Downsides of using cheap packing materials

When you need to move, you have to prepare so many things. First, you should find a reliable moving company. Then, you need to pack everything. This is a tiring process. In addition to this, you need to gather all the necessary packing supplies. If this seems like too much, then you can always hire movers to pack your items. If you plan to pack on your own, then it is important to choose the proper packing supplies. It might be tempting to get cheaper packing supplies in order to save money. However, this turns into a problem. For this reason, here are all the downsides of using cheap packing materials.  

Where to get packing supplies 

Most people want to get cheap moving supplies in order to save money. This is understandable since relocation is expensive. For this reason, people try to save on packing materials. However, you can get some packing supplies for free. Here is a list of packing materials you will need for your move. 

  • Moving boxes 
  • Plastic bins 
  • Wrapping material 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape 
  • Rope 

You probably already have scissors at your home. In addition to this, you can use newspapers, old sheets, clothes, bubble wrapping, and similar. You can get moving boxes for free at your local supermarkets, liquor stores, search on the Internet, and similar. However, you should check the quality of the packing supplies.  

downsides of using cheap packing materials such as these boxes
You can get cardboard boxes from the local supermarket

Downsides of using cheap packing materials – cardboard boxes 

People usually use cardboard boxes. They come in every size, they are easy to use, and you can get them for cheap or even for free. For this reason, cardboard boxes are extremely popular in the moving business. However, as mentioned, there are downsides to using cheap packing materials. Cardboard boxes are not an exception even though they are the most popular. Boxes can easily break if you overpack them. Free moving boxes can have some damage so your items will not be well protected. In addition to this, is a little bit inconvenient to open them once you seal the boxes. If you plan to put your boxes in the storage, be careful as cardboard attracts rodents. Lastly, once you unpack, you will have to figure out what to do with them. 

Cons of the plastic bins 

Even though plastic bins are not cheap, you should still read about them as well. Plastic bins have many advantages. They also come in many sizes, so you can store different items inside. In addition to this, they are transparent so you can see inside. They are also quite sturdy so they offer the best protection. Apart from these advantages, you can reuse them as many times as you want. They are perfect for your kitchen, garage, pantry, children’s room, and so on. However, plastic bins are not cheap like moving boxes. You also cannot get them for free. For this reason, you will have to buy them. Another option is to rent plastic boxes from your moving company, but still, this option is not cheap. If you cannot fit plastic bins to your moving budget, then use cardboard boxes. 

woman in blue sleeveless dress next to the bed
You should use plastic bins or plastic boxes for your items

Downsides of using cheap packing materials – newspapers 

Newspapers are cheap and you probably have tons of them at your home. For this reason, it is logical to use newspapers to wrap your belongings. Many stores use newspapers as well to pack their products. However, newspapers are made of paper and ink. You should be worried about the ink as it can damage your items. In addition to this, if your items are exposed to water, rain, steam, and similar, newspapers will dissolve and make a mess. On the other hand, you can recycle old newspapers so one less thing to worry about. They are also very easy to gather, they do not take a lot of space and they are light. Therefore, you should use newspapers for items that are not extremely valuable, for example, cups, mugs, and other kitchen utensils. 

Other cons  

Here are even more cons of different packing materials 

  • Packing paper – it is expensive, and it is difficult to tell how much you need 
  • Plastic bags – plastic bags are easy to get. They are waterproof and will not leave any ink on the items. However, they are environmental problems 
  • Packing peanuts – the most popular fillers, packing peanuts. They are cheap, can be used again, and they are a green choice. However, they require a lot of space which means they are extremely hard to store. In addition to this, packing peanuts are not good for fragile items. Even though they are considered a “green” option, packing peanuts are hard to recycle as well. Lastly, they make a mess so people usually find them to be annoying. 

Downsides of using cheap moving materials – the last set of supplies 

These are the last packing supplies and their downsides. 

  • Tissue paper – not exactly a packing material, but still it can come in handy. However, tissue paper wears off quite easily, it can damage your items, and it looks bad if it is crumpled up. In addition to this, you should be careful not to choose a tissue paper that contains acid. 
  • Crosscut shredded paper – this can be considered as a free option since you are using old paper from your home or office. However, you might need a lot of cross-cut shredded paper. In addition to this, the little shreds can make a mess once you start to unpack. 
  • Air pillows – they are not fit for protecting heavier items. In addition to this, air pillows are not good for relocation in hot weather. 
Business newspaper article
Be careful when using newspapers to wrap your items

All the cons of cheap packing supplies 

As you can see, these would be all the downsides of using cheap packing materials. For this reason, think carefully. Consider your options. See if you can invest in quality packing supplies. If not, then make sure to pack your items properly. 

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