Essential instructions for your movers to note

The relocation process is stressful for everyone. You need to pay attention to every little detail when you are hiring a moving company. In order to hire the best moving company for your relocation, let Master Moving Guide match you with the company that will suit your needs.  Almost every company nowadays will offer you their spectrum of services for every delivery plan. You just need to make sure that your company of choice will deliver the service you plan to pay for. By having essential instructions for your movers, you will avoid any conflicts in the future. Maybe working on your spending habits is your New Year’s resolution, but now it is not a moment to save money. Hiring a great moving company will save you a lot of trouble. You just need to pick the right one for you and let them take care of your needs.

Before you give out essential instructions for your movers, you need to make a plan

Hiring a great and reliable moving company will definitely help you. Still, you need to have an honest conversation with them before the whole process begins. It is very important for both sides that you have ” the talk” since that way you will both get familiar with what each of you is offering to the plan. You don’t have to plan everything by yourself, but you should have some kind of draft yourself before calling them. For example “how many movers do I need” is a totally legitimate question to ask yourself before entering the process. Here are some crucial instructions which you can give them out:

  • packing instructions
  • transport and delivery
  • be ready for obstacles
  • timing and schedule
To do list
Essential instructions for your movers need to look almost like a “to do” list

One of the most essential instructions for your movers are definitely the packing instructions you will give out

You probably see yourself as a very independent person. Also, you will want to cut down on expenses and maybe even call a friend and family members. However, the main reason why you need to let moving and storage companies help you is that they will handle your fragile and valuable items professionally. They will need to check out your home first. After checking out your home together, you can discuss the packing process of large furniture first. Safety comes first always, and particularly with great and valuable items. If you require special packing supplies, you need to give them instructions. Depending on the companies and their plans of services, they can offer you a broad choice of green crates and bins, different sizes of cardboard boxes, etc. Even if you don’t agree, make sure to at least listen to their suggestions, since they will always have the best solution.

Transport and delivery

Transport and delivery can be very stressful for you to deal with on your own. That is why hiring a great moving company with awesome transport services will release you from dealing with the moving stress. Be aware that when the company is professional you can always ask them anything. One thing for sure, you and your stuff will not make it at the same time, but with the proper company, you can at least get the closest date as possible. A team of highly-skilled professionals will always be able to provide a proper delivery window. Therefore, it is crucial for you to communicate your dates with them. The where is also important.  So, make sure that they don’t forget where to park and how to find your new home. You should also let them know if you have any staircase or similar.

The truck
Proper transportation should be one of the greatest services that your company has to offer

Be ready for obstacles

There is a universal rule in life. Nothing will ever go 100% as you planned it. Therefore, even if you have a straightforward set of instructions for your company, there will always be something that will go wrong. The best thing you can get is to make sure that only a minor set of stuff goes wrong. Not everything will be someone’s fault. Stuff sometimes just happens, and before you attack anyone you need to be aware and ready for the issues. With the big stuff, you need to be extra careful. So, in case you are moving a piano, make sure to let the professionals take care of it.  Also, things like bad weather and other unpredictable things can delay your process. What you need to do is not to let these things cause your stress, since you really cannot control them.

Timing and schedule

Maybe you think that you will help your movers if you make yourself available. However, sometimes you will be only standing in their way. So, what you need to do is to make the timing and schedule an obligatory part of your moving checklist.  So, make sure that you have your instructions ready for your movers. In addition, the crucial thing- make sure to let them know your schedule. You are free to supervise of course, but sometimes that can be stressful also. So, think well about what you will do. In the end, if they did everything properly, make sure to tip them appropriately.

A man holding his wrist and thinking about essential instructions for your movers
It is very important that your moving company knows your timing and schedule

The most important thing you need to pay attention to when you are giving out the essential instructions for your movers is that communication is the key. If you don’t communicate your needs accordingly, they will not know what they need to do. So make sure you communicate with them every step of the way. Before you hire your movers, make sure to plan your budget accordingly also. Be sure to avoid unwanted moving expenses and choose the delivery plan that is the most suitable one for you.

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