch several minor league teams, as well as visit some great museums. There are two major airports, so if you like to travel, you will have all the benefits if you choose Frisco. Finally, all of these reasons make Frisco a fun, affordable, and family-friendly city.

The row of houses in a suburban area
You will like the beautiful, suburban area in Frisco, Texas. Not only the place looks amazing, but it attracts new residents each year as well. Frisco is a great place to start a family

#2 Buckeye, Arizona, is one of the fastest growing cities in the US

Buckeye is ranging in diversity. This small city in Arizona has everything you need, from a simple family store to big retailer shops. The area is well-known for its retirement community, and the city is one of the best US cities to retire. However, this doesn’t prevent the development of the place, which is obvious in recent years. Elderly people say that they like the atmosphere of the place, and they are happy to move there after their retirement. Moreover, it is close to hundreds of golf courses, nightclubs, and outdoor activities. Buckeye is located just minutes from two major regional parks, providing residents with easy access to hiking, camping, and riverside fun. In other words, you will never get bored in this place, even if you are a retiree. There is something for everyone in Buckeye.

#3 Fort Myers, Florida, the fastest growing tourist destination

Many people are choosing sunny Florida to be their forever home. Sandy beaches, splendid views, and crystal clear water are all you can ask for. It is not a surprise that cities in Florida can be found on this list. One of Florida’s fastest growing cities is a major tourist destination. It is Fort Myers, the place with a row of beaches along the Gulf Coast. Even though it is crowded with tourists, Fort Myers is a desirable location for people who like nightlife in Florida. Even though it owes its popularity and development to tourism, Fort Myers is a historical place too. There is much more than just fun and excitement here. Once developed partly by Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, you can have a nice historical tour downtown.

A couple holding hands and talking about the fastest growing cities in the US
Fort Myers is more than a row of beaches along the coast of Florida. Explore historical sites downtown and enjoy plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking, water sports, and biking along trails

#4 Irvine, California, offers prosperity, education, and growth for its residents

It is not a surprise that this city is included in the list of the fastest growing cities. Even before it was built, the city was destined to achieve long-term growth. Located in Orange County, it is a metropolitan area with plenty of opportunities for education, career, and development. Therefore, the city is very popular as one of the best cities for millennials in the USA. Young people go there to study at the University of California and work at some of the largest companies in the world. Samsung, Toshiba, Taco Bell, and Broadcom are just a few other famous names you can find in Irvine and apply to work in their headquarters. Moreover, the residents can enjoy a trip to the beach, and play golf away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles.

#5 Buy a dream house in Meridian, Idaho

The number of people moving to Meridian is going up, but the median price to buy a house is going down. The population has increased by 1000 % since 1900, which makes this city unique in American history. This gap between numbers is what makes Meridian one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. Meridian boasts a lower cost of living, and the median price for buying a home is lower than the national average. People who decide to settle in this area get the best moving insurance from the government, to protect their homes. Along with the household income of $63,225, this is yet another thing that puts Meridian high on the list. Do you like these numbers? Then start thinking about moving to Meridian now.

A beautiful mountain landscape in Idaho
Meridian, Idaho is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. This is not just because of the breathtaking mountain views, but affordable housing costs and high annual income

#6 Sammamish, Washington, a small city with big schools

We present to you the richest city in the USA. Sammamish may be a small place in King County, but it sure has a lot to offer. If you are looking for a place where your children will get the best education, but still live in a quiet community, then you can consider Sammamish. Experts nominate it as the fastest-growing middle-sized city when it comes to the number of students in public schools. Students get high scores in math and reading here. Moreover, they have an average score of 10/10, which is among the highest in the country. Schools are divided into districts, which makes it easier for children to commute. All 12 elementary public schools in Sammamish have around 12 000 students, and the number continues to grow. The best thing is that they are safe, proving that this small place can beat many other metropolitan cities.

