Eviction movers – when do you call them and why

Being a landlord is all fun and games until it comes to evicting tenants. You have a regular source of income, someone is looking after your property and you don’t have to be too involved. However, sometimes things don’t go so smoothly and you end up having to evict the tenants. This can, of course, be slightly uncomfortable and frustrating, but that’s just life. Luckily, there’s such a thing as specialized movers including eviction movers. They are here to move your tenants out and help you get over this issue. If you’re unsure about when and why to call movers who will help evict tenants, here’s some useful information.

What does eviction entail?

Before you start looking for eviction movers, you need to know what eviction is. When tenants are evicted, they are obliged by the court to leave their rented living space. This happens when the landlord gives the tenants a certain amount of time to move out and they fail to do that. If they do not leave the place before the given deadline, things start getting complicated. You as the landlord are required to file a case against them. It probably is as unpleasant as it sounds. Of course, you can get a lawyer to take care of things and you can also involve an eviction moving company. Getting professional help in cases like these is always the best option. That way you won’t stress as much and the issue will be solved quicker.

What should renters know about eviction?

Eviction isn’t only an issue that stresses out the landlord. This process might be even more stress-inducing for the renters. Of course, this varies from situation to situation. If you’re a renter, there are some things you should know about eviction.

  • The landlord can’t evict you before terminating the tenancy. What does this mean? The landlord is required to give you written notice. In case you don’t move within the time given to you in the notice, the landlord has the right to evict you. You can expect eviction movers to come knocking on your door.
  • Violations of the rental agreement can include not paying rent regularly or illegally keeping a pet in the house.
  • If you have violated the lease multiple times, seriously damaged the property or done something seriously illegal, you won’t get the chance to fix your behavior. You’ll simply need to vacate.
  • The landlord can give you a 30-day notice or a 60-day notice to vacate even if you haven’t done anything wrong. The important thing is that they give you enough time to find a new home. If this happens, you’ll need some last minute moving tips.

Hiring eviction movers

When it comes to situations like these, the good news is that you can hire someone to help you. It’s always nice to get a helping hand and have someone reduce your stress. That’s exactly why eviction movers exist. Your only job is looking for tips for hiring movers and do some research. Then, hire a team of professionals that’s here to make this process easier.

A man holding out a hand
Hire eviction movers and this process will run much more seamlessly.

When a tenant doesn’t move out by the given deadline, there are certain laws and police requirements that apply. Movers who help you with eviction know these rules and regulations.

  • The landlord is not allowed to break into the house while the tenant is living there.
  • Landlords can’t cut out utilities.
  • Eviction movers also know that the landlord can’t leave the tenant’s belongings outside.

As you as a landlord can’t enter the house, you can either hire legal services or a moving company to help with the eviction. Legal services can be pretty pricey and complicated. So, if you’re looking for someone to help you with the eviction process, you should hire eviction movers.

What do eviction movers do?

A teddy bear in a cardboard box
Eviction movers have to pack everything in your tenant’s living space, even garbage.

So, you’ve decided to get eviction moving services, but you want to know what it is that they do exactly? Well, you’re about to find out. The tenant’s belongings must be moved somewhere where the tenant can recover them without much hassle. Worry not, eviction movers will make sure that happens. Not only will they take the belongings to a safe place, but they will also incur all the expenses and assume responsibility for possible damage of property during the process. Of course, because these are teams of trained professionals, they are very careful and damages are very, very rare. They make sure everything stays intact. You don’t have to find free moving boxes, you can leave everything in the hands of the pros.

What to keep in mind

Of course, eviction movers are efficient and helpful, but it’s not all roses and butterflies. Because of the nature of the job, this type of moving service is more expensive than regular ones. After all, the movers have to pack all of your tenant’s belongings. They don’t have the right to throw anything out, so they must pack even garbage. Along with packing everything, they also need to label all the boxes properly.

One dollar bills. To hire eviction movers, you'll need to spend a bit more money.
Unfortunately, eviction moving services are more expensive than regular ones. But, they’re worth it.

When you’re hiring a moving company for eviction, you need to make sure they have a proper license and that it’s a reliable company. Ask for moving estimates and look out for any red flags. This process is already tricky enough, so you don’t need extra problems.

Should you hire eviction movers?

So, if you’re in a situation where you need to involve the court into expelling your tenant from your property, it’s time to hire eviction movers. A professional crew will help you do everything with less hassle and stress. And anything that reduces stress is welcome at a time like this.

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