Economic impact of moving in the United States

You will find out below whether and how moving affects the economy in the United States. Considering that the average American moves about 11 times in his life and that a large number of moves take place in one year, and at the same time about 28 million people move, we can conclude that the moving industry affects the US economy. If you also decide to move, you can look for professional moving guidelines, but know that your move will contribute to the US economy in some way. So, if you are interested in how the economic impact of moving in the United States, we will explain it to you. This will be a bit of a long story, but we promise you will find out all the important details about the moving industry, and the US economy. Let’s go!

The economy of the United States

The United States is a very developed country, with a strong economy, high living standards, and good job and career opportunities. We all already know that the US state, like the entire planet, faced a great life struggle with the covid 19 pandemic, which lasted a long time, but the US state came out of it stronger and stronger. It’s not that she didn’t feel the consequences, but she successfully coped with them and won. That is why we can say that now, after three years of fighting the enemy of Covid-19, the US is a healthy and economically strong country.

US Flag
The United States has a strong and healthy economy, and that makes it home to 331 million people.

Supply and demand are the two main forces that drive and sustain the American economy. The supply includes labor, and natural resources, such as oil, land, and water. While demand represents consumption that drives 70% of the economy. The main driver of the economy and what sustains it are the industries that are represented in the US. Those are:

  • Health care
  • Technology
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Non-durable Manufacturing
  • IT industry
  • Tourism

These industries have a significant impact on the United States economy. Also, the moving industry isn’t lagging behind. It also has a strong economic impact on moving in the United States and is currently one of the most developed industries.

Moving industry

The moving industry represents one of the largest sectors of the economy, which has a great influence on the economy of the entire country. Moving services have become very popular when it comes to moving from one location to another. Whether it’s local, long distance, or interstate moving. Did you know that the American Trucking Association’s Moving and Storage Conference released new research that found the moving industry provides more than 186,000 jobs in the United States and generates $32.2 billion in direct economic activity? According to these data, we can be sure that the moving industry greatly influences the development of the economy in the United States.

Old suitcase
Through the moving revolution, the very way of doing business in the moving industry changed, as did the packing and moving supplies.

Also, there are other important data when it comes to the impact of the moving industry on the economy:

  • In 2021, moving companies directly supported 186,382 jobs, in addition to indirectly supporting 121,968 jobs and fostering 173,420 for a total impact of 481,770 jobs. This means that they employed a large number of people and partially reduced the unemployment rate.
  • To the direct economic activity of 32.2 billion dollars, the moving industry added indirect and induced economic activity, amounting to 92.2 billion dollars.
  • In 2021, a total of 12.8 billion wages were paid to employees in the moving industry.
  • State and federal taxes in 2021, in the moving industry, amounted to 10.6 billion dollars.

It’s now clear that slowly but surely the moving industry is becoming a larger part of the overall economy.

The moving industry has a very interesting historical story

What do you think moving was like thousands of years ago when there were no moving services and professional movers who do the job today? It all started when a man decided to leave Africa. The fact that people in the distant past did not own anything except tools, animal skins, and a few other things for everyday life made the whole process of packing easier for them. When people started to move, that’s when the trend of building bigger houses started, as well as finding objects and things that were useful to them. In that period, when people moved the most, there were no moving companies.

The train was the first means of transportation in the moving industry.

As time went on, and as people moved, the moving revolution began. What moving trucks represent to us today were animals, wooden hand-made trailers, as well as a wooden device without wheels powered by an ox, called a travois. It consisted of two long wooden poles that were dragged along the ground behind the family ox, between which things were tied. As humanity progressed, the creation of elites began, which began to migrate. Their golden statues, dresses, vessels, jewelry, furniture, and everything else were moved by their slaves, servants, and helpers who were engaged in the work of moving. So, thousands of years ago, there were hundreds of generations of unregistered, unofficial, as we would call them today “moving companies”.

Moving revolution

At the beginning of the 19th century, things changed. The use of trains, covered wagons, and the construction of railroads through the most beautiful parts of American landscapes begins. This period is marked by the development of the transport industry. Conestoga, as the first wagon was otherwise called, was most often used to transport corn, barley, wheat, and other similar crops from farms to big cities. The wagons of that time, with which people moved, were different from today’s moving trucks. Since the journey took longer, the wagons were equipped with water and sleeping cabins, and of course, there was space for things. With the great construction boom of railroads from 1830 to 1860, they became America’s favorite long-distance transportation method for passengers, freight, and household goods.

