Facts about moving companies that you should remember

Americans move quite often. On average, more than 11 times during a lifetime. However, even though moving companies are usually those who handle those relocations people still do not know how they really operate and what they can expect when dealing with movers. If you are interested to learn some facts about moving companies or you are just searching for professional moving advice, this article will try to explain all you need to know when preparing for moving or some other similar process where hiring movers is necessary.

Moving companies have many branch offices to help them cover larger areas

One of the first facts about moving companies that we will cover is related to the process of searching for movers. When you search for the term movers near me, you will get a ton of results. However, that doesn’t mean that all those companies are situated in your vicinity. Moving companies actually have headquarters in one place and many other branch offices. That way they can cover much larger areas. And, of course, get to more customers. That is why you can practically use the same moving company when you are moving to California and when you are moving to Florida. Still, most of the time not every branch of the same company will be able to offer the same services. That is why you need to check this with your movers and coordinate your requirements with their capabilities before hiring.

us map with pins
You can find the same company throughout the country

A moving company can help you plan your relocation if you do not know how to do it properly

Planning is one of the most important parts of the moving process. If you do not plan your move, numerous things can go wrong. Unfortunately, many people have trouble with this part of the process. Especially people who do not have any experience with moving. So it often happens that they either make an inadequate plan or organize the whole moving process without making any plans whatsoever. And that is the easiest way to ruin your relocation and traumatize yourself long term. So what can you do to make the process more smooth and organized when you cannot make a moving plan on your own?

Luckily, moving companies can help you plan your move from start to finish. Even though this is rarely offered as an actual service, your movers have a lot of experience with moving. And they can utilize that experience to help you plan your move much better than you can.

There are many different factors that will affect the price of your move

You will often hear that the price of your relocation is estimated according to the weight of your moving inventory. However, that is not the only factor. Especially when local relocations are at stake. The weight of the inventory is more important when you are moving long distances. When moving locally, you will have to think about other factors. How many rooms do you have, how many movers do you need, how many hours they will have to work in order to complete your process.

calculator closeup
how much your relocation will cost depends on many factors

Of course, the price of your move depends a lot on the number of moving services you hire. It is definitely, cheaper to hire movers to do the loading, transport, and unloading than to hire them to pack your belongings, disassemble and reassemble your furniture, or handle your art. This is one of the facts about moving companies that you should certainly remember.

Moving companies do not offer only moving services

When it comes to services that moving companies offer, there are much more options than you think. Of course, moving companies are mostly focused on moving. However, since moving is such a complex process that requires a ton of equipment, talented workers, and a lot of different skills, relocation companies utilize their capabilities and started offering other types of help besides moving. Therefore today, there are many services that you can expect to get from your movers.  

You can hire them to help you move your home or an office. They can sell you packing materials. You can call them to help you remove the junk after decluttering. They can stage your home after moving in. Some moving companies can even provide you with storage space. Of course, every moving company has its own set of services. Therefore when you need something specific, you will have to do some research before you find the right company to help you.

junk in front of a house
Some movers can help you with junk removal

A particular service can have a lot of varieties depending on the moving company

Moving companies offer different services. However, even though many companies offer seemingly the same services there will be many differences among them. So, for example, you can hire a packing service. Some moving companies will offer only basic help with packing. Others will provide you with packing materials as well. In some cases, a moving company will pack your belongings, provide you with packing materials, help you unpack, and even clean the rubbish after the process.

This is only one example. Still, it shows that there are many different forms and shapes of the seemingly same moving service. Moreover, it shows that you need to be careful when hiring movers. And that you need to do a lot of research before you find the best option that suits your needs.

These are the most important facts about moving companies that you should remember

Of course, there are many other facts about moving companies that you probably do not know. However, we decided to stick to those that are most important to the moving process you are currently planning. Hopefully, you learned something new and you will know how to handle other relocations that you will organize in the future better.

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