Eco-friendly moving tips

Many people care about protecting the environment and the Earths resources. In their daily routine, they recycle, use eco-friendly cleaning products and try to save the environment. However, the relocation process can be quite messy and not so eco-friendly. We can also save nature if we change few aspects of the relocation process while we move. With few minor changes, we can make our relocation safer for the environment and even save money in the process. Following few eco-friendly moving tips can make your move less stressful and more efficient.

Declutter in an eco-friendly way

declutter your wardrobe
Make sure to give the things you don’t wish to relocate to your friends and family.

Relocation is the perfect time to get rid of the items in your home you no longer need. When moving you can save yourself money and effort if you lose the items you don’t like or wish to relocate. If you do you will gain more free space in your residence. Also, that way you can keep more money in your pocket. Spending less on packing supplies and moving fewer items will cut down your moving costs. The moving companies usually calculate the moving quote or the final price of your move. They base it on the total weight of your shipment and the time required for moving your belongings. If you have a smaller shipment, your movers can use the smaller vehicle for transport. That may substantially downsize the final price of your move.

For your eco-friendly moving, you will need to recycle as much as you can. You shouldn’t throw away the items you don’t need. Consider finding another way to lighten the load. To save some money you can sell the items in good condition. You can sell them online or give them to charity. If you have free time and plenty of items to dispose of, consider arranging a garage sale. Also, you can give the things you don’t wish to relocate to your friends and family. That way you may sell the most of your items in one day. At the same time, you can save time and money on your eco-friendly relocation.

Consider recycling everything that cannot be used anymore. Broken electronics, worn out clothes, broken items made of glass, plastic, paper aluminum etc. To make the process easier for your movers use up all the perishable food supplies and cleaning products. It is best to use these items before the moving day.

Dispose of hazardous materials

If you wanna achieve eco-friendly moving relocation make sure to dispose of hazardous materials the right way. Keep in mind that most movers won’t relocate certain items. To make your move even easier make sure to ask your movers about those items. Your movers will provide you with the list of items you shouldn’t pack when moving eco-friendly. Some of these materials are very harmful to the environment. If you need more information about safety when disposing of these hazardous materials, visit the Environmental Protection Agency website. Some of these items may include:

  • Plants
  • Explosives
  • Guns
  • Food
  • Flammable materials
dispose of hazardous materials
Some of these materials are very harmful to the environment.

Use eco-friendly moving supplies

There are a lot of things you can do to make your relocation more eco-friendly. Some small changes in the way you transport and pack your belongings can make a big difference. Eco-friendly moving should imply using eco-friendly packing materials. Also, you can reduce carbon emissions during transportation if you hire movers that care for the environment. They can also offer eco-friendly packing materials.

When eco-friendly moving, make sure to use cardboard boxes, packing tape, packing paper and other packing supplies. You may also need packing peanuts, plastic bubble packing wrap when packing your items for transport. To save trees and prevent harm to the environment, consider using green moving boxes and other green packing materials.

Reuse the boxes you already have

save the envoronment
Make sure to get the reusable packing supplies.

Standard cardboard boxes can be reused several times before you recycle. Instead of buying brand new moving boxes, try looking for old ones in good condition. Make sure to ask friends, neighbors, and colleagues for packing supplies. Also, if someone who has recently moved may have packing supplies in good condition you can use. If you are moving on a budget, you can save money and visit local grocery stores for free moving boxes. On the other hand, bookstores and other retail stores may have empty boxes they can give you.

If you don’t find enough packing materials that way, try finding some online. Consider checking websites like Freecycle and Craigslist. Sometimes people offer packing supplies they no longer need that you can use when moving eco-friendly. Also, you can check with companies that offer used cardboard boxes. That way you can take boxes rejected by the manufacturers because of some minor flaws and use them.

Consider renting reusable plastic bins

Reusable plastic bins offer a great way to save the environment when packing for moving for your eco-friendly move. Plastic bins are made of recycled plastic. You can use them up to 400 times. Also, plastic bins make very practical packing boxes and they are very secure. On the other hand, they provide excellent protection to your belongings. You can stack them securely over each other and avoid the risk of crushing the items in the container below. It is best to use plastic bins when moving on a budget. You can use them when you declutter, pack and after the move. Also, you don’t have to buy them and have them clutter your space after the move. You can rent them and save money when moving eco-friendly.
Use household items as packing materials. To save money and environment, consider using your household items for packing. You can use suitcases, laundry hampers, crates and baskets you already have. Also, you can use your clothes, towels, and shirts to secure your items while packing.

Hire reliable movers that protect the environment

When searching for reliable movers, consider checking their environmental policies as well.  After you find reliable moving companies, don’t forget to ask them about the measures they take to protect the environment. Before making your final decision, make sure to read more moving tips.

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