Factors that determine the cost of international move

How much your move will cost depends on many factors. And the most important thing in every move is budget planning. And at the same time, one of the main tasks that await you in this process. This time, we will talk about international moving, which is also the most demanding type of moving. But it doesn’t mean that this will be the most expensive move. The main thing that will affect the price of this type of move is the distance from point A to point B. That’s why you need to be well-dedicated to planning your budget and to determine the cost of international move. But our Master Moving Guide will help you with that.

How to determine the cost of international move?

An international move usually means a move in which people move to another country, and most often it’s another continent. Such a move can cost a lot, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. International moving is characterized by the fact that, in most cases, a different mode of transport is used than the usual moving truck. This time it’s about the ocean or air transport, which is one of the factors that affect the price of your move. So, in order to make a budget for your international move, you must determine all factors that affect the price of this move.

  • Amount of luggage
  • Distance
  • Mode of transport
  • Storage and packing services
  • Moving insurance
moving boxes which are ready for international move
Moving all your boxes across the ocean can be very challenging, but also expensive.

More things – The higher price!

You’ve probably heard this by now, and we’re sure that the international movers you hire will tell you the same thing. Therefore, the more things you move with you, the higher the price of your move you will pay. Based on relevant online data, an international move can cost from $1,500 to well over $12K. Therefore, when it comes to an international move, the advice is to move as little as possible if you want to save money. Especially when it comes to moving across the sea.

Distance is the main factor that determines the cost of an international move

International moves that are based on crossing the sea are several thousand miles away. For example, the distance from the USA to Africa is 8,766 miles, the USA to Europe is 4,903 miles, and the shortest distance between the USA and South America is 4,098 miles. Such moves are usually charged based on distance. For example, a move from Silver Springs, Maryland to Paris, France is based on a distance of 3,848 miles, and the cost of this move is about $4,980. So, the distance of the move is the main factor that will affect the price.

Which type of transport to choose for an international move?

If you are moving to a country located on the same continent, in this case, North America, then you can think about land transport. More precisely, the transport of your belongings can be done with standard moving trucks. But if you decide to move across the ocean, then air and sea transportation are at your disposal. Transport by plane has a big advantage because your things will be available to you in a few hours, but the downside is that this option can be more expensive. When it comes to ocean shipping, it’s a much cheaper option, but delivery can take an average of about a month, depending on the distance. Think twice and choose the ideal solution for your international move.

A ship that transports things in containers
If you choose the ocean mode of transport, your belongings will be transported in shipping containers, and the transport will last from a month to a month and a half.

How do packing and storage services affect the cost of an international move?

When you decide to move, there is a lot of packing to do. And to make it easier for you, you can always hire a mover who will be your right hand. Also, packing services are part of the moving company and you can always ask for them afterward. Some companies charge extra for these services and some don’t. But these are some of the costs that can affect your budget. And these services will cost around $100. Also, storage services are very useful during an international move. You can use these services for a longer or shorter period of time and they cost around $300 per month.

Why do you need moving insurance?

Moving insurance is one of the indispensable things when it comes to moving long distances. Insurance covers any damage to your belongings, loss, or theft. But you must always have your inventory list with you. Many companies offer international moving services that include insurance, which can cost around $100. Also, this price can be higher if valuable things.

People trying to determine the cost of international move
During the signing of the contract with your moving company, pay attention to each item, and carefully determine the cost of international move.

Always ask if your company offers insurance and if the quote you receive includes it. If not, ask for it later. Especially when it comes to international move and transoceanic modes of transport.

Determine all costs of an international move and plan your budget!

There is one very important thing when it comes to international moving, and that is to identify and avoid cheap movers. The very cheap offers you receive may indicate a moving scam, unfortunately. Always do your research on the company you are hiring. Also, keep in mind the price range of international moving and know that anything below the lowest price may indicate a scam. Therefore, try to take into account all the factors that determine the cost of international move because it will help you to plan your budget in the most precise way.

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