FAQ about hot tub movers you should know

Are you ready for the move? Surely millions of questions arise. Especially concerning the packing and protection of your belongings. One extra concern might be if you have decided to move your hot tub. There’s no need to hide the truth. Relocating a hot tub is a difficult endeavor. Be that as it may, make it easy on yourself and read this Master Moving Guide. True professionals will know exactly what to do and they will give you helpful advice. In case you still have doubts consider the FAQ about hot tub movers and ask your moving company whatever you think is important to know.

What FAQ about hot tub movers should you know?

First of all, determine whether to move a hot tub or not. If your home already had a hot tub when you moved in, maybe you should leave it behind. But if you bought it and want it in your new home, then it’s a good idea to relocate it. What you should know is that it is demanding. You need a lot of men, equipment, and trucks in which your hot tub may fit. Thus, if you thought of moving yourself, we advise you to think it through. Relying on hot tub movers is a much better solution. Thus, start searching for the FAQ about hot tub moving companies that may facilitate the whole process. Knowing the answers will clarify all doubts you may have.

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Consider FAQ about hot tub movers and make your relocation a success. Your best movers will do everything to execute the relocation without complications.

What is an estimate?

In simple words, this is an assumption of the costs of the move. Both sides will benefit from determining the estimate. Movers will know what they need to execute the relocation. The number of people, type of equipment, and time needed for the relocation. On the other side, you are the one interested in knowing the exact price of the move.

Furthermore, you should know what is a binding estimate. In case you want to be certain your costs won’t change in case something unpredictable happens, a binding estimate should be your choice.

How to get an accurate moving estimate?

In most cases, in order to get exact moving quotes you just need to provide details related to your hot tub.

  • dimensions (length, height, width)
  • material
  • weight
  • access to the yard
  • stairs/steps
  • some special things (if there are some)

The ultimate cost of the move depends on many factors and the size of your hot tub will definitely influence the price. After all, they usually weigh up to 900 pounds without water inside them. On the contrary, they can weigh 6,000 pounds with water in them. Thus, expect to pay for a relocation of your hot tub from $200 to $700. As for the final price, it all depends on other things, such as location, distance, and weight of your things.

How many people can move a hot tub?

Well, in case you plan to relocate on your own, several friends should be at your disposal. Still, why risk someone getting hurt or damaging your hot tub? A better question would be – How many movers do I need? In this case, at least three movers should handle the hot tub. However, maybe even more movers could engage in relocating such a difficult and large item.

How to prepare for the moving of the hot tub?

One of the main FAQs about professionals handling your hot tub is related to the preparation itself. Thus, the essential thing to do when you want to move a hot tub is to disconnect and drain it. Also, you are to clear the paths from any obstacles on the way. For instance, take care of the low-hanging branches, utility meters, and awning. Whatever obstruction you come along clear it. Make it easy for the movers. Moreover, don’t let the price of the relocation go high in case the access is problematic.

FAQ about hot tub movers related to this round hot tub with wooden frame
Prepare your hot tub for the move. If you need help, feel free to contact our movers and ask for help.

How to drain a hot tub for moving?

One of the ways is to attach a garden hose to the drain valve and open it. Most of the water will get out slowly. On the other hand, you can use a submersible pump that will reduce the drain time to 10 to 15 minutes. Moreover, use a wet-dry vac in order to push the water that remained in the pipes. Also, vacuum the leftover puddles. As a result, your hot tub will be completely ready for relocation.

Should I tip the movers?

Are you satisfied with your movers? Are you truly aware of the strain and difficulty of the job they are doing for you? Especially in the case of moving a hot tub. Thus, if you are satisfied, the question shouldn’t be should I tip but – how much to tip movers? You are to tip each member of the team at least $20. Of course, it depends on the complexity of the relocation. If complexity goes higher then the same should be with the tips as well. Thus, you should tip them from $50 to $70. Whatever you decide don’t go below $20.

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Show your movers you value their work. They will appreciate it.

Get the necessary knowledge to make facilitate the relocation of your hot tub

Altogether, getting familiar with the FAQ about hot tub movers will help you understand the process of moving. Moving a hot tub demands careful preparation, skillful movers, and adequate equipment. Hence, rely on genuine professionals to handle your relocation. It will save you trouble and you will be sure your hot tub will be safely transported to your new home. Therefore, rely on basic questions people usually ask their movers since these can clarify a lot of things. If you need to know about transportation, hot tub draining, estimates, and other interesting points the answers are ready for you.

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