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Moving is a big step in the lives of all those who decide to move. Especially for those who encounter relocation for the first time in their lives. We’re sure that everyone wants something to ask their movers, and we’re sure that everyone is curious. People often search the internet when looking for information. But also, you can very easily come across inaccurate information. On our Master Moving Guide site, you can find all the information related to your relocation, movers, moving companies, etc. Since long-distance is one of the more complicated types of relocations, we have prepared a FAQ about long-distance movers in one place. So, let’s see!

First, you need to find your long distance movers

When you decide to move, one of the first tasks you need to do is find your moving company. When it comes to long distance relocation there are many reasons why you need moving and storage companies. One of the first reasons is that your company will be your biggest help and support during the moving process. So, before you start thinking about what to ask your long distance movers, find them!

Long distance movers packing glasses
You need to find movers that will meet all the requirements of your move.

When you decide to find the right moving company for your move, it’s important to know that each company offers you free moving quotes. Based on that, you will need to know more details about your move. And at the same time, this will help you decide which company really suits you, more precisely, which company meets all the conditions for your move. So, when you decide to find a moving company, pick a few. Request a free moving quote from each. And finally, compare the quotes and make the final choice. This is one of the easiest ways to find your right moving company.

What to ask your long distance movers?

Movers are expert staff who know all about relocation processes. They encounter different jobs, different types of relocations, as well as different needs of people and their relocations on a daily basis. That is why they can be said to have the most experience in this business. And that means that they can give you the most accurate and precise answers to all your questions about the process of your move. If you’ve ever wondered what their role is in all of this, you’ll find out now. In fact, they are there to help you, provide proper moving services, and relieve you of unnecessary moving stress. Don’t doubt their ability. Give it a chance and you will be convinced of these words.

When we talk about what you can ask your long distance movers, the answer is simple. Everything that interests you and has to do with your move. We will help you and reveal some FAQ about long distance movers. We suggest you make a list of questions you would like to ask your movers. And we will help you with that.

So, all your questions should be about:

  • Long distance movers
  • Organization of your moving process
  • Planning your move
  • Packing
  • Packaging
  • Moving preparation
  • Moving costs
  • The time you need to move
  • Tips and tricks for easy move
  • Moving quotes

FAQ About Long Distance Movers

If this is the first time you’ve encountered a move, then you probably don’t know anything about movers. So, we will reveal a few FAQs about your movers so you can get to know who they are, what they do, and how they can actually help you.

Operators responding to FAQ about long distance movers
The operators of each moving company are at your disposal for FAQ about long distance movers

Who are long distance movers?

Movers are professional staff, who have the greatest knowledge about moving. They went through rigorous training and coaching to do this job today. There are several groups of movers, and these are local movers, long-distance movers, interstate or cross country movers, international movers, and last minute movers. You will collaborate with movers that match the type of your following. And in this case, they are Long distance movers.

What long distance movers can offer you?

First of all, your movers will offer you their constant help and support during the whole process of your move. From start to finish. And it will also offer you quality and efficient moving services.

How they can help you?

Their main mission is to help its customers, and ensure they have a simple, easy, and practical move. Providing moving services will help you successfully complete all the tasks related to your move. It will help you with packing your things, loading and unloading, choosing packaging, storage, etc.

How much their work will cost you?

One of the most common issues is moving costs. Their work is usually charged for the hour they spend with you, providing you with their services. The price of long distance moving ranges from $ 2,200 to $ 5,700. Sometimes more.

pile of money
Many factors affect the cost of your move

You need to be well informed, so ask your movers about your moving process

Is long distance moving a demanding job?

In the group of long-distance relocations, all relocations whose distance is over 400 miles. What you need to know is that every move is a special and unique process. It can be a complicated and difficult job but it doesn’t have to be. When you have real movers next to you, everything is easy and simple.

How long will it take to prepare for your move?

The length of the move and its preparation depends solely on the complexity of your move. Sometimes the preparation lasts about 6 months, sometimes less. Also, if you are wondering how many movers do I need, the answer may also depend on the type of your move, the difficulty, etc.

What services do your movers offer you?

