Eco-friendly storage tips and guide

You might not understand it at first, but renting a storage unit is a great investment. It’s a great way to store belongings that you don’t use that often, but still don’t want to get rid of because sometimes you might need them. Also, you can declutter your home completely when you rent storage. And when you need to do some maintenance at your home, you can protect your furniture and everything else thanks to the storage unit you rented. But one thing you must consider are eco-friendly storage options. We only have one planet, and we need to try it and be more sustainable and eco-friendly. And we can do it even when it comes to storing our belongings. Discuss this with your international movers. They can help you out with some tips and guide you on how to do it without sacrificing the safety of your belongings.

Person dividing materials.
One way to make eco-friendly storage is to divide all materials that you have that can help with the storage.

You choose if you want eco-friendly storage or not

As we mentioned above, we only have one planet. We, the people are the ones responsible for it. With the climate changes and global warming, it is getting worse day by day. And we are still not making any changes to affect positively on this. And meanwhile, we can just give it a little try and put a little bit of effort to minimize our carbon footprint and the impact on the ecology of this planet. Removing plastic bags from usage is only one small detail we can do. Many people never think about this, but you can even use eco-friendly storage, and you will help your planet by doing that. For you, it will be the same and even cheaper, but for the planet, it will be better.

Eco-friendly storage is actually a great start for some big changes. Not only a better change for the environment we all need but for the wallet as well. Who wouldn’t agree on doing something good for the world, and still have benefits on it for himself? Being more sustainable doesn’t have to be related to storage solutions only. It is also something you can do when you’re buying groceries or doing other activities. Adding one-by-one habits to our daily activities can actually impact our future. Now, if you want to be part of a sustainable change, it is your duty to find moving and storage companies that care about the planet and have these offers to provide.

Yes, you understood well, this kind of storage is cheaper than a normal one

Quite a large number of people believe that anything related to being eco-friendly and sustainable costs more than regular ways of doing things. For some things, this is sure, of course. But, not for everything. In this case, where you have to store things or move, and so on, this way can actually save you a surprising amount of money. You might not understand it now, but soon enough, you will. Once you discuss this topic with the dorm room movers that you decided to hire, everything will be more clear. A lot of storage equipment is pricey. Simply choosing the location and the packing supplies you will use for storing affects your costs, and the benefits you are making with it. So let’s dig deeper and understand it better.

Person holding paper.
Now is the best time to use all that paper around your home that is making a clutter.

Choosing eco-friendly storage is not enough – you must pick a proper location

Not everything is related only to the belongings you are going to pack. Or to the interior of your storage unit. Some things that are also quite important are external factors as well. Not a lot of people think about it this way, but, the further your storage is located, the more you will have to drive. Not only you will spend more money on your fuel, but you will also leave more carbon footprint which is one of the largest ones. It will also save you a lot of time, because the traffic can be also terrible, especially in high season and rush hours. It won’t do you any good. Instead, you definitely should choose a storage unit that is close to your home.

The closer location you find, the better. Now, we know what you think. What if you are driving an electric vehicle? Still, it won’t do any good. You will lose time, and it still impacts the environment. Imagine how different it is when you have your storage within walking or biking distance. Not only you will have the need to walk or cycle more, but you are doing a good thing for the environment as well. So, make sure when you hire a mover, that they give you the list of the closest available eco-friendly storage they have.

Choose the packing supplies carefully, they make the biggest effects

The way how you store your belongings, is for sure, the most important one of becoming eco-friendly. If you don’t do the packing and storing right, you made effort without any success. The most important thing when you are getting your supplies is to use what you already have at your home. Using leftover moving boxes is better than buying new ones. Maybe they are not sturdy anymore, but you can easily protect them either way. There is no better way of recycling some things than when you use them over and over again. Either for the same purpose or just give them a new one. We all have around our homes a lot of boxes hiding around not being used for anything. Now is the time to use them.

Also, instead of plastic wraps, you can use some soft clothes or blankets. Anything that is not plastic is, in fact, good. At the same time, a soft, thick blanket, is even better protection for some fragile items than plastic wraps are. Have this on your mind as well. If you never knew what to do with the newspaper, and other spamming things you get on a daily basis, now it’s time to use them in a good way. That can also help up with the extra security when it comes to packing.

Woman holding cardboard boxes.
Pack things in boxes that you already have at home. Give them a purpose again.

If you don’t have used cardboard boxes, there is another solution

There are moving companies and other manufacturing companies that are making green moving boxes and green moving supplies for people that are environmentally conscious. You can buy or rent a few of them, and understand how they are making a positive effect on our ecology. The sooner you understand the real picture of our current situation, the more conscious you will get. And only then, you will start making changes.

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