FAQ about cross country movers you should know

Have you decided to move cross country? If this is the case organization and preparation should be at the highest level possible. Compared to other types of relocation, a cross-country move is much more demanding. Hence, make sure to complete one of the most important tasks: hire the best moving company. Still, we, at Master Moving Guide can’t say this is an easy task. There is a variety of moving companies in the market. How to opt for the most reliable ones? We consider you should be acquainted with the FAQ about cross country movers that can clarify all your doubts. Also, these questions will influence your decisions, and make sure you plan your move thoroughly.

What makes cross country moves different than other types of relocation?

Mainly the distance creates the differences. A cross country move is a relocation within the USA. Thus, you can move to a neighboring state or one very far away. Generally speaking, it is a quite complex type of move. With this in mind, moving on your own is not advisable. What you need is to find reliable movers that will take care of your belongings meticulously.

Some of the most FAQ about cross country movers is related to the movers and their abilities shown by this bearded man who is looking at boxes and writing something down
Find the best movers to handle your cross country move.

What are the most frequent FAQ about cross country movers?

Prior to hiring your interstate movers you should know what things demand clarification. After all, you want to be sure you have the right partners by your side. The clarification of each question may help you make appropriate decisions and facilitate your relocation. Thus, each question will lead you one step further in achieving a successful relocation.

What is the best time to relocate?

First of all, we must mention that movers are the busiest during the summer months. With this in mind, a logical conclusion would be that summer months are mots desirable for the relocation. Why is that the case? Well, the answer is simple – weather conditions are perfect. This is significant for both the movers and the clients. Still, if you plan on relocating during the summer make sure to book your residential movers on time. Moreover, in order to ease up on yourself, book your movers in the middle of the month.

On the other hand, you can choose your moving date during the winter months or late fall. The expenses will be quite lower. Also, you’ll find movers more easily. Therefore, bear in mind that the decision on when to move is related to your own personal needs and desires, and eventually to your movers.

What is an estimate?

To start with one od the basic FAQ about cross country movers – the costs. The estimate is a guess of the costs of the move. It is helpful for both sides. The moving experts will know exactly what they need. For instance, they will know how many movers and equipment they need, and what is the amount of items they need to relocate. On the other hand, the clients will also get an insight into the costs.

Furthermore, you may wonder how the estimates are created. They are actually based on certain points.

  • the size of the inventory
  • mover’s tariff
  • the type of the relocation

When searching for an estimate make sure to get at least three estimates in order to compare the prices. Then, you may choose what suits you best.

How do the binding and non-binding estimates differ from each other?

In case you get a binding estimate, be certain that the prices won’t change no matter what happens during the relocation. Sometimes unpredictable things occur and demand additional expenses. Be that as it may, your binding estimate is a guarantee your costs will remain the same. On the contrary, a non-binding estimate means the final price is to change due to certain additional costs. Thus, be ready to take risks. Most importantly, be certain what estimate you will accept as the most suitable one.

What estimate is the most accurate one?

There’s one more doubt that needs clarification regarding the estimates. It relates to the difference between an in-home moving estimate and an online moving quote. While the first option means the moving agent comes to your home and analyzes the inventory, the second one is done on the internet based on the data you provide to your movers. Both are quite good with one difference – the accuracy. After all, moving agents assess your belongings and they know exactly the amount of your items, the number of movers you need, the number of moving trucks, and necessary equipment.

How long in advance should I contact the moving company?

One of the main FAQ about cross country relocation is definitely related to the time of contacting the movers. Well, we advise you to contact them at least a month before the relocation. Let’s be realistic, the earlier the better. Especially if you need to find someone at the peak of the season. Thus, the best would be to contact the movers around 6 weeks prior to your move.

a woman calling someone by the phone
Contact and book your movers on time. Remember, the best movers are always busy. Thus, don’t be late.

Are the movers licensed and insured?

Everyone wants to hire interstate movers without getting scammed. Thus, you must be very cautious in order to avoid fraudulent movers. First, check the mover’s website, all the data should be available on their website. Also, the information about licenses and insurance should be on the advertising materials and trucks as well. If in doubt you may call them and ask for their DOT number or MC license number. Thanks to the internet you can check everything nowadays.

Besides, you can always ask for recommendations and reviews where you can find the answer to your doubts too. No matter the way, find out everything you can to be sure your movers deserve your trust. As a result, you’ll be sure your items are safe and that is your utmost concern.

How long will it take for the movers to relocate my belongings?