Each moving company offers different services. And depending on your needs, they will make an offer for you. But among the standard moving services are packing services, storage services, piano moving, delivery services, etc.

Why do you need to plan your move?

This is also one of the most common questions. Planning, like organization, is very important in any business. So, it’s with relocation. You need to make a detailed plan of your long distance relocation and organize your time. Also, you can always seek the help of your movers.

Ask your movers about moving quotes

Free moving quotes often attract the attention of customers. And this is also can be in a group of FAQ about long distance movers. But before you ask your moving company for a free moving quote, you should be well informed. And with this, you can plan your moving budget. This means that you are free to ask your movers about it. Among the first things, ask them if they work in-home estimates or online moving estimates. The difference is in the precision and accuracy of the assessment.

When it comes to an online request for a free moving quote, you are asked to enter some of your move details. Based on the entered data, your request is processed and a report is formed, which will be submitted to you by your company. This is one of the easiest ways to get an estimate of your move, but you need to be sure to enter accurate information.

Your contract must always contain information such as the price, the services you use, and insurance information, also, be careful when signing.

When we talk about in-home estimates, the assessment is done in a slightly different way. And the procedure is a bit slower. Because after contacting your moving company, they will determine the date and time when their agent comes to your home to make an assessment of your move. This can usually take 3-5 days, depending on the crowds and the work season. The assessment can be influenced by the number of things, the size of the moving truck needed, the distance, the job season, etc.

FAQ about packing for long distance moving

Packing is one of the main jobs on which the whole relocation process is actually based. Sometimes it’s only possible to pack a couple of suitcases and head to a new location. But when you want to move your family, your home, or your business space, packing can be really tiring. So, before you start packing, there are a few questions you should ask your movers.

What to pack for long distance moving?

What you pack for your move is up to you. But what your movers can advise you is not to pack a lot of things. Not only will it take less time to pack fewer things, but it will also save you some money. Because most moving companies charge according to the number of things you want to move. So, for a long-distance move, you can pack your clothes, personal belongings, a pair of electrical appliances, a few smaller pieces of furniture, etc.

What are the easiest ways for packing?

The easiest way to pack is to leave that job to your moving company. But if you still decide to do it yourself, it would be best to sort your things and pack them in order. Room by room. That way you will avoid making a mess. Also, you can find many packing tips that will be of great help to you. Another tip, mark the boxes.

Where you can get the packaging?

Another in a series of frequently asked questions. Packing and moving supplies can be provided by your moving company in most cases. But there are also several ways to find free moving boxes. You can look for boxes in local stores, or use something you already have in your home, but you can also borrow it from a friend or family.

couple among boxes
There are many places where you can find moving boxes

Important FAQ about long distance movers

All questions are equally important. But before you begin the process of moving, there are 5 questions you must ask your movers:

  1. Are you bonded and insured?
  2. How long have you been in the moving industry?
  3. Is there a business contract for working with you?
  4. Do you offer insurance?
  5. Can you meet all the needs of relocation?

Primarily, every moving company must be licensed, verified, and secure. You can check the status of the company using the US DOT number you can request from your movers. You can check the US DOT number on the FMCSA website. Also, the moving company you choose must be bonded and insured and must offer you insurance during your move. So, if there is a loss or damage of your belongings or some other situation covered by insurance, the loss will be compensated. This is one of the most important things when it comes to making a contract with your moving company.

How do be sure that you choose the right long distance movers?

It’s simple. The moving company must meet all the needs of your move. Also, the company must be trusted and secure, so that you can trust it. So, before you make a deal with your movers, tell them your wishes and the needs of your move. Ask about the services you need and the type of help they can provide. Also, price plays a very important role. Be sure to ask your company for a price. When you get all the answers to your questions you will know if the company is right for you. 

List for questions
You can make your list with questions to ask your long distance movers

Finally, don’t be ashamed to ask your movers questions. Some of the questions may sound harsh, but for your safety, the safety of your belongings, and the process of moving, you need to be very well informed. The FAQ about long distance movers that we have presented so far can help you. So, make your list of questions, and ask them. Believe us, they will be happy to answer all your questions and solve all your doubts.

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