In 1920, motor vehicles became an integral part of the moving industry, which led to an increase in the number of independent companies that provided services to this activity. During the moving revolution, in 1980, Congress voted to deregulate the transportation industry. Very quickly, the number of moving companies in the country increased from a few hundred to over twenty thousand. The companies provided several options when it comes to price and types of services, as well as employment opportunities. This led to a large impact of the moving industry on the US economy.

Today things are different and the moving industry is more developed

Moving evolution continues today, and will continue as long as people move. This means that moving companies will do well until then, and leave a big and significant impact on the economy of the United States. The fact that over 100 people move every day in America, which is about 30 million per year, tells us that the moving industry is progressing, developing, and achieving better business every day. Today, things are different, and moving and storage services are different. In relation to services during the 19th century and earlier.

moving companies that have strong economic impact
The moving industry leaves a strong economic impact of moving in the United States.

Today, moving companies offer you a variety of services, from packing, storage, all necessary packing & moving supplies, local moving, long-distance moving, and even help from fitness equipment movers. We would be wrong if we said that this does not leave any impact on today’s economy because people today choose these services with the aim of making their work easier. And they are ready to pay for it.

But when we talk about the economic impact of moving in the United States, it’s important to say that moving enables people to live better, work, and also open their own businesses, and thus employ other people. According to the data, about 120,000 new jobs are connected to the moving industry in this way.

What really is the economic impact of moving in the United States?

Life, work, and moving, everything is actually in one circle. Because the main reason why people move is a better life, as well as better business opportunities. So, we can conclude that everything is connected. At the beginning of the story, we said that the economy is affected by several industries, among which we can now include the moving industry. Moving services have become one of the most sought-after services among the population, and there is hardly anyone who has never moved. Considering that a large number of people move every year, in a financial sense, the moving costs they pay to moving companies have a positive effect on the economy and fan status of the US. Because moving companies pay taxes to the state corresponding to the number of jobs, as well as the code of the activity they are engaged in.

So, considering that the US is a very strong country, with excellent opportunities for life, and a healthy economy, many people from other parts of the world want to move to the US states. The economic impact of moving in the United States is also important because, in fact, a healthy and strong economy is a guarantee for a better life. Which is one of the main reasons for moving.

Can local moving impact the United States economy?

Given that local moving is one of the simplest and fastest types of moving, it can significantly affect the economy of the United States. According to the data, it was concluded that 60% of moving takes place in one city, settlement, or district. Therefore, it’s logical that they have a positive impact on the economy. Also, local moves involve movements of up to 100 miles.

local moving
Local moving is one of the most common types of moving, which also leaves a strong impact on the US economy.

A large number of moves that take place at the regional level generate profits for moving companies, and therefore directly affect the economy. The cost of local moving is from $750 to $1,800, and imagine how many people in the US move locally every day. Local movers really have a lot of work! Local moving is one of the main services provided by smaller moving companies. And which one, does this type of moving keep in the game?

What also affects the economy and has to do with moving is that people are looking for the best moving insurance for their move. These services are charged additionally and directly affect the profit of the moving company because if you move with professionals, you will not need insurance.

How does long-distance moving impact the economy of the United States?

The average price of moving long distances ranges from about 3,000 to 15,000 dollars for a full moving service. Such moves usually take place at distances of 500 to 1000 miles, but even more. Now, imagine how big is the economic impact of moving in the United States. 22% of people move long distances, and as their final location, they usually choose the most developed and busiest cities in the United States. But also, people looking for best cities for families in the US. There are the top 5 countries to which people moved the most are:

  • Arizona (63.2%)
  • South Carolina (61.8%)
  • Washington (59.5%)
  • District of Columbia (59.3%)
  • Florida (58.1%)

If you are planning a long-distance move, don’t think too much about it. It’s enough to be sure that the new place to live will offer you better living conditions and better business opportunities. If so, consider yourself to have made a good decision. In addition, long-distance moving is one of the more demanding types of moving that necessarily require professional help. Therefore, now you can think about how to prepare for movers. And know that your move will have a significant impact on the economy.

Interstate moving processes are also important for the United States economy

We said that 60% of people move locally, 22% long distance, and the remaining 18% choose to move interstate. Therefore, 18% of people decide to move interstate every year. And mainly choose one of the countries to which people move most often. We mentioned the states in the previous paragraph. But what it’s that people are looking for and whether those reasons affect the economic impact of moving in the United States, you will find out below. Let’s start with the fact that this is the most difficult, demanding, and costly type of moving. For this reason, as well as when it comes to long distance moving, ask for help from interstate movers. Because it’s impossible to move without them. 