If we try to solve one of the frequent doubts about your cross country move we couldn’t say that just one thing influences the time movers need to complete the relocation. As a matter of fact, it depends on the size of your home, the amount of your inventory, and the distance your items need to cross, among many other things. Hence, let your moving experts do the necessary analysis and provide you with an adequate timeline. Of course, be ready for the timeline changes. Sometimes unexpected things happen and prolong the relocation process.

What services should I get from the movers?

Apart from the essential type of move that depends on the distance, you can consider using other moving services. Professional packers can facilitate your move tremendously. Also, if you need some place to keep your belongings safe, most movers offer secure storage units. Moreover, your moving team may load, unload, unpack, assemble or disassemble your furniture.

Depending on the budget and your needs, you can opt for full services or partial services. Or else, if you plan to handle everything and just need the moving labor, there are companies that offer these services as well.

What things should I pack?

Having in mind the complexity of the cross country move no wonder this is a thing people usually ask about when relocating cross country. Generally speaking, we believe you would like to pack everything. People get emotionally attached to certain items. However, be realistic. Surely, you plan to save some money. Then, decide well what to pack. Opt for the crucial things. Leave behind you the items you no longer need, everything that is broken or damaged, and the things that won’t fit your new home,e. Also, check whether certain items such as furniture will be cheaper if you buy the new ones instead of transporting the old ones.

Also, make sure to be properly informed about the items professional movers won’t move. There are certain moving companies that simply don’t risk moving things such as pianos, hazardous materials, chemicals, or weapons. Thus, be frank and don’t create problems by lying to your movers.

How to pack my things?

How to pack your things is also one of the common FAQ about cross country movers. First of all, find the necessary packing materials.

  • moving boxes
  • packing paper
  • bubble wrap
  • packing tape
  • labels
  • markers
a room with packed boxes and a sheet over the bed
Packing should be done and organized properly in order to assure the safety of the items. Let the packers ease up the move.

Some things such as boxes are available for free in bookstores, liquor stores, supermarkets, etc. However, you will need to buy some things and make sure they are of good quality. On the other hand, you can rely on professional packers that have it all. Experience, skills, necessary materials, and equipment to facilitate the packing process. Ask yourself – What about packers and movers near me? Why not rely on professionals and evade the tiresome procedure called packing. By making this choice, you are certain your belongings will reach the new destination undamaged.

What if something gets damaged, broken, or lost?

Among many questions for moving companies appears the one related to doubts about the safety of your possessions. Basically, professionals handle your belongings with utmost care. Still, accidents happen. True professionals have the solution even in these situations. If your items are insured then you have nothing to worry about. The insurance will cover everything. You just need to inform the moving team of the problem so that they can record everything. The external team will inspect the issue and decide how to handle the current situation.

Should I tip the movers is one of the the most common FAQ about cross country movers

The answer to this question is definitely – Yes. Of course, if we take into consideration that you’ve had a positive experience with the moving staff. They deserve to know you feel gratitude towards them for a job well done. How much to tip movers? In most cases, people give $20 to each member of the team. More days and more complicated relocation will result in a higher tip. From $50 to $70 is a sign of appreciation. What matters is that you don’t go under $20, and everything else depends on you.

How much will the relocation process cost?

The final price depends on many factors.

  • the size of the move
  • the services
  • the distance

The amount of belongings has a strong effect on the price. Have you ever asked yourself – How many movers do I need? Well, the answer lies in your home, your household inventory, and the necessary speed of the process. As you can see, various factors influence your move. As for the services, bear in mind teh budget. In case it allows you, there are many services that can facilitate the whole process. On the other hand, stick to the basic ones. Since the cross country move is more demanding and the distance is longer compared to the local move, expect higher costs. Still, rest assured that your movers will always try to adjust the services to your needs and possibilities. Even discounts are possible. Therefore, the average price of the cross country move ranges from $1,500 to $15,000, and what it will be at the end depends only on you.

a woman holding dollar bills and think about FAQ about cross country movers
One of the most FAQ about cross country movers is related to the price. Everyone wants to save money when relocating. Your movers will surely have in mind your possibilities.

Let all the doubts go away and enjoy your relocation

Generally speaking, the good side of the FAQ about cross country movers is the fact that these questions help you get more informed about the relocation itself and the movers. You are to know what to expect in every situation. Therefore, you will be more prepared for the move. You will know exactly when to contact the movers, how to find the right ones, how much it will cost you, and what you can expect in order to keep your belongings safe. Don’t underestimate the complexity of the cross country move. Plan ahead of time, and make sure you find the best movers possible.

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