Essential items to include in a short distance moving checklist

No move can pass without the use of some special equipment and items. Of course, some can vary depending on the nature and size of a move. And those items can help greatly when you face some difficult situations. And although almost all local movers already have and use them on daily bases, normal people doing DIY moves tend to skip or even totally forget about them. But don’t worry, Master Moving Guide is here to help. Here are the essential items to include in a short distance moving checklist.

What are the essential items to include in a short distance moving checklist?

First of all, even before you start moving there are some things to consider. The last thing you want to do on moving day, or the first night after moving, is to look through your boxes in order to find your essentials. Especially if you already have a lot of work to do, as well as a lot of boxes. Sure, labels help. But still, it will just result in a bigger mess you will sooner or later have to clean. Therefore, make sure you pack an essential box. But what to pack in my essential box? This is something you should consider at the same time when you ask yourself “how many movers do I need?” As for what it should contain, it’s the following:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Bedding
  • Snacks
  • Toiletries
  • Chargers and batteries
  • Valuable items
  • Personal documents
  • Pets’ snacks and items
a man checking essential items to include in a short distance moving checklist
All of the essential items to include in a short distance moving checklist are easy to find as well as to pack.

Cleaning supplies

No matter how clean your home is prior to moving, it will get dirty fast. If you looked for the best “furniture movers near me” on any site, or asked around you probably found a team of workers skilled in their fields. And as they help you move in furniture as well as boxes it can become chaotic. So even if your new home was cleaned prior to this, it will also need to freshen up. Trust us, even if it looks clean, after you start cleaning, you will notice how dirty it actually became. For this, you should keep rubber gloves, sponges, cleaners, rags, and paper towels in your cleaning kit. But if you want even to include even more essential items in your short distance moving checklist, you can also add:

  • Broom
  • Dustpan
  • Mop
  • Bucket


It will be a lot easier and feel at home if you spend your first night there sleeping in your usual bedding. It may seem like an obvious thing, but you will be surprised how many people don’t consider this as important. Usually, people become preoccupied with checking the packing supplies, moving costs checklist, as well as other details and end up packing bedding with all the other items. Although pillows and bedding will take some room away, it’s best to keep them with you. You will be surprised how much this will help both you and your kids sleep, especially the first night.

A woman sleeping
Having your bedding with you will help you fall asleep in an unfamiliar room easier.


Why are snacks one of the essential things you should bring? Well, it’s quite natural that in this day and age, wherever you move you will find fast food, takeaway, or some sort of food shop and restaurant. And as much as that will help you during the first couple of meals in your new home. It still can’t do anything when you become hungry during the moving process. In these situations, it’s quite nice to have some snacks at hand.

Believe it or not, but especially if you have kids moving with you, this will save you a lot of trouble. If, on the other hand, due to personal preferences or need, you may require to cook your own food make sure to pack some tableware, plates, and cups as well as a multipurpose pan. This will be the best decision, as well as a big help.


First of all, don’t forget toilet paper! Naturally, toiletries are definitely one of the essential items to include in a short distance moving list. Toothbrush, soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and so on. Pack everything you will need in order to keep your hygiene in check after the move. Moving no matter how big or small will make you sweet.

Chargers and batteries

This one is quite self-explanatory. Make sure you are bringing all of your laptop, iPad, and phone chargers. Also, don’t forget other charging devices for your speakers, watch, headphones, and so on. A power bank can be useful during longer moves as well. During the shorter ones, it doesn’t make such an impact.

Chargers and cables
Don’t forget to bring all of your chargers and cables!

Valuable items

When people choose a moving company they tend to relax. And sometimes they pack their valuable items in regular boxes. But what they fail to realize is that accidents happen, and people make mistakes. As such, it is recommended to always keep your valuables close to you! This way you will prevent them from being damaged or lost. And we assure you it will be one of the best decisions you made.

Personal documents

Naturally, if you are keeping watch over your valuables, your personal documents should get the same treatment. Don’t place your medical records, driver’s license, and so on, in some random boxes. But keep them all close to yourself. You never know when you might need them.

Pet snacks and items

In case you have a pet the essential items to include in a short distance relocation checklist, should also include their snacks and items. We assure you that you are not the only one that’s hungry and thirsty. Not to mention that you will need to walk them sooner or later. And they also require a place to sleep. That is why some of the most important things to pack and keep close to are your pet’s things.

Return to this guide before you start packing

Those are the essential items to include in a short distance moving checklist. As you can see, this list is quite long. Unfortunately, it can be even longer if you are moving with kids. Nevertheless, be sure that you return to this guide before you start packing, just to make sure that you don’t forget something.

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