Economy graphic that shows economic impact of moving in the United States
Each type of move has a different effect on the economy. And the interstate is one that brings the most profits.

Given that interstate moving can cost from $5,500 and up, we can conclude that this is one branch of the moving industry that has the greatest impact on the economy. Let’s say, for a move from the East Coast to the West Coast, the move will cost over 5,000 dollars, and you will not be able to move by yourself, but you will have to look for moving companies and ask them for moving quotes. Based on moving quotes, you will receive information about your move, as well as the final price of your move. Hopefully, you can now understand how interstate moving has a great economic impact of moving in the United States.

What are the most common reasons for moving, and does it affect the US economy?

Everything related to the movement of people affects the economy. In some situations, why people move is more important than the process itself. And people mainly look at things that way. When we talk about the reasons for moving, we singled out some of the most common:

  • Low cost of living
  • More favorable real estate and rental prices
  • Better education
  • Better health care
  • More business opportunities
  • Entertainment
  • A more comfortable life
happy family
Some people are simply just looking for a safer place for their family.

But living costs and better opportunities aren’t the main reason for moving. There are many more and each one is justified. In the past, people moved from smaller cities to bigger cities, but today things are different. Today, the largest number of moves takes place from larger to smaller areas, and in most cases, these are older people, who are looking for the best US cities to retire to. But does that stop what attracts people to smaller places? Is it clean air, nature, safety, or maybe more space? We can’t say that this doesn’t affect the economy, but moving companies are working, and that is important.

Also, one of the things that make people decide to move is cheaper housing. Rental prices in smaller towns are significantly cheaper than in big cities like NYC, Los Angeles, Love Vegas, Miami, etc. The real estate market is growing every day. And also, these are factors that leave the economic impact of moving in the United States.

Are moving services a luxury and how do they affect the economy?

Moving services are one of the best things you can afford when you decide to move. In addition to the fact that you will have professional help from reliable movers, you will have many other benefits. Let’s say, when we talk about packing services, this service will make one of the most difficult tasks during your trip easier. And at the same time save your time and give you the opportunity to devote yourself to other work. Out of the total number of people who move annually, 35% of them choose full moving services, ie the most expensive option. Most people find it easier to pay for all the work to be done by someone else. But full moving services offer you benefits that are worth it.

packing services that have economic impact of moving in the United States
Moving services isn’t a luxury, they are your best help and at the same time leave a significant economic impact of moving in the United States.

It’s very important to emphasize that moving services are actually what drives the moving industry, allowing it to progress and expand. Therefore, we can safely say that moving services have a great economic impact of moving in the United States.

The economic impact of moving to Florida

We are sure that you already know that Florida is one of the most popular destinations for the young population. But, Seniors also moving to Florida. This is their favorite place. And also, Florida is popular for all those looking for good fun and beaches. Florida is also one of the states where tourism is one of the main activities that also have a favorable impact on the economy of the United States. People decide to move to Florida, in addition to fun reasons, because of the favorable life and business opportunities. Also, did you know that Florida is one of 7 states that have no income tax?

Considering that a large number of people decide to move to Florida, the favorable economic impact of moving in the United States can’t be ignored for this and many other reasons. Also, people decide on commercial moving to Florida. In addition to all the opportunities for life that it offers, this country also offers you good opportunities for business.

Commercial moving – one of the types of moving that significantly affects the economy of the United States

Commercial moving isn’t as frequent as local moving. But it leaves a strong impact on the economy of the United States, as well as the country to which it’s moved. All states have their own benefits for certain businesses and types of small businesses that people are doing today. One of the most favorable is Texas, as well as its cities San Diego, Austin, and Houston. Texas is one of the states with the strongest economy. Also, Texas has several industries that make this state what it is.

Commercial moving is one of the types of moving that has the greatest economic impact of moving in the United States.

Commercial moving is also a more expensive service, which means that it has a positive economic impact of moving in the United States. And also, there is much more work to do than when it comes to residential moving. Professional help, in this case, is needed. And for that reason, if you plan to move, hire commercial movers. So, if you decide to move your business, know that you are also contributing to the strengthening of the economy. Also, every moving process is important, and every move impacts the economy of the US state.  

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