#7 San Jose, Silicon Valley, is welcoming you open-handed

Apart from small places in this list, there is one large and well-known city located in Silicon Valley. San Jose is gaining popularity in recent years and is welcoming residents from all over the country. People are attracted to its temperate weather, unique landscape, and outdoor activities that involve the whole family. Another reason to put this city on the list is that new job vacancies are available every day. Moreover, San Jose is the fastest-growing pet-friendly city. Yes, you are not dreaming. This city is the perfect place for you and your pet. Dog lovers can spend time with their pets in numerous parks and playgrounds that are specially designed for animals. If you want to feel the overwhelming beauty of this city, you can hire residential movers to take you there. There are plenty of moving companies that can relocate you to Silicon Valley, as moving on your own may be a bit pricey in this area.

Beautiful night lights in San Jose
Are you looking for a city that will suit your needs? One of the most successful and beautiful cities in Silicon Valley is San Jose. Beautiful night lights, breathtaking landscape, and pet-friendly parks make San Jose one of the fastest growing cities in the US

#8 Cedar Park, Texas, is one of the fastest growing cities in the US for job seekers

Cedar Park is another city in Texas that continues to grow each year. Due to its location in a large metro, Cedar Park is one of the fastest growing suburban areas. You may be wondering what possibilities there are in a suburb. If this is the case, you will be happy to hear that Cedar Park is top cities for job seekers. Around 78,000 people decide to move to Cedar Park each year, in search of better job opportunities. You can get a vacancy in many famous high-tech companies, or find other skilled jobs. Because it has a large metro station, Cedar Park is connected to many major cities in Texas, including Austin. After a long day at work, residents can visit a well-known Texas farmers’ market, and bike along beautiful trails.

#9 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a great place to start a small business

Although it is better known to foreigners as a beach and golf vacation destination, Myrtle Beach is a desirable place to live too. There are several reasons why you should consider moving to this city. Whether you are a young professional, a family person, or an empty nester, you can benefit from the area’s low cost of living. One of the reasons why Myrtle Beach is one of the fastest growing cities in the US is the low unemployment rate. Moreover, new jobs are constantly opening, especially in the area of tourism and the hospitality industry. Furthermore, if you decide to start your own business, you will be charged small income taxes, and get incentives to grow and develop.  Many young people go to Myrtle Beach to try their luck in the business industry. All of this is contributing to the rise of Myrtle Beach’s population and economy, thus placing it on this list.

A woman holding her baby at the beach
Myrtle Beach is not just a beach. It is flourishing when it comes to business opportunities. People move to this city to find new jobs and start a family, but at the same time enjoy beautiful areas with their loved ones

#10 Last but not least, Las Vegas, Nevada

Is it necessary to say more? No person around the globe hasn’t heard about Las Vegas, and this is for a reason. It seems that something is always happening in Las Vegas. Although it has a reputation as an adults-only playground, Las Vegas is actually a pleasant community to live in. The reason we include this city in the list is that more and more people move to Las Vegas. It is not just about the excitement and dazzling lights, Las Vegas has a lot to offer to enrich your spirit too. International cuisine lovers can enjoy some of the world-class restaurants in the valley, and bibliophiles can attend the annual Las Vegas Book Festival. As tourism in the area is always at a high level, there are new job opportunities at any time. We can say that Las Vegas is a city that is always growing.

Las Vegas as one of the fastest growing cities in the US
Don’t hesitate to come to wonderful Las Vegas. Apart from being the most famous place for fun and entertainment, it provides decent living conditions and a pleasant community. You will feel most welcomed in this fabulous place

Closing remarks

People are moving all the time for many reasons. However, whatever your motivations, you will probably want to move to a place with good living conditions. Before you decide, you should think about your priorities carefully. Maybe you want a better job opportunity or a less crowded place. Perhaps you are a retiree seeking a quiet place, or a young person going to college. Based on your preferences you can decide which city is the best for you. After that, you can move on your own, or hire professional movers to help you. As much as it seems hard, moving is easier if you have the right moving partner. Moreover, if you are not sure what place is the right one to make your dreams come true, go through this list one more time. Some of the fastest growing cities in the US are waiting for you.

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